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College Reunion Leads to Recording Deal For Straight No Chaser


I am not a Christmas person. At all. I don't have a tree in my living room, I hate the mall with a passion even during the off-season, and I hate — HATE — holiday music with a fiery passion. So I'm a little surprised myself that I find myself delighted with a group that got famous for singing a quirky rendition of the most obnoxious of all Christmas songs with the exception of "The Little Drummer Boy:" "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

However, the real story is not the song itself, but rather the tale of how, over ten years ago, a bunch of college choir geeks formed an a capella group called "Straight No Chaser", then reunited ten years later and uploaded their reunion performace to YouTube, where it received over 8 million hits and led to a recording deal.

Before any proud choir alumnus takes exception, please know that I say "choir geek" with the utmost affection, having spent a significant chunk of my high school senior year in blue chiffon and sequins singing a six-part a capella version of "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago. I have yet to become famous on YouTube for it, but I'm waiting for the reunion invite to come any day now.

In fact, all those years of organized singing made me a sucker for life when it comes to a good a capella group. And Straight No Chaser is a fantastic a capella group. They blend their voices wonderfully, they're entertaining, playful, and render it all but impossible even for a humbug like me to hold back the smiles. Have a look to see what's been delighting me so:

Straight No Chaser - 12 Days of Christmas

The group of Indian University grads, with professions ranging from playing Simba in Hong Kong's run of The Lion King to banking and teaching, are quitting their day jobs to tour and promote their recently recorded album. It's an extraordinary outcome for a YouTube video of a reunion of college buddies.

While I think these guys are great and wish them all the success in the world, I can't help think of a certain Cornell alum and a capella singer from The Office:


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That was awesome, I can't wait for my bah humbug husband to get out of bed so I can share that with him.


As soon as I heard a capella, I thought of two things. One was Andy Bernard.

The second?

Newsradio. The eposode "Chock"- 30 minutes of PURE comedy gold with David Cross, Bob Odenkirk & Brian Posehn guest starring.

Miss Banshee

They had me at Toto.


I'm remembering the first time I watched "Cannibal: The Musical" with the DVD commentary, where Trey Parker is scoffing at how his fiance left him for a guy who sang with the college a capella group. I laughed when I heard it, but deep, deep inside I was thinking that I was the type of girl that might have done the same thing.

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