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Looking For the Perfect Gift to Teach Your Child About the Financial Crisis?


Look no further than the Monopoly: Electronic Banking Edition.

Forget silly concepts like math! Forget boring your children with the tedious task of keeping track of how much pretend money they have DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEM! Forget teaching them to count by fives and tens! Or that THIS house costs THIS much, and you only have THAT much, so you better wait until you have THAT much before you buy it! Dude, that's such outdated thinking.

To be fair, the game only gives players a plastic debit card, not a credit card, but still. If there's anything we need, it's more people thinking of money in a vague, non-tangible sense -- not actual dollars and amounts and numbers, but just something that is *out there* somewhere, in a steady supply, until our Magic Plastic Card gets rejected and tells us we don't got no money no more.

(And yes, the pieces now include a flat-screen TV and a Segway.)

The game is marketed as "faster" than regular old Monopoly:

"Fast without cash!" Seriously. Counting takes FOREVER! The people behind you in line at the store HATE when you like, stop to see if you have enough money.

The thing is, I don't remember the counting of paper money being the thing that made Monopoly a loooooong sloooooow game. I just remember it BEING A SLOW GAME, what with the slow acquisition of properties and going around and around the board until you had enough money to finally build a shitload of hotels and bleed everybody else at the table dry. I don't see how eliminating the money solves this.

But as usual, I'm probably just overthinking it. Wheeeeee, plastic! Get a head start on your card swipin' skills, Junior! And merry Christmas! Now let's play a game on the dining room table! Good thing we don't have CASH slowing us down; the repo guys are gonna be here in an hour for the chairs.

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Frightening! Even more scary, ask a high school kid how to balance a check book! They have no clue, none!


Maybe there SHOULD be a Credit Card Monopoly out there. You know, smart players can pay for everything with cash or on their debit cards or whatever, and then dumb players can buy things they can't afford with credit. You can pay off your bill as you go (or not) and then at the end of the game, if you are in debt...YOU LOSE.

Don't steal my idea. I'm so copyrighting it.


I was thinking this would make drunken (grown-up) monopoly easier. And it would keep my father-in-law from cheating... that jerk.


I'm not sure why this bugs me so much, but it does. Possibly because I'm always the banker, so I always steal money...but no that can't be it.

I won't buy it for my kids. Every kid should know how to count and steal Monopoly money.


I personally hate the remaking of all these classic games. Geez people seriously find the time to spend with your kids and teach them yourself. That's the bottom line, no one spends time with their kids anymore so they've got to re-do all these games. That's how they're all being advertised, fast quick half an hour or less! Oh joy! :P


OMG...Nerve! Hit! Soapbox now being pushed to microphone...

I DESPISE this game. Every aspect of it. I am a math teacher, and it makes me CRAZY to think that people think this game is a good idea. When I do workshops for parents, I actually tell them NOT to buy this game. I vividly remember playing money based games with my family. Even if my Dad had "exact change", he would pay for, say, Baltic Avenue with $100 so I would have to figure out the change. Then the whole "faster is better" thing" just makes me even more ill. Gah. This game stinks.


My birthday was last month, and one of the things I asked for was Monopoly, as I had realized that my 12 year old son had never played it, and I remembered how, even as a young adult, I loved playing it with my friends on the occasional rainy night. In essence, I was feeling nostalgic.

Well, my husband bought me this "new and improved" version, and all I could think was WTF??? And it wasn't even his "fault", he LOOKED for the traditional game and couldn't find it anywhere. So, again I say, WTF??


Keep your plastic edition... I'd rather this other "plastic" one from Murakami

For the record, my birthday is coming up and this would be a great gift. And way cheaper than one of those purses. (Nevermind the strange looks I'd get if I sported one of 'dem purses.)


I don't know what's more irritating---the game itself, or that obnoxious little girl in the commercial.

We have the Lord of the Rings edition, which thankfully has the paper money. I use that paper money in our math lessons (we homeschool) and it has been a huge help in teaching my son to add three digit numbers. This game is just another example of the dumbing down of America's youth.


whoops... my links was busted just google image search:
takeshi murakami monopoly

then apply hand to forehead


The Lord of the Rings edition?

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