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The Most Important Pop Culture Development of the Weekend, According to My Husband

So what with the crazy frenetic pace of traveling cross country to the Blogher conference and then many solid hours of the "Wait, I know you, OMG! HUG!" routine as I met blogger after blogger, I went a loooooong time without talking to my family back at home. When I finally got a moment alone to call home and find out how everybody was holding up sans Wife and Mama, he had but one thing -- and one thing only -- to report:


Indeed, you can. Or...you could at one time, when it was in stock. A year ago, it seems.

But my husband would not be deterred in his newfound discovery that OMG you can buy random product tie-ins from three-year-old movies that no one else is talking about anymore, and when I got home late last night, he met me at the airport, beaming from ear to ear and announced that he'd gotten me a present. Then he handed me this shirt:


And that's when I noticed his shirt:


(Shirts purchased here.)

Anyway, I'm sorry this is all I've got for you today. My husband refused to keep tabs on the Britney Spears fansites for me.

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I must see that movie.


OMG, amalah just took care of the entire male portion of my Christmas shopping, assuming it's back in stock sometime in the next four months. Mamapop FTW!!!


So, I accidentally NetFlixed this movie a few weeks back -- seeing Luke Wilson I thought, "this should be funny..."

It really, really wasn't. In fact, 20 minutes in my boyfriend and I wanted to stop it but felt we were too far in and had to finish. Now that I've seen it, it seems like everyone I know has seen it and that 75% of them liked it which is SCARING THE HELL OUT OF ME.


The internet ads make me laugh every time, so hard.

The Muse

Sils - I was on Vicodin when I watched it, so I have an excuse for liking it. ;)

I have a feeling, if I go back and watch it sober, it won't be nearly as amusing. But I still like the overall message and absurdity of it.


OMG. I have to find that for my hubs. I actually thought the movie was stupid - and it is, if you try to put any amount of thought into it. If you take it on the surface level, it actually was kinda funy. Dumb, but funny.

Type (little) a

Brawndo t-shirts have what plants crave.


Oh man! You guys! Please give Idiocracy like, a dozen more tries. It gets funnier every time you watch it. And smartier! We didn't like it the first time either, but then inexplicably started quoting it, and then the next time we watched it we were DYING LAUGHING the entire time.

PS The Wiki on it is very interesting, since the studio did not like the anti-corporate message of the movie and essentially tried to bury it. But the cult following arises from the ashes!

PS I like money.

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