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I Have Been Summoned To Bring The Funny, And It Has Been Broughtened


Joel McHale, MamaPop Patron Saint of the Absurd

Whoa! Hey everybody!!! And how are you today? Good? Little down? Crippled with abject horror at recent news, finances and politics? Finding yourself with the urge to start beating people down with flaming baseball bats covered in angry bees? WELL. Do I have the post for YOU! So dry those tears of anguish/rage/panic and get ready to El Oh El with your old pal, Miss Banshee.

Last night, in a manic fit, I IMed Sweetney, promising to bring the funny today, come hell, high water, or whatever nightmare popped up on the CNN site. It...took me a long time, but I come to you with linky love today, sure to remind you why we get out of those warm, cozy beds and into this world every day.


Whoa! Did Florence Henderson just issue a throw down with Cloris Leachman!?!

Archie. Archie Arnett. The Most Honorable Judge Archie Arnett. President Archie Arnett.

Because I had almost forgotten how awesome 80's hair was.

I never considered a couch in the shape of ladyparts, but now I don't think I can live without one.

more animals

The most humiliating Halloween costumes for your innocent dog.

A dude in Germany is fooling traffic cops with a lifesized Muppet in his driver's seat.

For your LOLcat needs, here's FourFour's Rich feeding blueberries to his cat Winston. NOM NOM NOM.

The next time your flight is delayed, consider the naughty poodle.

And speaking of patron saints of the absurd, everyone wish John Cleese a very happy birthday!

And if none of that cheers you up? Imagine me scrolling desperately through my Reader trying to find these links, and forgetting (as I always do) that I subscribe to one VERY NSFW site. So it's news, pop culture, feminist site, gossip, SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS!, Huff Post, MSNBC...etc. You get the idea. It's a little jarring. But FUNNY! And that is the whole point.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put the hat I just crocheted on my cat and take some pictures. Feel free to leave more LOLZ links in the comments. We needs them.

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that's it. i'm now officially in love with you.


lovely job. My tuesday is officially brightened.


I WANT that couch. I made a vagina flower pot in Ceramics I and the legend of The Twat Pot lives on now that I'm long graduated:)

Sadly, the pot itself disintegrated because my structural skills were an epic fail.


Wow. You did brought the funnee. I couldn't get past the Patrick Swayze/ horse tattoo for a good 30 seconds. And the vagina couch? OMG. It would never even occur to me to make such a thing. Maybe it's a set. Maybe there is a penis chaise lounge to goes with it.

Mike Sox

HAHAHAHAHA, you are cracken my ass up!! I want a tattoo of Patrick Swayze. Except he'll be a Merman. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

way to be funny! The world needs more funny!




Thanks. Seriously man, I read "angry bees" and actually thought "Now why didn't I think of adding bees???"


my favorite LOL


you had me at "El Oh El". can i steal that?


or is that just what all the kids are using these days & i just don't know it?....


OMG favorite Monty Python Sketch EVAR!!

I heart you now


A "scuff marked" vagina? What could ever be more awesome, in all the world of awesomeness? Thanks for the laugh!

Leslie in Toronto

I think you need to share your reader with us, cause my reader gots no buttsecks and I think it needs some.


I want to have SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS with Joel McHale. Is that wrong?


YAY for the funny! Thank you, Miss Banshee!! :)

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