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REMINDER!: Project Runway Premiere Open Thread TONIGHT!


Reminder_3 You might not have heard, due to the heeee-yuge dramz between Bravo and Lifetime about Project Runway moving over to "Television for Women, and now Gay Men" next season, but the fifth season of PR begins tonight on Bravo at 9 pm. That's 9:00 PM EST, betches. Yes, they changed the time. No, it makes no sense. Oh, Bravo. So passive aggressive. I thought you were better than that.

Now, I am a relentless spoiler whore, but I gotta tell you, Bravo's hush-hush la-la we-can't hear-you non-promotion of this season is A-ok with me. I love PR so much, and actually want to be surprised when we "see what happens." (Last season on Bravo, people. The catchphrases will die soon.) I can guess wildly that there will be no lack of crying and cutting, taking bitches' dye, trying to not bore Nina, Michael Kors calling something "farty", and of course, Our Lord and Master, Tim Gunn. Tim's back, guys! I feel safer and more stylish already.

So of COURSE, over at MamaPopTalk we will have an open thread tonight. That's TONIGHT AT 9:00 PM EST, no matter how much Bravo wants us to forget. Oh, Bravo. We will never forget. So join us, won't you? Bring your snark, your fashion prowess, and plenty of beverages. Amalah and I will be there to open the thread at 9:00 PM EST, and we'd love to see your fierceness there with us! Carry on!

PS: If you cannot fight the siren song of spoilers, Tom and Lorenzo have a sneak peek at their fantastic site, Project Rungay. You should be visiting them daily (gay-ly?) anyway, kittens.

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chatty cricket

OH but BRAVO, why you gotta be airing PR during the second hour of SYTYCD?!?!?

Am torn.


Poo. I really wish I had satellite TV with an east coast feed so I could snark with you guys. Damn this East-coast centric world!

I can barely wait until 9! Very excite!![/Borat]

Suzy Q

Yay! Now I won't have to watch Baby Borrowers, which started out pretty trainwrecky good, but now has way dimmed in my cynical eyes. Stupid teenagers.

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