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Amy Winehouse Diagnosed with Emphysema


Amy Winehouse, seen here in relatively healthier days, is in the early stages of emphysema. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, gave a statement to the press about her condition over the weekend.

Amy was admitted into the hospital after fainting at home. Doctors performed a battery of tests and diagnosed her with the chronic condition. Says Mitch, "With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up. There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She's got 70% lung capacity." Doctors warned Amy that if she had let the emphysema go untreated much longer, she would have been incapacitated and on continuous oxygen for the rest of her life. They insist that if she does not get off all drugs, including cigarettes, Amy will have a very grim future.

Mitch, who is certainly my candidate for Father of the Year, announced, "I'm saying to those drug dealers, and they know who they are, if they are supplying crack to Amy, then they've got to take responsibility. I don't want her hanging out with her mates like Pete Doherty either." Way to pass the buck, buddy. Mitch was happy to report that Amy should still be able to perform at the Glastonbury festival this week, which probably means another big fat payday for him.

Mitch also reported that Amy's husband, Blake Incarcerated, calls Amy everyday to offer his support and apologized to Mitch for getting Amy into drugs. No word on whether or not he apologized to Amy for getting her hooked...or for existing in general.

You know...this just infuriates me. I mean, yes, Amy is an adult and she is accountable for her actions. But to see someone who is so obviously surrounded with people who are even more toxic than the drugs she smokes is just intoxicating. Her father is an exploitative idiot and if it was MY daughter, Blake Incarcerated would be eating soup with a straw and Amy would be getting the care that she needs so that she can do what she loves. And if these are the types of people that she's been around her whole life, if this is all that she knows of "love," then what chance did she ever have, really? You throw a talented girl like Amy into the middle of a bunch of pathetic losers like Mitch Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil and see how well she comes out.

Also, Amy is 24 years old. TWENTY. FOUR. She has emphysema. You know who else has emphysema? My 75-year-old uncle. He developed it a few years ago after a lifetime of smoking. What took my uncle 60-odd years to accomplish, Amy did in about five years. What a disaster.

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Speaking with a heavy heart .... as I have a 21 year old similarly messed up . .

SHE (and Amy) chooses to hang around pathetic losers. Until they dont, they will not be open to getting help. That is the first thing anyone who wants to help, tells my daughter, but she wont do it.

And at this point, other than banning all said pathetics from our house, that is all we can do because we really arent ready to see her on a park bench yet.

Amy is an adult and has had enough exposure to recovery principles to know what she must do. She is choosing not to do it.

chatty cricket

I can't even imagine this family's pain. And I cannot believe Amy has early stage emphysema.

It's rough, I always got the impression that Amy's parents kind of had it together and they were struggling to balance treatment options whole maintaining some relationship with their daughter. I can't even imagine what a fine line that must be.

I think we saw how true it is that an addict has to be willing to help him or herself before any real recovery can take place- earlier this year Amy was treated and seemed to be doing well, but quickly slipped back into her old habits.

I don't know what I would do in her parents' situation. There must be a lot of collective holding of breath and struggling to place limits without shutting her out. What good are you to your child if he or she won't listen or has no contact?


seeing that picture of her is actually heartbreaking, when I look at a picture of her now. She has aged ten years from that picture, at least, and is probably 30 pounds lighter, at least. I really hope this is the bottom that she had to get to in order to change her life, because she's too fucking talented to be done for at 24.

Lisa V

I have never seen a picture of her looking healthy and normal. This is even more heartbreaking now. Poor girl. Poor family.

Suzy Q

Yeah, that picture is kinda mind-blowing. I've NEVER seen her look that good.


I couldn't even tell who she was initially, sheesh.


Speaking as the daughter of one addict who's been sober for 25 years, and the sister of two more who haven't been sober for all that long, I can only feel sad for Amy's parents. She chose and continues to choose her loser friends and loser husband. And she chose snd probably continues to choose to do drugs and smoke. It's not like people nowadays are languishing in ignorance of the dangers of cigarettes and crack cocaine.


We have full custody of my stepson because his mom bounces between rehab and crackhouses. She's got a lot of people pulling for her and has been given a world of opportunity, but she just keeps choosing to run away to downtown Baltimore (often stealing money or debit cards as she goes). There is not a person or thing in the world who can make you go clean if you do not want to go clean.

At this point I'm starting to wonder if Amy's not purposefully committing suicide, slowly.

I had never seen a picture of Amy before all the drug abuse. Holy shit. She was beautiful. :(

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