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7 Things That Made Me Nothing But Happy In 2008

Yeah, I know it's not my normal "beat" but hey, everyone else around here is doing it.

And I may be a lawyer but I'm also as much as pop culture junkie as the next MamaPop writer.  So, after the jump, my picks for the things I loved in 2008.  And I will warn you, quite a few of these are very puffy pink heart girlie fluffy.  I work in child abuse, and sometimes, I just need some things in my life that do nothing but make me smile.

1.  How I Met Your Mother-I was a latecomer to this party, renting the DVDs one week my husband was out of town and watching 3 seasons in a row night after night after my son went to bed.  And this show is hysterical.  Neil Patrick Harris is the funniest actor on television and Barney Stimson is the best character on television and if he does not win the Emmy and the Golden Globe I am going to scream.  One of the running gags on the show is that Barney has a blog, remind you of anything?

2.  My iPhone-man I love this thing.  I love this thing so much I would leave my husband for it.  I love that I can keep everything in one place, that I can twitter from it, that I can download games for my son, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  I actually think I love my iPhone more than someone should love an electronic device.

3.  Legally Blonde The Musical-I loved the movie forever and I fell in love with the musical when they showed it on MTV and then I saw it on Broadway, and yeah it's cheesy and silly and girly, but still, there is just something so endearing about Elle Woods and her story and Laura Bell Bundy as Elle is incredible.  And to sit through two hours of a Broadway show with nothing but a huge grin on your face, with your mom and sister on either side of you for the ultimate girls Broadway/shopping in NYC weekend, what beats that?  Sometimes just being happy is enough.

4. I could not come up with a favorite book of 2008.  I just read too much.  Some of the standouts from this year are, Love the One You're With, Certain Girls, and The Opposite of Love.  Yes, I read chic lit.  I used to read really heavy books and recently decided my life and my job are hard enough, I'm reading fluff.

5.  Sex and the City: The Movie:  I could not have a fluffy girl list without the ultimate in fluffy girldom.  I know, people hate Sex and the City.  But I loved Sex and the City.  And the movie was the ultimate girls night out for me, which with a 3 year old does not happen very often.  We went out for dinner, drinks, to a movie, and more drinks.  And it was awesome.  And I asked for the DVD for Hanukkah.  And if I don't get it I will buy it for myself.

6.  Friday Night Lights-If you are not a Direct TV subscriber or have just not caught this on Direct TV's channel 101, promise me that you will watch it when it comes to NBC in January.  Even if you have never seen an episode.  Even if you hate football.  It is simply the best drama on television.  There is not an hour of this show that does not make me laugh, cry, and love this show a little bit more every week.  The writing is superb, the acting is phenomenal, and I'm terrified that it is not going to come back next season.  So, please, please, just try it out?  For me?

7.  The Daily Show and The Colbert Report: Well, this is cheating a little because my love affair with Comedy Central's dynamic duo did not begin in 2008.  But I could not have got through this election year without them.  They became MY SOURCE for what was going on in the world, and when those stupid CNN holograms got to be a little too much on election night, I changed the channel and heard Jon Stewart announce Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.  And who can ever forget that?

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That Doogie moment on HIMYM was almost more than I could bear. Too funny.


Honestly, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert did more to keep me informed and laughing (and still manage to retain some of my sanity!) this year than they will ever know. I have no problem with them being on your list! :)


I LOVED Certain Girls...it was the first book in years I bought in hardcover, because i couldn't wait to read it. And my husband comes in when Peter is in the hospital and I was BAWLING and GASPING. He turned around and left. :)


I love the Legally Blonde musical, only from watching it on MTV then subsequently buying the soundtrack and listening to it over and over (and over) again. Hoping to get to see it in person in '09.

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