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If Nothing Else, This Post Will Let You Know Gym Class Heroes Exists


Gym Class Heroes - get thee to YouTube if you haven't heard of them! - frontman Travis McCoy was arrested onstage last night after defending himself against a fan who'd called him a horrible racial slur and then tried to physically assault him.

Last night during the band's Warped Tour set in St. Louis, McCoy invited onstage a douchebag of the highest order of douchebaggery who had called him "a fucking ignorant n**ger," so that he might publicly humiliate him for saying something so outlandishly unfuckingacceptable.   McCoy's original intent was to call the moron out onstage in front of the crowd, but when he reached down to help the aspiring Grand Wizard, he was kicked in the knee, and a scuffle ensued.

According to livesteez (by way of Bossip - hat tip!):

McCoy’s defense of himself reportedly included breaking his microphone over the man’s head. The entertainer immediately apologized to the crowd, saying, “I’m sorry. But when someone calls you something that ignorant and that offensive, you have to bash their head in with a microphone.” The crowd cheered as the unknown man was escorted away by security. The frontman was arrested by police onstage at the end of the set, reports Rolling Stone. He was release on $500 bail then following morning.”

McCoy's statement to the audience does seem to contradict what he said his intent was in bringing the guy up there, but I actually can see it going down exactly that way.  I can imagine thinking, "Alright, asshat, come up here and say that into the microphone," and really intending to make him do just that, and then, upon being kicked in my knee, losing it entirely and just going, "You know, I should have bashed your head with a mic stand in the first place."  (I try so hard to be a pacifist, I swear.  But then I hear about some piece of shit calling someone that word and I actually start praying that heads get bashed with mic stands.  I have a threshold the passing of which makes me actually enjoy the thought of violent retribution, and this here is over it.)

Anyway, my ulterior motive here was to tell you to check out Gym Class Heroes.  I've heard them called emo-hop, nerd-hop (and, worst, rap-meets-rock, which conjures images of Fred Durst and makes me want to ralph, because that's always what that means even though the description is totally stupid and problematic on every level) and a hundred other made-up-on-the-spot genre titles that try to convey their awesome mixture of all of the things that they mix.  Don't listen to me or anyone else; just go listen to them.  I absolutely defy you to dislike them.

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LOVE Gym Class Heroes. And you know, I don't care if he intended to let the guy up or not. Effer deserved a mic bashing.

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