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RIP Sparks


Sure, this whole economic crisis has been tough on everybody: collapsing industries, massive layoffs, Iceland nearly imploded. But you know who's really been dealt a blow? People with crap taste in alcohol.

I don't know about you, but I was just recovering from the blow that is the death of Zima and now I have to find out that Sparks is soon to be no more.

Sparks is a malt beverage/energy drink that allows one to get completely blotto without the pesky "sleeping it off" or "passing out" usually involved with such an activity. It's can was made to look like a battery, a subtle marketing technique used to convey the message, "HYPER: YOU CAN HAZ!"

The demographic most affected by this loss are these dudes:


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Snarky Amber

We still have Rockstar 21 and Tilt.


I was fond of a pre-red bull energy drink called "Battery." It came in a black can with a gold crown. It even had a positive and negative painted at each end of the seam on the can. Finally, it had a warning label that read "do not drink within three hours of bed time."

I miss that stuff.


oh noes. what will the middle class hipster dudes do????

when i told my fiance, he got all sad in the face. i think he and his friends are going to have a funeral for their favorite drink. which Sparks is, sadly. they'll play some golden tee, tip up a 40 of PBR and pretend to be original.


Say what you want about Sparks, but nothing cures a hangover like one chasing a BC Powder. Nothing.


I will miss Sparks, but will still have the many varieties of 4Max to fill in the gap. :)


Anything you can relate in some way to Harold & Kumar makes me happy.


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