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Ryan Adams, Please Don't Squeeze Mandy Moore's Charmin


Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams were spotted together recently, out on a date at a comic book store. I'd reluctantly use the word canoodling or something, but umm, that's not adequately descriptive of what's going on here, methinks. What the hell is he doing in this photo, anyway?

Here, let me take a crack at this:

Ooooh Mandy, I love your rib cage! It's so... riblicious!  And say, is that an underwire?

Yeah, that doesn't work. Huh.


Well, that was awkward.

Two additional things to note:

One, these photos are proof that Mandy Moore can look adorable in anything, even an outfit that closely resembles a laundry sack draped in a trash bag. THE BITCH.

And Two...


Can we please, PLEASE get Ryan Adams some hot oil treatments or something? For, like, the greater good of all humankind, yes? kthx!


« How Many Times Can We Title A Post Like This 'Oops She Did It Again?' | Pop Culture Main | "What Happens In Vegas" Review »



Ryan Adams' hair makes me want to cry. Seriously. And I am all about the "quirky, adorkable guy" thing, but MAN, is he fug. Yeesh.


Yeah, he's gross.


Mandy Moore's level of adorableness is a CRIME. hmph.

Robyn G

I adore Mandy. I do not adore her hair color, as it is dangerously close to matching that big ball of nasty standing next to her.

Seriously, he's like a bad caricature or something. What up?


...oh and he's oft a drunken ass.


Apparently I've never seen a clear photo of Ryan Adams because I was under the impression that he was good-looking in a disheveled way. But these photos prove WAY otherwise. Kinda messes up the whole dreamy bedroom voice for me, too. I fear I will not be able to forget this visual.

Suzy Q

He's obviously measuring her for an iron maiden as part of his basement re-do to turn it into a dungeon.

Run for your life, Mandy!!


Holy crap, THAT'S Ryan Adams? I also was under the impression that he was quirky/handsome. Hum...not so much.


I'm with Isabel. I had no clue what Ryan Adams looked like until now. I suppose that was a good thing.


yeah, from the side he was "possibly unattractive" but the full-frontal shot was alarmingly brutal! He looks like several bad SNL skit characters rolled into one.


I totally read that as BRYAN Adams, and thought "Wow, he's really fallen apart since the 'All for love' video", but uh, apparently they are not the same person. Go for the old vegan canuk Mandy!

DiFranco lord of the animals

i think you guys are given ryan way too much fucking slack, i mean the dudes overcome a lot, with drugs and all that drama with Jessica Joffe, and i really though the dude was gonna hit some dark days and we were going to get another blessing like cold roses. but i mean he's bagged mandy moore and good for him. its not the first time he's dyed his hair blonde yeah it looks a tad ridiculous but get the fuck over it. the guys making more music and more money then any of you bitching about him is. and some called him a bad caricature and i think thats a little harsh.

Hannah Green

Ryan Adams is absolutely fantastic and the way he looks has nothing to do with the unbelievable music he produces and the poetry he writes.

Stop being so shallow.


yeh fuck you all for dissing the adams. hes a legend!

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