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Britney Gets Overnights With the Boys


Britney Spears has learned that actually showing up for court can be a good thing!

E! News reported yesterday that everyone was happy with the outcome of Britney Spears's visitation hearing yesterday: the singer was granted overnights with her sons, Sean and Jayden.

Britney Spears has made a subtle change for the better—and, it follows, so too have her custody rights. This morning’s court session, attended by both Spears and Kevin Federline, resulted in “a change of visitation status” for the new aunt, Los Angeles Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini told reporters at a brief posthearing press conference. “Both sides have been very cooperative the past couple of weeks.”

While Parachini wasn’t spilling the beans, sources tell E! News that Court Commissioner Scott Gordon granted Spears overnight visits rights with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Federline still has primary physical custody of the boys.

The outcome seemed to sit well with both parties. When leaving the courtroom, Spears, 26, told reporters she was happy with today’s decision, and Federline, 30, made his way through the media scrum with a smile on his face.

Aww!  I'm glad it went down like this, and that both parents are feeling good about it.  I was talking the other day about how I can't shake my feeling that there's not as much standing between Britney and normalcy as there is between, say, Amy Winehouse and normalcy.  I think Britney's big problems are her very treatable mental illness and at least one fame-whoring parent - but both parents seem otherwise occupied right now, due to Jamie's new baby (and/or having gotten a damn clue, but I wouldn't bet on that one).

Kevin seems like a good dad and like a good co-parent; his primary concern is his kids, and he also appears genuinely interested in helping Britney get her ish back together and rebuild her relationship with the boys.  Which is, ultimately, also about being primarily concerned with his kids.  Britney's lucky - he certainly had ample opportunity and reason to dig his heels in and fight her tooth and nail.  I really hope she gets this right.

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May I point out, AGAIN, it never occurred to me when she married KFed that HE would be the normal one in that relationship.


Someone suggested that she change her diet and social habits... and maybe she's done just that. If she hangs with the right people and drinks Purple and takes her meds, she ought to be alright.


As these boys get older, and more aware of what bru-ha-ha is going on, I am pleased to see some positivity regarding Britters. I'm as guilty as anyone in bashing Britney, but she really seems to be working as hard as she is capable of on this, and K-Fed...Jeezus, who would have thunk it? My fingers are crossed that this might, MIGHT have a happy ending.


You know, I'm really happy for her. She seriously has to have made significant improvements for this to happen. Good for her.


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