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Chill Out America, Eddie Murphy is NOT the Riddler


I woke up this morning to the sound of a thousand men and women girl-screeching over the decision to cast Eddie Murphy in the role of the Riddler for the next Batman movie. The Sun reported that in addition to Murphy, Shia LaBeouf has been cast as Robin.

"Dark Knight" was a phenomenal piece of superhero cinema and these casting decisions would likely take the franchise back to its dark days of Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy (I was I high school when it premiered; I walked out of that film 30 minutes into it, it was so atrocious).

Except that people forget that this is The Sun reporting this, our equivalent of the National Enquirer.

They also forget that Chris Nolan is directing another project before the next Batman, so don't expect anything about the next in the franchise until 2010.

Nolan isn't stupid; seriously, who on earth would think of Murphy as the Joker? Murphy left his genius back in his SNL and Raw days, in my opinion; LaBeouf will be the next big leading man (also my opinion) but to cast him as Robin seems insulting and cliche. The rumor that Cher would play CougarCatwoman? The rumor that Nolan would stuff the next film with an overload of villains and sidekicks? Almost predictable. It's easy to anticipate your worst fears.

So rest easy, America. You've been given an early Christmas gift by way of all of this being rubbish.

, source, and source

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awesome. I hadn't even heard htese rumours, but that movie would SUCK. I would like more morgan freeman, though...

Matt D.

Damn.... Does that mean Cher isn't going to be Catwoman?


I dunno. I think Eddie Murphy would be an interesting Riddler. Jim Carrey was great - but maybe Murphy would play a darker character (no pun intended.. well yeah it was.. but I mean it).

Also Robin is such a weird character in general but I can see Shia as a Robin/Darkwing as well.

Now Cher as Catwoman - I agree.. that would be retarded. I mean they might as well make Joan Rivers Catwoman then.

Now Evangeline Lilly or Angeline Jolie.. that would be an interesting Catwoman.. purrrr


I sure hope that this isn't going to actually happen. LeBeouf would be an exception- I can see something like that happening, but the Riddler never will.

Just think what that type of thing would do to the reviews of the movie, or the director even:http://www.everhype.com/?utm_source=bc

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