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High School Musical Darling Vanessa Hudgens Sued


Producer Johnny Vieira is suing Vanessa Hudgens for more than 5 million dollars and punitive damages.  He claims that they had an agreement to "share equally" the profits from her career since he helped launch it.  He is also suing her father for defamation, claiming he sent an e-mail to others that accused him of being a "predator."  He may want to keep in mind truth is a defense to defamation.

Huh?  He claims a court approved the agreement in 2005.  I'm not even sure what an agreement like that would look like, especially considering she was a minor in 2005.  He claims Vanessa and her father sued to get out of the agreement, but have also failed to abide by settlement terms.

According to the suit Vanessa sent a photo of herself that was inscribed with "Johnny, thank you for everything, without you, I would be no where, we will make it BIG- Vanessa Hudgens. Sweet."  But he says right after High School Musical hit it big she dumped him and they entered into a settlement agreement for 2 million dollars, none of which she has paid. 

I'm not exactly sure how this translates into more than 5 million and where are the punitive damages?  And I'm assuming he has these court records from 2005.  In the lawsuit he describes himself as a songwriter and music producer who was "engaged in the business of discovering and developing artists in the music industry."

Maybe I'm biased because I'm the only adult on the planet without a tween girl that has seen High School Musical, High School Musical 2, High School Musical the Concert, High School Musical the Musical, High School Musical the reality show, has the soundtracks on my ipod, and is very excited about the theatrical release of High School Musical 3.  I have a 7 year old nephew I take all these things to so I don't look like a crazed lunatic, but I really enjoy it.  Pitiful, I know.  But really, it seems like he is just trying to cash in because at one point he worked with someone that got famous after she worked with him.

source, source

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ha! i have no kids and enjoyed HSM! and my friends heckled, but i don't care. sniff.

it does all seem rather lame on this guy's part.


Yeah, this guy sounds pretty sleazy, especially with his timing.

And I'm supposed to have grown out of the Disney Channel and I love it too. I'm trying to figure out how I can go see the movie when my younger cousins are too far away for me to go with them.
Hmmm . . .

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