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Preliminary Weeds Wrap-Up


The season finale for Weeds airs on Monday! I know that this is a few days early, but this is my last MamaPop post for the week and I need to talk about this.

So, this season has been interesting, no? The Botwins moved to the beach and it looked like things were going to calm down for a little while. Guillermo set Nancy up with a job at a maternity store, which seemed like a really sweet gig: manage the store, don't ask questions, get paid loads of money. But, of course, nothing is that simple and Nancy soon found out that the back room of the store housed the entrance to a tunnel to Mexico.

Whatever amicable relationship that Nancy and Guillermo had was over, especially when Nancy went over Guillermo's head to the boss, who just happens to be the mayor of Tijuana, in order to get in on the next weed shipment. Nancy intended to start her small-time dealing again, but became more invested in the tunnel traffic. Because she is, quite possibly, the most naive drug dealer ever, Nancy believed that they went to the trouble and risk of digging that tunnel just to transport weed and was absolutely SHOCKED to realize that they were also transporting heroin, cocaine, illegal guns, and young girls. Awesome! This eats away at Nancy and even though she is falling in love with the mayor, who does shit like feed goats to his pet lion for fun, she realizes that she needs to cooperate with the authorities in order to protect her family.

Oh yeah. Nancy's family. Well, Silas is still honing his talents as a botanist but has moved his operations into the back room of his girlfriend's cheese shop. His girlfriend is Nancy's age. Besides that whole creepiness, Silas is doing relatively okay...but his little brother is growing up way too fast for him. Shane is doing stuff like having threesomes with these two shitty goth girls from his school and trying to convince Silas to sell him weed. He is also barely clinging to whatever shred of sweet and loving young boy that's left in him and it's really pretty sad.

In short, Shane will be in juvie before too long.

Andy and Doug tried their hands at being coyotes after Doug spotted an immigrant named Maria. They successfully smuggled her into the U.S. and Doug tried to force her into a relationship. Maria realized that Doug is a total douche and ended up turning to the kind, although doofy, Andy. When Andy confesses to Doug that he and Maria are kind of into each other, Doug says it's fine...and then gets on the phone with the INS.

Celia? Well, Celia started out the season in jail and bargained her way out by promising to deliver Nancy. She failed at that and got addicted to coke. She's in rehab and trying, in her own special, back-handed way, to reconcile with Dean and Isabelle. Things look promising for the fractured family, but Dean tells Celia that they need to reconnect with their other daughter, Quinn. If you read any of my recaps from last season, you'll know that the fact that Quinn went off to live in Mexico around episode 3 of season 1 and was then NEVER mentioned again was extremely frustrating. I'm very curious to see how she will play into all of this mess.

So, Nancy has turned Guillermo over to the feds and is hoping that the mayor will not find out that she spilled. But the mayor's right-hand guy tortured Captain Roy Till's partner (and secret lover!) into giving up Nancy's name before killing him, so it sounds like things will get extremely messy for Nancy on Sunday's finale. But if I know this show, she'll somehow emerge relatively unscathed.

In other Showtime news, Californication starts September 28th!

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