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Now That's What I Call Stalking Joss Whedon!

Pvp_joss_whedon Yeah, I'm still not over this yet. DEAL.


1. I heard from Joss's assistant after my righteous Stalking Joss Whedon post. It was the kind of nice, head-patting email that suggested -- but did not promise -- something vaguely hope-scented. And so, against all reason and logic, I am of course positively filled to the brim with frothing bucketfuls of hope, with my earnestness level hitting an all-time high at 9.8. I may not delete a single email from my inbox ever again! SQUEE!

2. After I posted the aforementioned righteous Stalking Joss Whedon post, the fanbase over at Whedonesque quite unexpectedly decided I'm actually a scary stalker -- which I must admit did honestly kind of floor me. Two reasons: 1) I just assumed people who were smart and thoughtful enough to develop an obsession with Whedon's work would be, oh I don't know, in possession of a sense of humor, and 2) the lack of self-awareness inherent in that pot-calling-the-kettle-black type of move borders on DAZZLING. (Shout-out to my holmes Damon, one of the Whedonesque editors, for being awesome and also NOT thinking I'm all batshit crazy and stuff [insert terrorist-stalker fist-jab here].)

So, all that updateyness said, let's continue on with some oven-fresh Joss Whedon stalking, shall we?

I preface this edition of Stalking Joss Whedon with a disclaimer: my daughter ASKED to do this. She was in no way coerced, forced, or manipulated. She has grown to love Dr. Horrible as I have, and pleads with me to let her watch it. She wanted me to make this video, and explicitly asked to participate. /end hawt disclaimer ackshon!

Initially I was reluctant to bring my daughter into the Dr. Horrible fold... I mean, there are more than a few adult-type situations in there -- Penny's death alone potentially being just a wee bit problematic for a five-year-old. There's, like, actual blood and wound-yness and stuff in there. Gads.

But then she watched Star Wars with us and LOVED IT, and all our high-and-mighty Modern Parent ideas about shielding her tiny, delicate brain from violence and scariness kind of just flew out the window. AND GOOD RIDDANCE, says I.

Next week we'll be starting her on The Wire, Season 1. And after that, the films of Kurosawa. Oh c'mon, she can take it! sheesh.

Anyway, the upshot is that she makes me play those two "Bad Horse" songs from Dr. Horrible over and over and over again. Because as a five-year-old, the idea of a actual bad horse leading an evil league of evil is FREAKING HILARIOUS. Hence the following sweet nugget of awesome goodness.

You all recall the original "Bad Horse" song:

Well you folks ain't seen nuthin' yet. Behold my daughter's incomprehensible mumbletastic rendition, complete with self-selected props:

And so ends this week's Stalking Joss Whedon. Next up: black magic and blood sacrifices! Or, umm, maybe plying Mr. Whedon with some fresh-baked pies? Everyone likes pie more than blood sacrifices, right? cough.

PS: JOSS! Call me!

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Snarky Amber



oh snarky amber, does your snarking ever fail you? (bats eyelashes)


Awww... The Thoroughbred of Sin needs tenderness and nose-scritchings, too!


THAT is too adorable.


Joss Whedon is for all ages. My nephew loves the soundtrack for the Buffy musical episode "Once More with Feeling". Every time he gets in the car with me, he starts asking for "the Mustard Song". I have to play it over and over, and over. I eventually make him listen to the rest of the cd, and he likes it, but could listen to "They got the Mustard out, they got the mustard out, bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom." all day every day. This has been going on since he was 2 years old. He is now six. I don't get to see him that often, but he remembers the song, every time. I love Joss Whedon, and say happy stalking to you. Grrr Argh!


Hey, way to lump everyone all together in a generalized way becasuse some individuals with their own minds didn't think your first post about stalking Joss was funny.



funny because earlier in this post i'd said something about people getting senses of humor... what was that i said?

huh. oh well. nevermind.


"the lack of self-awareness inherent in that pot-calling-the-kettle-black type of move borders on DAZZLING"

Uh, guiltily defensive much?


Dr. Horrible just Tweeted you:


NikkiZ sings "Going Through The Motions" from the buffy episode "Once More, With Feeling." I'm glad we're both raising good Whedon stalkers.


Yes, B!X, I am totally guilty AND defensive. wow, you so nailed that shit. that's INSIGHT, my friends. STONE COLD.


Zoot, Damn, you're ahead of me! M wanted to watch Buffy the other day with me, but I feared giving her nightmares, what with the chompy-bloodiness and stuff. Does she just listen to the soundtrack then?

Her Bad Mother

I love - LOVE - that the humorless freaks found their way over here to whine about being called humorless freaks. AWESOME. Because, you know, this post SCREAMED 'guilty defensiveness' and they really needed to be here to witness that.


Her Bad Mother - Yep.

For the record, *seconds* before i got the first "waaaaaah!"-ish comment over here i'd just finished writing to Damon from Whedonesque, an email in which I said, among other things:

"for the purposes of teh funneh the pot/kettle line worked best (shout-out meant to temper that -- i realize there are awesome folk over there, natch!)."

SO THERE. sigh.


For the record, if someone finds you unfunny, the lack may not be theirs - it may be yours - it's worth considering. Some of the funniest folks on whedonesque found your stalker stuff unfunny, and it ain't a whine, honey, it's just a fact.

Not because they were confused & thought you were a stalker, but because it didn't tickle their funnybones as being clever or original or whimsical or anything that captured the funny - it just hit the creepy nerve. On the other hand, your daughter's singing is just delightful.

Things can be creepy and funny, by the way - but creepy alone without the clever didn't cut it, in my book.


I think we'd have a better discussion here if we talked about pie. Anyone for pie?

I'm partial to blueberry myself.


Personally, I'm a cherry crumb pie girl myself.

Heather B.

Sweetney - Did I ever tell you about that force field I have around me? It smells like pie and tastes like liquor.



PS: Is cheesecake really cake, or pie? Discuss.


Hey QUOTE R GAL, guess you missed the memo, but *I* am the High Lord Goddess of Deciding All that is Unfunny or Not (HLGDALLUN). Did YOU undergo the surgical procedure to implant a stick firmly up your ass like me for this title? NO. So don't even front.


Never underestimate a fan's/nerd's ability to be defensive or not understand things that are supposed to be funny. As a regular visitor to San Diego Comic Con and other conventions this is probably the thing that annoys me the most about certain fans who just can't let things go.

In the happier dessert making for Whedon thread I'm thinking Dr. Horrible themed cupcakes? or a pie of that's possible! MMmm.
Also it is just completely awesome that there are those here at mamapop who love Dr. Horrible as much as I do!!


IMHO, Cheesecake is, in fact, PIE! And damn good pie. Especially if it's dripping with chocolate. ;-p

Me? I'm a Chocolate Mousse Pie kind-of girl. Or any chocolate, really. Did somebody say chocolate? I mean, besides the voices in my head and/or stomach?

Lastly...is it just me, or are there a lot more haters lately? Not just on this particular topic, but overall? Whassup? I love me some MamaPop! And if I disagree, I just don't respond. I move on. Please - don't hate me for saying it! It's merely my experience. Opinion. Feeling. No judgment, just perception.

Snarky Amber

Cheesecake is totally pie. It has a crust.

Also, best pie ever: my friend Teri made Andrew a pie for his birthday with apples from her tree AND cherries. If he hadn't shared that pie (he totally didn't want to), I think it may have been divorce city.

Her Bad Mother

Cheesecake is cake. With a side of pie.


Get thee to wikipedia and have a colbert-esque fight over whether cheesecake qualifies as pie. Obviously "cheesepie" sounds like something you'd hear about on Revenge of the Nerds.

Robot Chicken Star Wars anyone?



For the record, the number 1 DVD request at my home, by my 5 yo son is, "Mom, I wanna watch Serenity, but the one with the episodes, not the movie." It is followed closely by, "Mom, we should watch Firefly, but the movie Firefly, not the episodes." (Of course, after that comes things like Mighty Machines, Letter Factory...)


I'm an apple pie girl. But if we're talking cheesecake, I make a mean peanut butter version.

You're welcome to fly up to Canada to try some.


Going by M-W... cheesecake is definitely a pie. In the same way that a hamburger is beef, I guess.


@sofia "fan's/nerd's "

Those be the fnerds! (In the spirit of Nathan and Alan putting "sp" on the front of any word they wanted to spacify. - Hows that for a fnerdy reference!)

I'm a low-level fnerd but I definitely don't take my fan love so seriously as to find online Whedon quasi-stalking as offensive or unfunny. I mean, Sweets admitted and documented the stalking online! How meta, man!


total fangirl moment: dr. horrible tweeted about the video of my daughter: http://twitter.com/drhorrible/statuses/886581830

please note "-J, M, J, Z " - that's Joss, Maurissa, Jed, Zack (the creators)


/end geekout


@Sophia - What would the Dr. Horrible cupcakes look like? Also, this cheesepie masquerading as cake fraud must end! I call to the floor MARK FUCKING BITTMAN!



It was my comment at Whedonesque that you linked to in your original blog entry where you updated to describe how we thought you were a real stalker. I didn't notice that until now, but I want to clarify here as well as there (see my other comment there) that I never thought you were a stalker. I said your tone was just like the real thing, and that was why I didn't find it funny. As I said originally,

the over-the-topness imitates the real thing a bit too well even if that was adopted in order to convey a certain deliberate ridiculousness.

I understood that you were imitating. The reason I wasn't amused is that the imitation was very accurate. I didn't intend to imply that you're a stalker. I just didn't think it was funny. And that's all. No accusations of stalking in there, and none meant to be implied.

What I didn't want to get into there, since it seemed a bit off-topic, was that imitations need a little distance from what they imitate in order for me to find them funny. If I was Jane Espenson I'd have some brilliant example of why that works, but the best example I can think of is SNL. A comedian pretending to be President Bush isn't funny until he does or says something true to character but really out of bounds for the real Bush. They're caricatures, larger than life but exaggerating true aspects of real life. You wrote exactly like some other blog entries I've read, so there wasn't a distance there. That doesn't mean you're a stalker, but rather that you adopted the tone of one and got it just right. What you did was play one, not parody one.

Since you're continuing this line of discussion about the Whedonesque reaction, I think you should at least link to the clarification later in the thread and comment on what I said and not what you originally thought I said. It's very easy to misunderstand tone in text, especially on blogs.

Some people at Whedonesque did find the entry funny. As usual, reactions were mixed. My sense of humor's rather quirky, so I often don't find things funny that many other readers there do. I don't expect everyone to like my comments, either, and it's fair game to pick them apart here or write responses to them. But I do greatly value accuracy of repeating them on other blogs when that happens. Please clarify here as I've done there, and at least publish this comment so that people can read it here.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I don't care what anybody says. That girl is ready for Broadway... or at least ready to wait for Guffman.



here is the bottomline: you all are my peoples, and everything i've said is essentially in jest. all good fun. some people can't handle that, and fine. some people don't share my sense of humor, and fine. can't please everyone, don't pretend to or even try to.

nothing i've said anywhere -- here or on whedonesque -- was intended as a personal insult. quite the contrary. again, you are my peoples. i wish y'all would calm the hell down and not take all of this so seriously, but if anything i have a very fond and familial feel about everyone i've encountered over there, even those who disagreed with what i wrote or didn't appreciate it.

i don't really know what to say beyond that. PIE, ANYONE? :)


Pies I don't like:

1. Lemon creme
2. Pumpkin
3. Mincemeat


Pies I don't like:
1. All

Pies I like:
1. Cheescake (Cheesepie?)

Pies I tolerate at holidays:
1. Pumpkin
2. Pecan
3. Apple


Pies I don't like:

Cow Pie
Mud Pie
Excremental Pie O'Bugs


I like pie.
I like cupcakes.
I like cake.
I like pudding.
I like cobbler.
I like crumble.
I like fruit cocktail.
I like tartes.
I like brownies.
I like blondies.
I like cookies.
I like flans.

Well, if it has any combination of the following: sugar, cream, nuts, chocolate, fruit, odds are that I like it.

Snarky Amber

OH GOD, finally I have someone to commiserate with about how much pumpkin pie sucks. And I was born on Thanksgiving, so people think it's totally awesome and clever to give me pumpkin pie with candles on it at my birthday! NO! GAH!! Give me chocolate, bitches!

Karen Andrews (miscmum)

I had a Canadian Thanksgiving once with a kickass pumpkin pie.

If anyone from Australia, though, offers you pumpkin pie, step back slowly three paces, turn on your heel, and run.


You know, I had defended your previous post on Whedonesque, but I'm taking offense to this one (it's not out of reach; you've practically given it to me). You make a joke in your first post, it got mixed views on Whedonesque, so you poke fun at those people who gave you the reviews (except Damon, of course)? I'm sorry you were offended that people don't think you're funny.

"the fanbase over at Whedonesque quite unexpectedly decided I'm actually a scary stalker -- which I must admit did honestly kind of floor me."

As Sunfire mentioned above, not EVERYONE thought you were a stalker.

"Two reasons: 1) I just assumed people who were smart and thoughtful enough to develop an obsession with Whedon's work would be, oh I don't know, in possession of a sense of humor,"

We have a sense of humor (Joss' humor). But since you're not Joss, it doesn't mean we have to agree/enjoy your humor. When I say "we", I mean "I". I can only represent myself. Personally, I thought it was funny. If you're going to pass judgement, I would suggest reading the FULL thread, not just the first 20 of a rather large thread. I got your humor in the first blog. This one, however, I don't get.

"and 2) the lack of self-awareness inherent in that pot-calling-the-kettle-black type of move borders on DAZZLING."

Again, if you read the thread, you would have seen some "self-proclaimed-humoured-potters" on there. I stalk the work, not the person. That's the difference. And, as discussed on the black before, you have a reason to interview Joss. You have an entertainment blog that would spread entertainment news about his work. May joke, but it's not stalking. Unless you want it to be. Stalker. (Did you find those last lines funny? I thought they were. Maybe I'm hilarious and you just don't get it. You know you want to laugh, stalker.) ;)


Snarky Amber -- Yeah, pumpkin pie, bleech. No feel for it. I feel the same way about carrot cake, even with gobs of icing to cover the (shudder) carrotness.

DESSERT PIES SHOULD NOT CONTAIN GOURD-FLESH OR VEGETABLES. I'm gonna stand by that. Anyone wanna fight? ;)


I love the "Mobtown Brown", the pecan pie topped with caramel and Belgian Chocolate, at Dangerously Delicious Pies. MMMMMMMMMMM!

As a frequent MamaPop commenter pop-culture but not so much sci-fi fan AND sister to a dyed-in-the-wool comic book boy (who works in a comic store, no less) let me say I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I have tried to straddle the line between these two worlds a number of times and let me tell you that those who are the uber-faithful will not allow it. If you are not 100% dedicated (moreso than even the actors/writer/whatevers in the series) they dismiss you.

Now, I am speaking only for myself and none of the writers or readers of MamaPop here- but like William Shatner once said- "Get a life!"

Dana Whitaker

Cheesecake is very much a pie, due to its yummy graham cracker-y crust. But Boston Cream Pie is not a pie; it is a cake. Just putting that out there...


SO I'm doing a project on Joss for my writer's craft class and somehow I came across this blog entry, and I read the other one about stalking and I will just say that I UNDERSTAND. I went to the San Diego comic con this year and I got to see him at TWO panels and it was one of the most amazingly, spectacularly AWESOME moments of anyone's life. Can I stalk him with you?

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