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The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres! Prepare to drop a few IQ points!

Real_housewives_atl So last night, while everyone was being patriotic and becoming an informed voter and watching the Presidential Debate, I decided to let a few brain cells go missing and watch the premiere of Bravo's third installment of their Real Housewives series: The Real Housewives of Atlanta. When I called my aunt - who happens to live in ATL - she asked, "Well, how was it? I really liked the New York series so how is this one?" I hemmed and hawed and said "It's...it's different".

"You mean they're black..."


Not that the ladies being black really  makes a difference because no matter the city in which a Real Housewives series takes place, producers are out to find those women who have no problem being out there, flaunting what they have. They want for the world to see how the so-called other half lives with their material possessions and gated communities and $70,000 vehicles. It's clearly fascinating as Bravo extends their franchise and no matter how much the women drive me to drink, I still find myself sitting there entranced as if I'm shocked that there are people in this great country of ours who behave in such obnoxious and distasteful manners.

Side note: It's always my favorite part when any of the Housewives proclaim just how much more 'class' Real_housewives_atlanta_ep_101_23 they have than any others in their surroundings and then go on to wax poetically about just how much they've spent on this that and the other thing. CLASSY, ladies.

There are once again five housewives: DeShawn, NeNe, Kim, Lisa and Sheree. Kim - in full disclosure - is white and decides to tell us at home that she's really a "black girl trapped in a white girl's body" but wait! There's more; "everyone says I should have been born black". Then she bought a $68,000 Escalade courtesy of her boyfriend whom she affectionately calls 'Big Poppa'. Precious.

Most - if not all - of these women are Atlanta transplants who moved to the dirty south because - as DeShawn so eloquently states - it's the land of opportunity for African Americans. Which is somewhat true. Being that Atlanta is such an up and coming city constantly trying to revamp its style. It is also full of celebrities, NBA and NFL stars (DeShawn and Lisa are each married to one respectively) and relatively cheap housing which makes a gorgeous house with a plush lawn far more easier to come by in Duluth, Georgia. Just saying.

Thus far none of the women are more obnoxious than the others but I do get quite the uneasy feeling from the somewhat abrasive NeNe who has already been filmed saying that Sheree is going to "get hers".  But besides NeNe and Kim there is DeShawn who is married to the captain of the Cleveland Cavaliers. She spent a solid 30 minutes discussing the staff she is in the process of hiring because ever since she was little she knew she was destined to be somebody. Apparently that 'somebody' is one with an estate manager, chef, maid, governess and nanny. I am somebody, indeed.

Then there's Sheree who is a socialite/fashion designer (about 90% socializing and 10% criticizing someones fabric choices). She planned her birthday party with a guest list and a $1200 cake that is an exact replica of a Louis Vuitton handbag. I already love to hate her. She is at the end of her divorce from a former NFL player and all she wants out of her settlement is seven figures so that is able to continue living in the means to which she has grown accustomed to. Oh and even though she and NeNe will eventually tear out one anothers weaves, she's going to pray for her. 

Oh and Lisa. Lisa is half Chinese/half black and married to an NFL player (a player currently released from his team *cough*). She's a real go getter type and loves to be constantly on the move with her seven business and orchestrated life so that she and her husband are seen as The Power Couple. I bet she'd be offended if I called her a cute little ball of fire that will probably never be the cause of drama but I bet she'll give us all the dirty details. Thank you in advance, Lisa for opening your mouth to dissect everything.

Like with every season you feel so compelled to roll your eyes at each and every turn and say "OMFG CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?" yet your eyes will still be glued to the screen waiting for the inevitable trainwreck to occur and to see who gets the honor of cleaning it all up. And as far as trainwrecks go, if I were a betting woman I would say that this season of The Real Housewives will be a disaster of epic proportions and I plan to watch it all unfold every Tuesday night.   

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I set this to record! IT DID NOT.

I am shaking my fist!


I really liked the first two seasons. Love seeing people make total asses of themselves, proclaiming themselves CLASSY and talking about SOCIETY. I live in Atlanta (about 2 miles from that Cadillac dealership where Kim's Big Poppa bought her that Escalade) and had read some scathing articles about it months ago. Did you know they were airing some episodes like in the middle of the night, they were so bad? Bravo couldn't decide if they were even going to air them in primetime?

I watched almost all of it, and couldn't turn off the tv. Disgusting people, all of them. I didn't even enjoy hating them. I just HATED them.

But I am pretty sure I will tune in next week. I am sick.

Emily Postal

I, too, opted for Housewives over the debate, but got so bored that I tuned it out and decided to READ. I chose reading over TV. That says something.


I, too, am an Atlanta girl, and just laughed and shook my head. I am not one bit surprised that this is how the women chose to portray themselves and are portrayed by the editing.

I've mentioned before that I work for a dance studio - one that was visited by one of the housewives (I don't remember which one) - and let me tell you, we are *not* a fan of her around there!

(FYI - it is not the same studio that is later showcased in one of the episodes, trust me.)


Bravo wanted to portray the stereotypes of ghetto black women with attitudes, gold digging ball player groupies, and reckless materialistic consumers for ratings. The RHA lifestyles reflect the beliefs of hood women: marrying a pro-ball player or sugar daddy is the key to riches from rags. Showing real successful black women and their husbands who are professionals w/wealth not athletes or entertainers, would be too empowering. RHA is Flavor Of Love meets Sex in the City. HOT MESS!

madison (girl arsonist) mcgraw

I watche the pre-season special and decided they were so classless and lazy (with the exception of one lady)it wouldn't be worth the rage I'd feel after watching.

I LOVED CA and NY housewives.

I loved Denise Richards and hated Lohan because the difference seemed to be that Denise has depth, Lohans are shallow.

The same holds true with Atlanta housewives. Pure shallow. No heart. Not even worth watching.


This is by far the most classLESS show on Bravo. The fact that the ladies are pretty and rich does not diminish the fact that they MARRIED wealth. These golddiggers did not earn it like some sisters did - education and hard work. Well, some did earn it... Why are we celebrating these golddiggers? The white chick who thinks she's black because she a rich brother's 'ho - Puhleeze!!! As for the four sisters, they DO NOT represent wealthy women of color. NO WAY, NO HOW, NOT TODAY...


I think that these women being of color is what makes this part of the RH franchise different. Which I hate to say but it's true and when I've talked to other women of color in Atlanta and outside of the area they all agreed that it was a poor representation of our race. There are several women of color who are wealthy. I know several but none of them would go broadcast their wealth on television.

This is unfortunate but to be honest as women of color we strive and have spent our lives trying to project ourselves as best we can through our work and this just perpetuates a stereotype that's been out there for ages. It's sad that that needs to be admitted and it's sad that there still is that double standard. For if this was Real Housewives of New York again, it would be ridiculous but I doubt that there would be such a sensitivity to how these women were portraying themselves and their race.


I watched part of the show last night and got sucked into its vapidness. I also chuckled at how several of the women talk about being classy, but then Kim changes into her expensive designer outfit in the parking lot of a gas station b/c she wouldn't dare step into one of the restrooms. Ooh, that's classy! I believe these women think that class and having money are the same thing when they are not. You can be very classy with no money and vice versa. I chuckle at the statement from the woman married to the NFL player who always knew she was going to be somebody. Honey - your husband is "somebody" and you, are not. I don't think I could watch any more episodes. I'd get more value out of watching water boil.

A Real ATL Housewife

First of all, why is Kim on the show, #1 - she's not married but dating a married man. #2 - she has nothing of her own, business or life. It's sad that we, the real wives of ATL are portrayed by this. Where did Bravo find these people?


This is very sad. I never approved of the concept of this show (ATL) version. I know a few of them personally and this is a mess. Mr. Najjar, Big Papa, keep your baby in line.

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