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Spammer Goes to Jail for 30 Months, Everyone With Email Rejoices


27 year-old Adam Vitale was sentenced to 30 months last week for "serial spamming" under 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1037, the anti-spam statute passed in 2003.  He sent more than 1.2 million subscribers of America Online spam email that advertised a computer security program in return for 50% of the product’s profits.  Only problem was, he made the deal with a government informant.

He sent out over 1 million emails over the course of one week in August 2005.  Somehow the emails were able to get through AOL’s spam-filtering system.  The Judge also gave him a $180,000 restitution bill, to be paid to AOL. 

"Spamming is serious criminal conduct; this is not a teenager engaging in child's play," U.S. District Judge Denny Chin told Adam as he sentenced him.  Adam earlier apologized and said he had learned a lesson.

This is a man who is all about screwing around on the internet, and sometimes literally.  Adam has 22 prior convictions and had also helped run an online prostitution ring on craigslist but he has not been criminally charged.

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craigslist prostitution ring? he is going to jail for spam but not that? 27 with 22 prior convictions but not in jail for them. good times. what a mess this country is in.


While this guy undoubtedly sounds like he deserves his prison sentence, I can't help but boggle that a SPAMMER got nearly three years in prison for SENDING EMAIL, while people who commit violent crimes against strangers, or are convicted of DUI offenses often get far shorter sentences. The hell?

Snarky Amber

Spam is annoying, but I am more than a little perturbed that he's doing more time than some people get for rape.

Ryan The 13 yearold Programmer

I don't think this should be a punishable action. I mean, spamming = 9 years in prison I just read. I mean, they're making $750,000 monthly. I would do it, haha.

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