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An Invisibility Cloak: What I Won't Be Buying My Kids this Christmas

I am going to get me the sweet new invisibility cloak.

Just like Harry Potter.


(Wouldn't it have been hilarious if I just put up a big blank picture? I slay myself.)

But seriously, scientists have figured out how to "cloak" three dimensional objects. They do it by redirecting the light.

You aren't here for the science so I will spare you the details but behold the invisibility cloak:


Looks more like an invisibility raincoat to me, but who am I to judge the fashion choices of scientists from UCLA Berkley? Who knows, maybe it is Dolce & Gabbana under there. It is invisible.

Sure it is cool. Hooray for scientific advancement. I just don't see the practical use for this, because the dude in this picture is standing in the road and there is very little stopping that guy on the bike from taking a sharp left and crashing right into him.

So maybe I won't be buying one anytime soon. Even though I could totally sneak by that jerk-off Professor Snape if I had one.


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(Hi Sarah! Did you like my Invisible Comment?)

Go Bears

Eek! As a Golden Bear, please tell me you were kidding when you wrote (and misspelled) "UCLA Berkley".


That is whacked! Is it for real? I totally want to know the science! How the hell?!

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