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Endurance Test of the Day: How Many Minutes of Paris Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera Can YOU Watch?

Hilton_repo My personal best was the 1:40 mark, but technically Paris doesn't show up until 0:54. So...I bet you can do better. Whether or not you'll want to, well...

The entire movie debuted just days ago at Comic Com and is about...um. A nightmarish and very neon future where everybody gets organ transplants on credit and they'll get repossessed if you don't make your payments and Paris Hilton shows up for some reason to sing. And writhe. And get some kind of drug shot up her vagina.

Clearly, she's really growing and stretching as a performer.

The inevitable YouTube footage of Paris' big number is after the jump.

I can only imagine what people will be throwing at the screen at midnight showings 50 years from now.

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The Muse

Sadly to say, I made it through the whole thing.

Can I get some bleach and one of those ear cones now?

Maxine Dangerous

I made it to 1:27. Maybe I could've made it through the whole thing if I had more than coffee in my system.

Screw 50 years from now -- can we throw things at the screen NOW?

("A little glass vial." "A little glass vial?" "A little glass vial!" AHHHHHHHHHHH)

Sprite's Keeper

For once, very happy to not have access to the UTubeness at work.
I can finish my day without trying to end it all now.


2:26. On mute. And now I have to scratch out my eyeballs.



Okay, I saw the writhing but the singing? Not so much.

I'm glad I lived through that! It made my neck feel all twitchy-like.



1:38 was all the shame i could take.


0 seconds. I cannot even bear to begin.


What the crap was that?


I made it all the way through. Somehow, I have a feeling this will be showing up in my nightmares. And...I feel dirty. Like when I used to watch something I knew I shouldn't be watching, and was worried I might get caught. I am confused.


For a second I thought I cliked wrong and ended up in a marilyn manson video. Only with it on mute, tho.

Kari Weber

Sadly, I watched the whole thing... and then maybe wondered what happened next? ugh. I need to go shower now.

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