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Regarding Your American Idol Finale Open Thread


Alright, I'm going to lay it all out on the line here, people.

I have ZERO ZILCH NADA interest in watching dewy, doe-eyed David Archuletta win American Idol. The entirety of his being grates on me like razor-sharp fingernails on a chalkboard. If I gaze upon his visage too long, I start feeling an almost uncontrollable desire to find a couple of red hot pokers and plunge them into my eyesockets. Luckily, red hot pokers are hard to come by, at least in my household.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that in light of last night's evil confluence of bad song choices and what appears to be an epidemic of bad taste, it seems fairly apparent to anyone with a pulse what the outcome of tonight's show is going to be. I mean, Simon (of all people! THE TRAITOR!) practically CROWNED Archie last night. Tonight's two-hour coronation seems kind of moot, honestly.

That said, this is MamaPop, and we promised an Open Thread, and if you want it we'll give it to you. I also understand the desire for some closure on this season, and so, despite my reservations, I will indeed host a thread tonight provided at least 10 people comment here claiming 1) they want such a thing, and 2) promise on all they hold dear they will show up and participate. In light of all I've said above about my feelings of disgust and disappointment, that seems fair, yes?

So! Comment with your yay or nays. If we hit 10 people I'm in. If we hit less than 10, I'll still have an open thread up for anyone who wants to participate.... I'll just be off drowning my sorrows elsewhere. (weeps)

What say y'all?

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I'm there, but I have no life.

Miz Jawnson

I can't see sitting through two hours of nothing simply to see Archie win. There's a weight lifting class at the gym that holds more interest.

My husband and I actually forgot to vote for Cookie last night. We are bad fans.

(I'm a NO for chat, in case you're counting comments.)


well this is interesting:

sent to me by kristabella, who says that they are usually right.


sorry that's



but then i go look at this and want to throw up all over again:



Dial Idol has been right the last couple of years, so I don't know. There's still hope for the Cook fans. If anything, all of Simon's goings on about Archie being the huge winner may have kept his fans from being complacent.

I'm betting it was a close one.


I'm going to open the chat, so please come and say hi and not leave me hanging out by myself.


I clicked over from my feed to tell you about Dial Idol but I see I've been beaten to the punch. They ARE usually right and they are predicting Cook the winner. DO NOT DESPAIR!

Besides, don't you want to watch to see which one cries more?


Please have an open thread tonight. I live on the Left Coast so all I can do is read it when AI comes on here, but I love all the commentors and comments.

Thank you.


Tracey, my love, you know I shall be there. And I'll bring the hot pokers for Sobby McShortpants.


i just read this in the village voice here and had to share:

"I don't want to keep slamming this point into the ground too much, but this year has seen just about the shittiest, shadiest season of American Idol that I could possibly ever imagine. The judges have been in the tank for Archuleta the entire time, the cast has been loaded-down with major-label refugees and reality-show leftovers, and anyone who threatened to become interesting was singled out for elimination right quick. I can't blame so many viewers for turning away from the show this year; I would've done the same thing if I wasn't getting paid to write about it. It's not like anyone watching had any doubt about the final two contestants we'd see last night, but the show's goofy-ass boxing-match concept, Michael Buffer standing in for Seacrest during the intro and some boxing coach showing up repeatedly to spout cliches, would've never happened if Syesha Mercado had somehow miraculously made it past last week (though she really wouldn't have looked any less ridiculous in gloves and robe than Archuleta looked last night). This was all planned, and that's a gross mutation of the show's mission, which was crass enough at the outset. The show's producers had the brilliant idea to use the viewing audience to find a singer who those producers could then sell back to the viewers, a neat little feedback loop. But when those producers manipulate that audience into voting for a predetermined contestant, that loop becomes something resembling an arrow, and the show loses its whole reason for being."



"major-label refugees"

Carly is a plant.

I actually think Simon cheering for Archie could backfire. People hate Simon and may just vote for cook to piss him off.


alright, screw it, i'll watch. the dial idol results have sown seeds of doubt... and how awesome would it be for david cook to win despite everyone basically calling archie the winner? i'm sick though, so i may be in and out of the thread, hacking up lungs and other organs.

see you tonight!

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