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Friday Eye Candy: Top Ten Confections Of 2008

Fectop_ten They're all delicious to the eye and/or brain and/or whatever part of your body or soul responds most to human confectionery, but these candies? They're, like, the Willy Wonka Wonka Bars or Everlasting Gobstoppers of this past year.

Counting down from ten...


10. Alton Brown: by popular demand.


9. Paul Rudd (Apatow Edition)


8. Jon Stewart (Hot Pundit Edition)


7. Tina Fey (Girl Crush Edition)


6. House (Hot Doctor Edition)


5/4. Buffy and Faith (Girl Crush: Ass Kicker Edition)


3. Josh Holloway/Sawyer (Dirty Boys Edition/Hot Losties Edition)


2. Neil Patrick Harris (Whedon Edition/My Gay Boyfriend Edition/Lifetime Achievement)


1. Edward Cullen (Hot Vampires/Monsters I Have Loved/Hottest Hotties In The History Of Hot Edition)

There you go: the year's Top Ten FEC Confections, as decided by you and dictated by me.  I also really wanted to get Spike and Angel and Josef from Moonlight onto this list, as well as Anthony Bourdain, Alan Rickman,  Sayid from Lost, Amy Sedaris and at least one or two of the Literary Hotties On Film, but alas, there is only so much time in a day. Maybe I'll do another Top Ten list next week, and we can make it an even twenty. So - last chance! - leave your last-ditch pleas for your faves in the comments below!

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Lovely, lovely. I am not a House fan, but I love Hugh Laurie anyway so this all works for me (except Jon should be #1, of course!).


Nice list. Alan Rickman is on Edward levels for me. You have to include him next week, mmk?


Please gimme Josef from Moonlight!!

One &/or both of the Sedaris clan would be lovely.

Anthony Bourdain is one of my not-so-secret crushes.

Also I plead once again for the inclusion of Katee Sackoff as Starbuck!!!

Finally I once again beg for Nathan Fillion & Jason Segel!

Otherwise I am pleased as punch with this list. Pleased indeed.


awesome, awesome list. LOVELY.


Can we add Denny Duquet as the "Hot Ghost" edition?


I could get in to an Anthony Bourdain / Naveen Andrews special edition. Bring it on.


Colin Firth (Literary Hotties on Film). NOM!


How could we possibly leave out our original FEC Mascot, Christian Bale? Hot Superheros edition, please?


Someone else besides me digs Alton Brown? Awesome!

(I will totally cut you if you try to get near him, though.)


Paul Rudd is amazing. I've loved him since Clueless.


Alton Brown? Really?

I mean, the dude's smart and funny and shit but, REALLY? OVER CHRISTIAN BALE???

Also, I'd take McDreamy, McSteamy OR McDamaged over Dr. House. His eyes aren't even looking in the same direction for cripes sake. (They are pretty, pretty blue though, I will give you that.)

Apologies for the caps rage. I like the rest of the list. Esp number one... yum.


YEY! Alton Brown! Thanks, Catherine!

April - bring it.


SO glad that I'm not the only one who thinks Alton is HOT! I would totally marry him, but I don't think my husband would be too happy about that. :)

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