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Goon Squad Sarah's Top 8 of 2008

By now I am sure you know the drill. As 2008 draws to a close you all care what I liked the best this year. I may be the last one of us to actually publish my list, but that does not mean that mine isn't the most valid.

Does it?

8. Super Bowl XLII

I don't mean to be a hater, but seeing the New York Giants upset the New England Patriots made my heart grow three times larger. There is nothing more boring than a sports dynasty.


Those jerk wad Patriots won every game in the entire freaking season. They won, what? 20 Super Bowls in a row? AND they were cheating. Awesome.

The Vegas odds favored New England by 13 1/2 and the Giants managed to pull off the upset of the year. It was fabulous.

7. Ras Trent

I wanted to think this was stupid, but it makes me laugh every.single.time.

Maybe it is because my brother was a white college kid with dreads. Maybe it is because he says "Jah Cold Stone Creamery". I don't know. Usually I think SNL isn't funny at all and hasn't been for years, but this one - this one slays me. Nice job, Samberg.

6. Chinese Democracy

Hey, remember how everyone talked about this album for 15 years? Then that one day "Guns N' Roses"  actually released the album and then everybody stopped talking about it all at one?


That was awesome.

5. Top Chef

I am watching this as I type. Right now I am watching a rerun, but the new one will be on in 10 minutes.


I've been watching this show since Season 1 and I have yet to get bored. The casting is brilliant. The chefs they choose are cast based on skill instead of who will cause a scene. The drama is there but the food is foremost. I love the judges, I love the show.

Bravo, Bravo.

Get it?

4. True Blood

I freaking love this show.


I started reading the books that this series was based on and they weren't that great, but HBO (as usual) took the idea and hit it out of the park.

It is well cast, the screenplay (teleplay? Whatever... the script) is excellent and it kept me wanting to watch every Sunday. That is a big deal for two reasons 1) I never know what day any show is on. I record everything so that I don't have to watch commercials like a sucker, and 2) Sunday is football day for me. If I miss the Sunday Night game for a television show that is huge.

3. Fucking Matt Damon/ Ben Affleck

Both of these videos kill me.

How did they get all those people to participate? Yeah. Still funny.

Both songs also still get stuck in my head for no reason.

2. My iPhone

I know that iPhones didn't come out in 2008 but I got mine in January.


It changed my life.

1. The Election of Barack Obama


I am not sure that anything I could write here would explain how exited I was for the United States when we elected Barack Obama to be our 44th President on November 4th.

I am finally proud to be an American again for the first time in a long time.

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The Matt Damon/Ben Affleck videos - comedy gold in my opnion (and agree - how did they get everyone to participate!)


Awesome list. Nodding with you on each point. Except that the Yankees are the best team ever of any sport and that's all.

Chicky Chicky Baby

I still love you, but you know I died a little inside at #8.

I had just banished that memory from my mind. *sigh*


Awesome list!! The Giants win was so awesome (even to a Packer fan) especially b/c it knocked off the dynasty (Tom Brady skulking off the field anyone?). The Matt Damon/Ben Affleck videos will remain for some time to come my very favorite celebrity-involved things ever...


I missed the superbowl b/c my son was in the hospital and besides that sucking immensely, I also would have loved to have seen that, because WOW.


I am obsessed with Ras Trent! My fiance, sister and I watch it EVERY NIGHT and force anyone who comes into our apartment to watch it too. Brilliance!

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