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HB and Meryl Streep Have a Little Chat

Mamma_mia_meryl Oh, Meryl. My dear. My darling. My favorite chameleon-ess. Let's talk, shall we? I feel like we can have this chat because we are very similar women. Those type A, go-get-'em types who enjoy the success that ass kicking hardwork often rewards. So when I found out that you would be in the movie version of Mamma Mia! one of my favorite Broadway musicals, I kind of pissed myself a bit. While I'm sure that you would never say such a crass thing in public - aha! where we differ - I really did do a jig, because I love you! And I love ABBA in ways unfathomable! Which would mean that when putting the two together it would be a super powerful Oscar nominated musical of seventies music and pure, sparkling awesomeness. Right? Let's put it this way; the entire thing was comparable to putting salt and vinegar chips and Twizzler pull and peels in a blender: Awesome separately so of course they should join forces. WRONG.

Sophies_choice_meryl But you looked so genuinely happy throughout it all. Which is important; to be thrilled with one's job enough to want to get up and do it again the following morning and yet something just didn't click. Perhaps blame mechanics, physics, mercury in retrograde, whatever; but there was no point when I found myself engrossed by your innate talent. It's no secret that you are awesome as a former Nazi captive who has to choose between her children or as a grade A Bitch of a boss who holds a bit of contempt for her assistant or hell, you were even spectacular as a singer on a live radio show and I won't even give sole props to Garrison Keillor for that hot bed of fabulous. But as a 60 something, permanent hippie, reliving her former life, who sings and dances in platform shoes? Well sometimes we can't all be good at everything. You know what I'm saying? And please do not get me started on Pierce because some people should stick to being devilishly handsome secret agents.

It was as if you were trying too hard. Someone like you, with this amazing God given talent who makes it seem so effortless (though we all know it isn't) shouldn't be putting on such an elaborate production to the point where there are audible groans from the audience. That doesn't diminish the overall entertainment value and let's face it, at least people know you by name as opposed to being Amanda - isn't that that chick from Mean Girls? - Seyfried. I just want to put my hands on your shoulders right now and say that you can do better. We all know that you can do better but sometimes us Type A's just need to realize that we cannot possibly do everything. Try as we might, our abilities are actually finite. And let's just give a shout out to Colin Firth for being his goofy, loveable, British-self. He who made me giggle and when I was about to bring the spork to my eye. It was his face alone that saved my retina.

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Sprite's Keeper

Oh, geez. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I saw the movie this weekend and wanted to like it so much, but something just seemed WRONG with it! And who told Pierce Brosnan he could sing? He needs to fire his agent!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Crap. Now I am afraid to actually see it.


I wholeheartedly agree with you. When people asked me how it was, with excitement lilting in their voices, I feel bad for saying that I thought Meryl was a little too over-the-top. It works for stage but not on film. And Pierce shouldn't sing. You're spot on, HB.


I'm gonna stick my neck out there and say I actually enjoyed it. It took me about 20 minutes to get into it, but once I accepted it for what it is: silliness...I enjoyed it. Amanda Seyfried is refreshing, and beyond "Mean Girls," she's also in "Big Love." Pierce Brosnan cannot sing and readily admits it in his interviews - but it was kind of endearing to the relationship they were portraying - he was still in love with Streep's character after 20 years and was going to communicate on a level she was comfortable with - music and singing. Perhaps I didn't dislike it as much because I have not had the pleasure of seeing it on-stage, though I do know of many that have seen it both ways and enjoyed it. Adaptations are tricky, details have to be altered to make it work, and no way will everyone like every adaptation always. But, it was a nice way to spend my ladies' night out last night. :)

teh Duchess

I completely agree with Diana. I went into the Mamma Mia experience not expecting much. My mom and sister both wanted to go and it seemed important to them, so I went. And I was actually pleasantly surprised. Was it Academy Award winning material? No. But it was definitely a fun, summery, silly movie to see with my girls. I laughed out loud several times and was happy to be given a chance to not think about any thing other than which ABBA song would be next. As far as Meryl and Pierce are concerned, I think it's unfair to go into every movie that an actor or actress is starring in and expect them to perform the same way they have in the past. It could have to do with the director or the script as much as the actor. In these roles, they were light and fluffy - just like the storyline and just like much of ABBA's music.


I loved the movie. It was colorful, fluffy, and fun to watch, just like ABBA. I did cringe a little bit (ok, a lot) during Pierce's number, but I'm willing to overlook that minor detail.


Oh, derh. Big Love, that's how I know her! Her image flashes by on the commercials, and I think "who is that? who IS that???" thx, Dianaclt.


Yes, Amanda Seyfried is also on Big Love and also Alpha Dog. But for the most part, she's totally "that girl from Mean Girls".

And y'all, it wasn't THAT bad. I mean it wasn't like Vantage Point or Drillbit Taylor bad so I would probably Netflix it or buy it from Hollywood video on sale but you need not pay $10 to watch it and the Musical is WAAAAY better.

I also think that someone mentioned adaptations from musicals to movies and it's true that it is difficult because of camera movements and such. I just think it could have been better (Hairspray rocks my socks off) and that Meryl - dear sweet Meryl - wasn't right for the part.


I contend that it would be best as a Movie Sing Along night, with drinks and all of us Betches singing our hearts out.

God, I love ABBA.

Honestly, I love musicals, I thought it was fantastically cheesy. It makes me tear up thinking about it, because after 13 years of voice training I would give anything to be in a movie musical a la Funny Girl or Hello Dolly, or, yes, even Mama Mia!


It was a hot tranny mess.

And obviously choreographed by a 60-year-old gay man that knows nothing about giving a woman moves that are even remotely sexy.

They work wonders if your desired outcome is to have half your audience cringe and slink down in their movie seats, though. Bleck


Ah, but did you know that Amanda Seyfried got her 'start' on the soap 'All My Children'? Hey, I was unemployed at the time, shut up :). Of course, we can also thank AMC for Buffy too....(shut up, my mom watched it). While I love Meryl Streep (and Amanda Seyfriend IS quite good on Big Love) and grew up listening to the tacky goodness that is ABBA, I think this movie will be a netflix only item (if that).

jen from boston

also to add, Amanda Seyfried was in Veronica Mars - as Veronica's dead best friend.


I was slightly disappointed with the movie. I think that was only because I had it built up so much in my mind. It was still worth my $8 for the matinee and I will buy it as a family movie when the dvd hits the bargain rack. Meryl did an amazing job, as did Amanda, with the material they were given.

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