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Barbie, Oprah, Open Stores, Continue World Domination


And I, for one, welcome our ultimate female powerhouse overlords.

In September 2007, part of Buenos Aires, Argentina became noticeably pinker when the world's first (and, for now, only) Barbie store opened, much to the delight of little girls of all ages. At the store, girls can buy dolls, of course, and deck themselves out in everything Barbie, clothes, toys, accessories, and get beautified in the in-house salon.

In an eerily similar move, media juggernaut Oprah Winfrey opened The Oprah Store in Chicago in January 2008. The store went online this week so that Oprah fans near and far can be anything and everything with an O on it. At the Oprah Store, you can buy baby clothes, baby accessories, kids' clothes, women's apparel, men's apparel, accessories for your home, African handicrafts, pet apparel, pet accessories, bags, journals, gifts, DVDs, and show transcripts for those that you want to curl up next to your O fire, wrap yourself in your O blanket...and read your favorite Oprah episodes.

Glaring omission: vibrators. You know...so you can get your O face.

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Best last line and clip tie-in ever.

Robyn G

More vigorous frowning going on over here.

Just... ugh.

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