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10 Things From 2008 That Made Me Forget How Much I Hate Everything Else

Yeah, you know, we do a fair amount of kvetching and bitching and raging here at Mamapop. Either popular culture is just all around sinking to a Speidi level of irritainment...or all the writers here are a bunch of old cranky old cranks who have nothing better to do than wave our virtual rakes at everything that pisses us off.

I dunno. Tough call, there.

But! In the spirit of the season and the fresh hope of a new year, here are 10 things that made me supremely, sublimely happy in 2008:

10. WALL-E. Shut up. I loved this movie. My kid loved this movie, and even after forty frillion viewings of the DVD we all still love this movie and its charming little silent hero and its fantastic message of conservation and remembering what makes us human.

And I can't wait until Christmas so my child will open this and I can finally play with it and pinch its cute little...uh...binocular eyes.


9. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Neil Patrick Harris! Captain Mal! Bad Horse! Infinitely quotable and ringtone-able, Joss Whedon cemented his status as Creator Of Awesome.

8. How I Met Your Mother. I ignored this show for years. I was sick of the "old" sitcom format (the only other sitcoms I watch are The Office and 30 Rock, neither of which are much of the "everybody sit on the couch facing the camera" style) and I definitely wasn't looking for a replacement for Friends or anything, because I was pretty damn sick of Friends by the end. But Neil Patrick Harris! Jason Segel! And just...hell, it's a really charming, funny little show.

7. Neil Patrick Harris. Fine! When you're the driving force behind two other things on a Top 10 List, I think you deserve your own spot.

6. cakewrecks.blogspot.com. Those cake decorating shows on the Food Network are soooo a 2007 obsession. This year it's all about the Naked Mohawk Baby Carrot Jockeys.

5. Ben Folds, "You Don't Know Me," featuring Regina Spektor. Video directed by Adult Swim's Tim and Eric.

4. Lego Star Wars for Wii. Hours, people. I spent HOURS and HOURS playing this game. Because it was Star Wars. Made out of Legos. And...that was really it, except for all the awesome. I'm hoping for the Indiana Jones version for Christmas.



3. True Blood. 2008 was a good year for vampires, yes. I certainly did partake of a certain angst-y chaste-y quartet of teen vampire books, but it was HBO's gothic bloodsuckers on the Bayou that really got me excited for Sunday night. Plus, there was fucking. A lot more fucking.

2. Barack Obama. Yeah, Prop 8 and similar ridiculousness across the nation sure put a damper on the days after the election, but oh! Election night! I sat on my couch watching the results with this strange feeling surging through my chest as it became more and more clear that Obama was going to win. A feeling of...optimism? Hope? Assorted other cheesy cliches that for once, it felt SO DARN GOOD to revel in?

Yes we can. Yes we did.

1. This.


Hey, I'm allowed to use the Mama in MamaPop literally around here, right? I done had a BABY, people.

So not exactly a seminal moment in pop culture or anything, but he's at least a guarantee that I'll know exactly which celebs are guest-starring on Sesame Street for a few more years. Plus, you know, he's real cute.

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Because I can't pass up an opportunity to be professionally erudite, the style of sitcom you're referring to is typically called a "4th wall" or "3 camera" sitcom. This is in contrast to shows like Scrubs or Somebodies that are referred to as "Single Camera" sitcoms.

And the rest of the world agrees with you. 4th wall shows are on their way out.


Seriously, I would put this site at least in my top 15 of 2008. I started reading earlier this year. I love all your columnists, and I enjoy the comments too. Good reading at my boring job.

Happy Holidays!


Heck, I'd say number one would be enough to make me forget the bad things (what a cutie), but obviously some of those others are good too.


My day is NOT complete until I read cakewrecks.com It has got to be the best pick-me-up this side of professional therapy!

Heather Z

I LOVE cakewrecks, too. I can often be found giggling away while viewing that site. And I have watched HIMYM since the beginning, and continue to adore it. NPH serenading Ted's Christmas card photos of his sister last night was very funny. We haven't seen WALL-E yet. But I do have a just turned 3 year old boy, so perhaps we'll check it out.


That transforming Wall-e is a big hit at our house. That being said, I hope you didn't pay that price being advertised at amazon! We got ours for 19.99.

Tracee Sioux

I think #1 is the biggest miracle ever and loving #2 as well.

I'd like to submit another great pop culture moment: Barbie killed The Bratz (really, they will no longer be sold after Christmas) and I've got a fantastic graphic of it on my site for girls. http://traceesioux.blogspot.com/2008/12/barbie-kicks-bratz-ass.html


Seriously? Twilight!!!!


I'm so with you on 8, 7, 4, and 2 (I'm ashamed to say I have STILL not seen Dr. Horrible). Especially the Lego Star Wars. Oh, and I highly recommend Lego Indiana Jones for Wii.


We are SUCH a Wall-E family, it's sick.

I'm going to say that Lego Star Wars for Wii is awesome, but Amy, PLEASE allow me to turn you onto Animal Crossing: The City. It's beyond cute, and beyond fun, and I think you will LOVE it. It just might make your list for 2009. Trust me on this one.

Oh yeah, and your list was awesome, and your babies are adorable. Absolutely able to be adored.


Love the Best Of list! Cakewrecks is AWESOME for sure and clearly Obama's win and the birth of Mini Noah are, too. Confession? Never seen Wall-e OR How I Met Your Mother- BUT! I loved doogie howser, m.d.


I have been telling people since the first season of How I Met Your Mother that the show would "single-handedly save the half-hour sitcom" (obviously I meant the "4th wall" kind - thanks Thomas). Effing love that show.


Wii Lego Indiana Jones is awesome, but Wii Lego Batman is even better. It takes the puzzle solving of Indiana Jones and the fighting of Star Wars, and combines them into one giant ball of fantastic.

I hope Santa brings you all the Wii Lego games your heart desires.

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