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Perez Hilton Sued by Reader for Posting Her Hatemail


Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton, whose Terms of Use clearly state that if you email him, he reserves the right to publish your name and email, is being sued for $25 million dollars for doing just that. 

Diane Wargo sent Perez an email from her work address calling him "a FAT GAY PIG" and other lovelies.  Perez posted it right along with her work email address and link to her company.  Diane claims this violates Perez's own privacy policy.  Perez’s lawyers claim that his privacy agreement only applies to the comments section of his website, not personally addressed emails.

Diane says she received so much hate mail after that email was posted she was fired from her job.  Her complaint says:

After Wargo sent an email challenging Hilton’s opinion, she received derogatory emails with crass language back from PerezHilton.com at her work email address. When those emails kept coming, despite requests to stop, Wargo emailed back with the same type of crass language that is typical of the PerezHilton.com website. Wargo hoped that by using the same type of language, she would get her point across in a way that was typical for PerezHilton.com.

I wish I knew what that meant, and if there was any actual legal basis for this lawsuit, but I'm just confused.  He said he would publish hate mail, she sent him hate mail from her WORK address, he published it, she got fired, she's suing. 

Huh?  Where does she get $25 million from?


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All Adither

Lost wages? Ha!


I'm not a huge fan of Perez Hilton, but it doesn't sound like this woman was 'challenging his opinion' it sounds like she was calling him names (and I don't think she likes Angelina Jolie either). From her work email. Personally, I don't think she has a leg to stand on in her legal case (though I am not a lawyer), ESPECIALLY if she wants 25 million smackers. Yeah, lost wages my arse!


I don't really care for Perez, but she seems to be reaping what she sowed here.


"FAT GAY PIG" is challenging someone's opinion? Of getting one's point across? Really???

'Cuz it just sounds like a fat-hating-pig-hating homophobe to me.

She's clearly a dumbass. If she were to sue her work for being fired, they could bite her in the ass with the fact that she was using her work time AND her work e-mail for personal bullshit. This case against Perez - she will not win. Not that I have any experience whatsoever in law...I just have common sense, like the rest of y'all. ;)


I'm sorry, how is this suit even being heard? It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, particularly the amount of money she's suing for. Are you kidding me? $25M?


man, it's just too bad that there isn't some kind of free email service that people can use so that they can freely express their opinions and/or gay-bash without dragging their employer's name through the mud by using their work email.


kdiddy, right? This woman is a moron. Shouldn't she have made up some kind of silly hotmail account for this stunt? I'm sure H8ER63@hotmail.com is free or something.

Guytano Parks

Diane Wargo deserves to be fired for what she did - using her WORK Email at Menorah Park in Beachwood, Ohio for sending non-work related hate mail - and SLAPPED TO THE MOON for her homophobic diatribe to Perez Hilton. Hopefully she will lose her rediculous lawsuit. She ruined her own reputation and credibility and perhaps F***ed up her chances of future employment. Hey, Diane Warga: I hear McDonalds will hire ANYONE!

Guytano Parks

*UPDATE: DIANE WARGA LOST THE $12M LAWSUIT...well, actually, the case was deemed rediculous and was thrown out. Buh-bye to your chances of "CHA-CHINGING," Diane and Joel Wargo of Streetsboro, Ohio. HEY, DIANE - how's the job hunting going?

Guytano Parks

...actually, the lawsuit by Diane Wargo against Perez Hilton was tossed out because it was determined that the alleged "wrong-doing" - Hilton's posting of Wargo's HOMOPHOBIC HATE-FILLED DIATRIBE complete with her contact information which was sent from her Menorah Park work Email address - did not occur in Ohio.

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