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Friday Eye Candy: In Which I Just Spew Out A Grab Bag Of Girlhood Crushes

So I had this awesome plan for today's Eye Candy - Boys I've Loved, which was going to be a compendium of 80's teen idols and other beauties from my youth. But then I realized that I didn't really go for teen idols, which, you know, gets in the way of finding a bunch to present as Eye Candy and, also, my daughter got sick and we had to go to the doctor and my brain kinda snapped and so I was all, like, how do I save this post? To which my inner self replied, well, duh, they don't have to be teen idols, right? Eff that Kirk Cameron sh*t.

So here goes - my (mostly) non-teen-idolly bag of yumsters that I adored in my girlhood:


Luke Skywalker did nothing for me. Bring me Han Solo!



Ponyboy from The Outsiders. It was obvious, even early on, that Tom Cruise was a dimwit freak show. I wanted Ponyboy, bad.


Did I have a thing for Harrison Ford? Hell yeah I did.


Tony from Witch Mountain. He had, like, freckles and could move stuff with his harmonica. I loved him, for serious.


Yeah, I don't even quite understand this one myself. I just remember feeling all warm and fuzzy whenever Bob hit the Street. (Young Bob, though. Not older Bob. And looking back on it now, it's like totally obvious that Luis was hotter, but I didn't appreciate that when I was eight.)


Okay, this is like totally weird, I KNOW, and all you Freudians and Jungians out there will have a field day with this one but I stand by it. Maybe it was the freckles (cf. Tony the witch above), maybe it was the ability to fly, but I seriously jonesed for Peter Pan. Also, Capt. Hook, but only a little bit, in my darker nine-year-old moments.

(I'm thinking that there needs to be an Eye Candy: Animated Hotties Edition.)

(Is that weird?)

(Cancel that question. This whole list was weird.)

(Was it? Who would YOU add? Come on. I know you're all freaky like that.)

(Also, did you miss Hot Uglies last week? Because you were, like, watching fireworks and shit? Check it.)

(Done now. Parentheses are so played.)

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List not so freaky. Chewbacca would be near the top of my list of girlhood crushes. See, told you your list wasn't that weird.


This list is great! Also, an "Animated Hotties" edition would be AWEsome. Eric from The Little Mermaid, anyone? Those blue eyes...

P.S. I hope your daughter is okay!


Jan-Michael Vincent http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001821/bio


Only animated crush happened as an adult. Animated hotties list has to include Li Shang who was the captain in the Mulan movie. Ohh..such pixels!


Harrison Ford? Yes, please.

From the ages of 14-21: MacGyver.

cindy w

Oh, Harrison. Sigh.

I was also hopelessly devoted to John Travolta in Grease. Loved him. (Not so much anymore. There's something vaguely gorilla-ish about him in middle age.)


Yes, Harrison Ford. Oh yumm. Heck Harrison Ford Now...oh Yumm.

Remington Steele would be another for me...love me some Pierce Brosnan.


Jean-Claude van Damme, Bruce Lee, and Johnny from The Karate Kid...I had three brothers and was forced to watch lots of martial arts movies, what can I say?


River Pheonix was all over my walls


I had some weird crushes. These are some crushes from afternoon tv and movies. (I was not old enough for these to be first time around crushes) I loved the Monkees. I wanted Davy Jones, bad. However, I would take pretty much any of them. Also, I had a wee little crush on Frankie Avalon (from the beach blanket movies). In primetime, I loved Tom Selleck and Lee Horsley, very manly, mustacheoed(sp) men. Also the brainy guys, like Macguyver and Matt Frewer from Max Headroom. God, I could go on and on.


I am about to unleash my shame. You have been warned.

Mark Lester. He played Oliver Twist in Oliver! that was made in 1968. Nine whole years before I was born. But my impressionable 12 year old self saw it once and couldn't get that sweet blonde beauty out of my head.



Dirk Benedict all the way! Starbuck ROCKS! Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica, not Survivor), Rick Springfield, Huey Lewis, Pierce Brosnan (duh!), Bruce Willis and on and on and on. Luke Skywalker is a total dork! My kids hate him too. It is ALL about Han Solo for me. So hot! Such a bad boy! Oh, and I totally get the young Bob on Sesame Street. I had the 5 year old hots for him, too.


When I was seven I was in love with Shaun Cassidy.


David Bowie in Labyrinth. His trousers in that film caused the first hint of sexuality in my ladyparts. Was that oversharing?


YES you should do an animated hotties edition.

And Phoebus from Hunchback of Notre Dame should be on it. Because DAMN.

(okay, now I'm embarassed)


MMMM Ponyboy.

Also, I caught a glance of River Phoenix when I was 7 and carried that flame until he died. Young River was a sight for my little 7 year old eyes.


Robin from the campy Batman and Robin TV show. And as for cartoons, I'd go Spiderman all the way, baby.


I used to make my older sister perform a wedding ceremony for me and her poster of Tom Selleck, or at least skip to the part where we got to kiss.



I had major hots for Gary Sandy. He played Andy Travis on WKRP in Cincinnati. Talk about a nice butt...er, smile

Suzy Q

Parker Stevenson from The Hardy Boys.

And, even though I wasn't old enough, The Monkees, especially Davy Jones, but my sister claimed him as her own and made me go for Peter Tork. Bitch.

Tom Selleck as Magnum, PI? Yes, please.


Animated hotties, yes.

I had major crushes on Johnny Quest, and get this...huey duey and louie from ducktales. Weird. Yes.

I also confess to wanting to date at least one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Sigh.

On the human side, i loved Elijah Wood ( i guess i still do)


Starting in 6th grade, Duran Duran plastered my walls and ceiling - I WAS going to marry John Taylor (BTW: SO glad that didn't happen. I didn't know he was such a druggie/man-whore! But I did marry me a bass player - one whose age won't look as ghastly on him as JT's ;)). Once I started branching out a bit, River Phoenix, Patrick Swayze (a la Dirty Dancing). I may have liked one or both Coreys at one point, though I'll never fully admit it. Oooh! Any and all of the Lost Boys - those vampires were HOT! The list could seriously go on and on. One out-of-date one: James Darren, 'cuz my mom used to make me watch the Gidget movies with her.

TOTALLY understand the WKRP crush, Laurie - I just didn't quite comprehend those feelings at that age. ;) And Remington Steele? Yum!

(I will only admit this in parentheses...I liked Luke Skywalker! Give me a break! I was 3-4 years old when Star Wars came out!)


OK, so the key to commenting on these articles is coming so late that most of your most embarrassing crushes have already been confessed by someone else! WHO KNEW there were others who shared my love for Parker Stevenson, and Starbuck, and Andy Travis and (this one really surprised me) DICK GRAYSON, AKA ROBIN! (in fact, this one I harbor still, whenever I regress and grab some DC graphic novels from my library rather than a "real book")

The only ones not mentioned that I feel I must confess (since you all were so brave already) are Spock (live hot and prosper) and Andy Gibb (the young Bee Gee).

(and are there really women who didn't love Harrison Ford? I think not.)


I laughed so hard about the Chewbacca comment. Me too!
How about John from CHiPs, who needs Ponch? John was hot, I loved him!


Loving the ladies who are reminding me of my own young crushes. Andy on WKRP, Andy Gibb, definitely Harrison Ford. Michael J Fox in Family Ties. Oh, and Leif Garrett, I remember watching him on "Family" and wishing he would dump Buddy for me.


Oooh, Dirk Benedict and the poster with the half-unzipped pants!

And wasn't Mark Lester in a terrible version of "The Prince and the Pauper"? I LOVE him in Oliver - "who'll buy me this beautiful morning and put it in a box for me?" Yes, he was a child, but he had such a beautiful voice.

And *sigh* Parker Stevenson - dreamy!


Ummm... I guess I'm the only one who was in love with Skeletor from He-Man. I hadn't even seen the show. I fell in love with a puffy sticker I got at the doctor's office. Sick.

Also loved David Bowie in Labyrinth. Yummy.


YES! John from CHiPs! I forgot that one! SO excited when he happened to be on the same flight as 6-year old me (I think I was 6), once!


Yep, most of my embarrassing crushes have already been mentioned. I was always a Mike (I forgot his last name) fan from the Monkees. Even as a kid, I could appreciate a man with a dry sense of humor. I also had a huge crush on the American Ninja guy: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001154/


Don't forget Scott Bakula!


Mike Nesmith from the Monkees! He was the Monkee I prefered as well...


Flash Gordon was a super crush! But Harrison Ford was a staple as well, and in sad-but-true 80's fashion, I had WHAM! on the bedroom walls. Sigh. SO naive.

Karen (miscmum)


I once had a sex dream about Captain Hook. The hook wasn't as great an impediment on the experience as you'd expect.


Matt Dillon in the Little Darlings and Outsiders days. I still have a soft spot for him. David Soul - Hutch! My best friend loved Starsky. We had t-shirts with our respective crushes and would play like we we're their girlfriends, that is when we weren't playing Charlie's Angel's. A minor crush was Lee Majors as the Bionic Man.


I always wanted to do the fox Robin Hood from Disney's Robin Hood.


I had a major crush on Luke Duke (Tom Wompat), Tom Selleck, and Ponch. Apparently I had a thing for brunettes.

Oddly, I have had debates with my friends about who the hottest cartoon character is. Most leaned towards Prince Eric. Oddly I had a thing for Goliath from Gargoyles.


Donny Osmond.

And the cute boy from Land of the Lost.

I'm so totally dating myself....


Remington Steele!! Howard Hesseman from WKRP, he was hot at the time. Patrick Swayze. Animated: I would have gone for Robinhood too! It was the accent.


I think you should do a hotties of NBC News: Matt Lauer, Brian Williams, Seth Meyers (Weekend Update totally counts as news), Tom Brokaw in the day. Who am I missing?


Animated non-human crushes! YES!!! I also had a crush on the foxy (see what I did there?) Robin Hood from the Disney movie, and Goliath from Gargoyles was hot, and tormented, too! Sigh! Wow, I thought I was TOTALLY alone on those. Awesome!


My first crush was James Taylor. I saw some PBS special advertising him and it was all I could do to sit there until the commercial came back on!


I guess I'm the only one who watched Man from Atlantis - was that Patrick Duffy? And I had a Leif Garrett poster on my wall for a while - the hair was the thing.


Okay so I was an adult, taking my daughter to a cartoon, but a definite addition to the animated hotties list must be the oldest brother from Brother Bear. Oh. mah. gawd.


Aladdin. Not that I wanted to *do* an animated character, but what a cutie...


If anyone is still reading these comments a week later...

Thanks for bringing non-human cartoon crushes out of the closet. In addition to the aforementioned fox-Robin Hood, I have to add Launchpad McQuack, the big goofy lug.

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