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I Can Has Deep Psychological Meanings?


Jay Dixit thinks a lot about LOLcats. A LOT. In fact, his essay (Dissertation? Manifesto?) on the LOLcat phenomenon was featured on Salon this week, and I confess, as I clicked on it, I was hoping for a new batch of LOLZ, not an exploration of human pathos and the representation of the fragility of the spirit as manifested in pictures of kittens with misspelled captions.

But boy howdy, do I ever has deep understandings nao! *eye roll*

In the Salon.com article, Dixit, who sounds like he needs a LOT more El Oh Els in his life, waxes poetic about how the "sad" LOLcats are the most telling into the minds of the creators and those who enjoy them, and that the cats and their terrible grammar skills are fronts for the lost bukkit in all of us. 


Check out this cheery excerpt:

these cats don't represent cats at all, but people. By using cats, icanhascheezburger can access themes more tragic and poignant than it could using people. You wouldn't enjoy a comic of an actual person fingering a blade and contemplating suicide -- but when it's a cat, you can accept it. You can even laugh.

Are you guys shaking your heads in bewilderment yet? Here, let me cheer you up.


Seriously, this guy is SUCH a downer. Don't over-psychoanalyze the LOLcat! Listen. The economy is in the toilet. There are wars. There is misery EVERYWHERE. Do NOT make the frakkin' LOLcats a buzzkill, dude. There's a reason they make us LOL, not emo. Do not want EMO! Mr. Dixit can write his black-ink-on-black-paper woes all he wants, but not here, dammit! Not at MamaPop! I won't stand for it!


Let us here speak only of noms and cookies and cheezburgers and always knowing that ceiling cat IS, in fact, watching us masturbate. And let us laugh, and forward them to our moms, and never get a lick of work done. The world has enough tragedy. Let's all just have a giggle at a damn cat.

Dixit morosely states that "we have seen the lolcats, and they are us." Yes, good sir. And we take our LOLs very seriously. Where your essay is all sorts of gloom and FAIL, we shall keep the spirit and joy of the LOLcat where it belongs - In our hearts, and, of course...in mah bukkit.


Salon article

I Can Has Cheezburger

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HAAAA ha haaaaa, his last name is Dixit.


I read that article too. I keep waiting for LOLcats to get dull but it hasn't happened yet. The sad ones can really mess me up though, I'd much rather have a cat riding an invisible bike than having the big sad eyes.

Maxine Dangerous

He should've written his thesis in LOLspeak. THAT would've been entertaining. :)


I can has sense of humor?


This is beautiful. Shimmering like Edward. MOAR LOZ PLZ!!!!


While I realize analyzing LOLcats academically is a bit, well, strange, the paragraph reminds me of what some people say about the Peanuts comic strips (you know, wish Snoopy and Charlie Brown). But I agree that if you really want to view LOLcats academically, a little humor goes a long way.


ugh... i think this guy just likes to hear himself talk. the few examples are definitely the exception and not the rule. it's not funny because the cats are stand ins for people but because they are cats and do redicilous things. monorail cat is funny because the way the cat is sitting on the railing because cats do that sort of stuff. he needs a sense of humor.

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