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"The Dark Knight" Review (Though it's mostly about Heath Ledger)

The_joker_2 It's so sad when you have been waiting for something for so long and when it finally arrives it does so in a blaze of glory such that it just blows your mind and is gone just as quickly. For those who have gotten married, it's almost like waiting for your wedding day: All that excitement and then poof! It's over. I'm not even going to put up a front and say that I went to see The Dark Knight because I find Christian Bale (poor Christian Bale) to be dreamy. I went to see it for the same reason that 80% of the public (I made that figure up) went to see it; to catch a final glimpse of Heath Ledger in all his creepy clown makeup glory.

Oh one can call it morbid to be so obsessed with a movie where one of the stars is featured posthumously but also because Heath Ledger had this innate talent. And to watch him go from the heart throb in Ten Things I Hate About You to so expertly capturing the essence of a demonic villain who thrives off of chaos is like watching a baby chick hatch and slowly become a full grown hen. I was all "Awwww. I'm so proud". Then wiped tears from my eyes because his performance was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Actually more like I could have had nightmares of and more due to a severe clown phobia. 

Christian Bale reprises his role as Batman, the caped crusader out to rid Gotham City from evil. Having seen every single Batman movie, The Dark Knight is infinitely darker and more catastrophic and hell, downright scary at times. Quick digression to say that my secret when a scary part comes up, based on musical score alone of course, is to keep my head straight but cast my eyes down so I don't look like a seven year old cowering behind my hands. Maybe later we can discuss why I believe that Two Face (Aaron Eckhart) might come after me. Along with Christian Bale, Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon and the new Rachel Dawes is Maggie Gyllenhal who I only found irritating during the second half of the movie. She was just so obvious that it hurt. This time it is Batman versus The Joker but not in the traditional good versus evil and good will trump evil because evil has never heard of karma. Heath Ledger's Joker isn't like that. He isn't looking for anything and there is nothing for Batman to take from him for he only wants to watch the world burn and doesn't give it a second thought. It is all so perfectly evil that one becomes engrossed by what The Joker might do next. How much more chaos will he and can he bring about?

But none of the above matters for I doubt that I've ever encountered a move  where I was so engaged by the villain. I wasn't there to see Batman swoop in and save the day. And I doubt anyone else was really there for that either. There's this overwhelming urge to root for the bad guy because of the actor not because it's absolutely insane but because of all of that talent brewing. It was less about who Heath Ledger was portraying and more what we as an audience will now be missing. It's terrifying and sad at the same time. His performance was perfection and at the end you want to see him do more and do better because you know that he can.

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Totally true. Heath Ledger was fabulous. Amazing. And he would have continued to be even more so.
He was just so captivating and repellant all at the same time in his role as the Joker- in other words, he was perfect.

Katie Kat

I haven't seen it yet, but I am really looking forward to it. I remember that even before he died, critics were saying that what they had seen of his performance was AMAZING and even Oscar-worthy. To have him gone amidst such great work is so very sad. Especially the way he went and all he left behind.

It's incredibly sad that we won't see what higher goals he may have reached, but at least we have these films to remember and revel in his talent. Sleep soft, Heath.


I was very sad at the end of the movie knowing that he wouldn't be back to take the role of The Joker again. I couldn't even "see" Heath and that made it all the better...completely creepy and gave me shivers up my spine...in other words...brillant!


I couldn't agree more. The walk which was perfected as he exited the hospital scene and all the tiny nuances that Ledger put into that character were so perfect and then ridiculously sad. Sad that we will never see that talent used again. It's almost soul crushing.

She Likes Purple

Great review and I think the fact that I even saw it when I, too, am so deeply afraid of clowns I've been to known to CRY over them says something about how insanely talented Heath is/was.


I saw Dark Knight with my husband and 23 year old stepson. We were all blown away by Heath Ledger (of course) and son kept insisting that THIS is the performance he will be remembered for. My husband and I thought the performance was excellent, but disagreed and said he will be remembered for Brokeback Mountain. Yada yada yada, turns out son had never seen Brokeback "because it's about fags."


We immediately drove to Blockbuster, I told son to be a goddam grown up, and I forced him to watch Brokeback.

Two hours later, all he could say was, "Wow....that was...I mean....and they were so in love...and...wow."


Belle M

I didn't love the movie. I thought Batman's voice was overdone, Maggie was pathetic and Harvey Dent.... meh.

Heath as the joker? AMAZING. The only reason i even saw the movie....

Favorite scene is when he makes the pencil disappear!

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