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Madonna and Guy Ritchie Settle Divorce


Madonna has settled her divorce from Guy Ritchie by agreeing to pay him at least 50 million pounds ($76 million).  The exact figure for the settlement is in the range of 50 million to 60 million pounds ($76 million to $92 million) as part of their divorce agreement, a figure which includes the value of the couple's country home, Ashcombe House in western England, which Guy will keep, as well as their London pub, the Punchbowl. 

It is said to be one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce case.

U.K.-based entertainment lawyer Ambi Sitham said it made sense for Madonna to divest herself of her British property.  "She's got no interest in remaining here," Sitham said. "She's relocating and moving back to New York. It's money she's already paid out, what is she going to do, try to sell the houses in a flagging market?"

Guy agreed to very little of what he was entitled.  Madonna is reportedly worth 300 million pounds ($447 million dollars).  50 million pounds is nothing.  Anybody else get the feeling he just wanted to be done with this and had no interest in fighting over money?

Custodial arrangements for their children, David and Rocco, have still not been finalized.  Madonna's rep says it is not true that the couple plans to spend Christmas together with their children, as has been reported.  Why would they do that?  It would only be good for the kids.

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Hmmm, I see it completely the other way around. I know how marriage settlements go, but why would he be "entitled" to a penny of her earnings? He certainly doesn't need her money and made a big huge deal (or his people did) about not wanting a penny from her. It's hard to say who comes out ahead in this situation, but I see it as tipping slightly in Madonna's favor. She must have wanted to be rid of him to pay him so handsomely for getting out of her life.


Stefania - your idea is the opposite of the author of this articles who hypothesizes he didn't ask for more just because he wanted to be rid of her.

Wasn't she the one who cheated with AROD?

Then again - no one can imagine what really went on between them with closed doors.

At least someone talked some sense in to them and it sounds like they made at least a few decisions where they put the kids first.

Imagine that!

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