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"Size 8? Or Prego?"

Authored by Super Special Guest Poster and Honorary MamaPop Betch, Leslie of Mrs. Flinger

78_2 I know I'm not the only mom who would like to lose a little baby weight, even if you can't legitimately call it "baby weight" when your infant just turned one. I know I'm not the only mom who picked up, flipped through, and then actually purchased the latest "US Magazine" because she couldn't resist the "How I Got My Body Back" headline. Or, maybe I am.

But I'm sure I'm not the only person that noticed the article on Lost's  Elizabeth Mitchell. The "Before" picture in the upper left holds the caption, "Size 8 is standard in my family..."

Honey? That aint no size 8.

(Click image for ENLARGE-O-SIZE!)

But the bullet points out she lost SEVENTY-EIGHT POUNDS. Seventy eight? I did some quick math. Size 8 (smaller than I am) - 78 pounds = Nicole Richie.

As it turns out, the star gained 75 pounds when her pregnancy and "runs (up to 8 miles)" and does "200 yard lunge-athons and yoga" to lose the additional three pounds.

Up to 8 miles a day? 200 yard lunges? I'm good where I'm at. In fact, I'm contemplating posting a photo of me 40 weeks pregnant with a bullet boasting "Gained 65 pounds! Only lost 60!" I'm still damn proud of it.

. . . . .
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She looks gross. You can see all her bones in places where none should be visable. BTW I am a size 8 and I hope that is not how I look walking around. I swear she is bigger than an 8 in that picture. with that said, Size 8 is not big not even close. SHe looks like a normal healthy woman in the before picture and a sick woman with possible exercise bulima in the other.


Well, apparently Rachael Ray is an *ahem* size six. I guess that makes me a size four in Hollywoodland. But a size eight in Realityville.


Sweet!! Rachel Ray, is a size six, and that picture of Elizabeth (BITCH JULIETTE) is a size 8...that makes me a negative 4!! Hot damn!! No more pilates to make that little flab in the belly get toned!

Of course I kid. I want to be toned and look healthy. Nothing like THIS FREAK.

It is no wonder that we are all freaking out the minute that the baby whooshes out of our lady parts to get skinny. Articles like this are MAKING US INSANE!


wow, i'm a size 8? who knew!


I'm also a size 8 (pre-pregnancy). Let's say we take out the pregnancy part. If I lost 78 pounds, that wouldn't make me a size Nicole Ritchie. That would make me a corpse farting dust for the past six months.


If you read the blurb, it says she's 132lbs at 5'9 now... which meant she was 210lbs when she was pregnant. I'm 5'8 and a non-pregnant 200lbs, and solidly in a size 16.

Someone needs to catch the train to Realityville.

Dana Whitaker

"Size 8 is standard in my family, because we're big." Wha?? In my family, the ladies with a single digit size are the little ones. I'm around 130-135, am 5'3" and am around a size 8-10, if my jeans are to be believed. So am I little or am I in line with 200+ pound pregnant people? I'm so confused!


If she's a size 8 in that photo, then I'm a size zero! Go me!

This was awesome, Leslie :)


Puhleeze Ladies. Every body is different. At 5'9", I totally believe that she was a size 8/10 in the "fat" photo. As for the extra "75 pounds", remember that they're probably counting when the baby was still in her tummy. You don't have regular sizes then. Once she's out of maternity wear, I'm sure she could've been a size 8/10. It also depends on where you gain weight. My weight gain is solidly around my middle, except the first fat to go, which is everywhere else post-baby. I am 5'10" and I weighed 180 post baby and was about a 16 in pants because of my waist. Now, if I got down to 132 pounds, I still wouldn't be a size 4, because I'm just bigger than that.


I love LOST, but my lord, that woman annoys me to no end. And not just because of her stupid constant smirk of attempted kindness in every scene she's in. Seriously, if that smirk isn't part of the plot line (like smokey comes out every time her lips curl up like that) I'm done with that show.


I am SO with Erin on this one. The main thing that really annoys me about this picture/article is her lip curl. ARGH...It makes me cringe.


I'm 5'8" and a size 8... and 155lbs. And according to Health Canada I am 3lbs from being medically overweight. However, my jean size is a modest 28. I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't even go so far as to say that's curvy. Why this woman would be willing to post before and after photos and yet refuse to list her actual before size is beyond me (because there is no WAY she was an 8!) You would think she'd be proud of how far she'd come (though, gag to that!) Post baby I went from 207 (pretty close to her there) and a size FIFTEEN!!! to my current weight. Delusional much?!?!


You know, I'm usually a big fan of Liz Mitchell's. She's taken great risks as an actress (outside of "Lost") and is hands-down one of the most talented additions to a previously mediocre cast (on "Lost"). On most -- if not all -- occasions (in interviews I've seen and read), she is clearly an intelligent, down-to-earth, and refreshingly genuine woman who carries herself with an almost alarmingly endearing air of self-deprecating humility and graciousness. I don't know if it's more shattering to see this asinine "blurb" at all or to know that she willingly contributed to it. She never struck me as the type of woman who would allow herself to feed into Hollywood's warped body-image mentality, but I guess that's what living in LA for an extended period of time does to you. To consider a size 8 "big" -- especially for a tall, 5'9'' woman -- is utterly atrocious. I'm barely 10lbs lighter than her but almost half a foot shorter -- should I be considering bulimia?


I am pretty sure the photo caption people didn't read the article. The "story" says she lost the 75 pounds and THEN started her crazy work out schedule to lose 3 more pounds and go from an 8 to a 4. That picture is most certainly before she lost the 75 pounds and because a size 8. I am 5'9" and a post pregnancy size 8. I weigh 145 pounds and am constantly being told how skinny I am. (Not bragging, just making the point that if she really is 5'9", that is not a picture of her at a size 8.)


I hate when I make a typo in a comment! Why can I never proofread well before I post! I meant to say: "That picture is most certainly before she lost the 75 pounds and became a size 8.


Sorry Erin, there is no way the before photo is of her as a size 8. I also don't get how you loose three pounds and go from a size 8 to a 4. I also don't think of a size 8 as 'big'. Good gawd how many woman would love to be a size 8??


I think the photo of her with red top was taken a year ago or more, when she began to film lost. Now she is a size eight!!! She has lost a lot of weight!!! Also I dont think she is refering as a size eight being big... Its just that everyone on holywood needs to be a size O.
PS: I am a huge fan of her!!!


The "large" picture of her looks somewhat distorted in addition to being not-a-size-8. It looks a bit stretched out horizontally.

I'm 5'9" and waver between a size 8 & 10 (wavering between about 145 & 153ish). It also depends on the store where I'm shopping and the day etc. I don't consider size 8 to be the "big" end of the scale for me, but then again, I don't work in an industry where the "norm" is size 2 or smaller. I think I would feel like some sort of giantess if I did.

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