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Behold! A Top Ten List! Contain Your Glee!!!


As I have mentioned before, I am a huge Grinch when it comes to the holiday season, but holy Nellie Olson,  do I love me some Top Ten lists. I skittered around my apartment, TV schedule, iPod, etc, to find the things that make me squee, and, SHOCKER! found ten! So I present to you the top 10 things that made Miss Banshee quiver with glee in this last year, so grab some Nog and join me, won't you?

#10 Sitcoms That Are Actually Funny: Well PLAYED, CBS. "The Big Bang Theory" and "How I Met Your Mother" are MY Must See TV. Consistently good writing, acting, timing, the whole shebang. And the casting choice of Sara Gilbert playing the sometimes-paramour of Johnny Galecki on "Big Bang" was a genius choice, and a great throwback to "Roseanne." I never thought I'd gush about ONE sitcom, much less two, but there you go. Excellent job, CBS.

#9 Bravo Reality Show Reunion Specials: Oh Andy Cohen. Your barely-contained glee as you ply reality show personalities with booze and try to start in-fights delights me to no end. "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion almost turned into a WWE event, and I adored every moment of it. Total win to end the seasons of awesomeness that are Bravo reality shows. And fisticuffs. Always fisticuffs.

#8 Pink's "So What": Ever had a break up? Ever get past the weeping into the pillow as you pretend it is him or her and move up to the Rage Phase? Then you MUST love this song. Pink's snarls about wanting to start fights, not paying her ex's rent, and the glorious refrain of "SO WHAT, I'm still a rock star, I got my rock moves, AND I DON'T WANT YOU TONIGHT" has me bellowing in the car and finding it very difficult to drive the speed limit. Awesome, awesome song to vent your spleen to.

#7 Kids Who Upload Their High School Musicals To YouTube: You GUYS. If you ever did high school drama like yours truly, you MUST check out some of the painfully, wonderfully awkward moments captured on film and put on the internet for all to see. These kids, as we did, take this SO seriously, and they work SO hard, and it's just cringe-worthy and heartwarming, and oh my god, you haven't seen anything until you've seen sophomores performing Les Miserables. Love it.

#6 Twilight Fan Fiction: Oh, teenage girls. I love ya. And I adore reading (FOR RESEARCH) all the Twilight fan fic that HAPPENS to have Bella resemble the writer to an uncanny level. Placing yourself as a character in a fic is old as the green beans in the back of my fridge, but the level of dedication these (mostly) female writers show is awesome. Well done, ladies. And may your dreams be full of sparkly vampires.

#5 VH1's Celebrity Rehab/A&E's Intervention: Two great tastes that taste great together. Every week I sit with my mouth hanging open at the ridiculous antics of Jeff Conaway and think "I want to give Steven Adler a hug SO BAD" on "Celeb Rehab," then I watch "Intervention" and think "I am living clean for the rest of my LIFE, oh my GAWD." The juxtaposition of "reality" and reality is facinating, and I love both shows for the very different ways they portray life before and during The 'Hab. (Note: Starbucks does not get delivered to real rehab, VH1. KTHX!)

#4 Hating Grey's Anatomy: I watch "Grey's Anatomy" every week, and every week I IM Snarky Amber to say "I hate this show. I hate this show SO MUCH." To which she patiently says "Thank goodness, because you only say that EVERY WEEK, and I was worried I'd forget." So why do I keep watching it? I DON'T KNOW. I loathe Meredith and her squinty face, I hate the interns who perform surgery on each other, I don't see the big deal about all the manwhores (and they are ALL manwhores, dude) and I despise the fact that Izzie is having a deep, meaningful, and sexual relationship WITH A GHOST. But Shonda Rhimes? You must be doing something right, cause I never miss an episode. Well done.

#3 Rachel Maddow: The press loves Rachel Maddow. Pundits love Rachel Maddow. Politicians love Rachel Maddow. And I LOVE RACHEL MADDOW. Her unrestrained glee at her job, her adorable persona, the fact that she blogs and Twitters? I watch her show every night. A political show. Every night. Who knew?

#2 Barack Obama: Speaking of politics...YES WE DID.

#1 Barney Stinson: I, like everyone else, love Neil Patrick Harris with a firey passion, but it is his character of Barney Stinson that blows my mind. He's a womanizing, boozing, self-absorbed cad, but he's also vulnerable (just try to tell him he's not Ted's best friend) and has a soft heart (He's in love with Robin, but doesn't act on it) and incredibly dedicated to his friends (He got hit by a bus running to the hospital when Ted got into an accident.) He's an amazing, brilliantly written and performed character, and I love him. Barney is truly legen-wait for it-dary.

And, just in case you forgot...


Happy Holidays!!!!

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Bella is SUCH a Mary Sue already how could you "improve" on that.

Unless of course it's Edward/Jasper

I mean... I don't read fan fic.

Best of Lists are the best part of this time of year. I am working on mine.


I, too, am the hugest fan of CBS Mondays! Well, at least the first two shows. Seriously, the Leonard Nimoy DNA thing? I thought I was going to pee my pants. Also, the hating of Gray's. Almost all the story lines are seriously effed, but I'm loving McDamaged. But, what the hell was up with the subway grate thing? I mean, was it orgasmic air or something?


I'm so glad someone else watches Grey's and hates on it too! A good friend of mine who lives in NYC [I'm in Philly] texts me every week, "GOD THIS SHOW SUCKS!" "Why is Izzie bangin' a ghost? Does she have a toomah?" "Meredith should've drowned." Like clockwork. But we still DVR it, we still make snarky comments. I swear -- there's got to be subliminal advertising somewhere in the show.


Pink's song has been on my favorite list for months. Adore The Big Bang Theory.

I am kinda glad you added hating Grey's on here. My husband and I watch it and complain to each other the whole time. It's almost as fun to hate it as it was to love it a few years ago.

Emily Jones

Rachel Maddow is a Goddess...I LOVE HER...and if I were a'swingin' that way, she would totally be on abother top ten list of mine! :-)

Emily Jones

oops..meant "Another"

Emily Jones

oops..meant "Another"

Emily Jones

oops..meant "Another"

Emily Jones

oops..meant "Another"


hell yes to this list.

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