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The More You Know: Surprise! Pete Doherty's House Is Just As Big Of A Mess As He Is


I guess this isn't terribly surprising really, though it's certainly a bit shocking: Pete Doherty, aka our generations poor excuse for a Keith Richards, recently proved just how little sense he has by letting an MTV camera crew into his dilapadated crack house of a home. Hilarity does not ensue.

A snippet from the resultant documentary follows, brace yourself (WARNING: some NSFW language ahead as well):

Honestly? This makes me sad. Seeing ANYONE in this state living this way -- which, I don't know about you, looks to me like the physical, tangible manifestation of mental illness and despair -- makes me sad. And shame on MTV for unabashedly exploiting someone who is so clearly in no position to be making decisions about, well, ANYTHING. Couldn't they at least have tried to get him some help in exchange for his dignity?

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Leslie in Toronto

That is so incredibly .... sad. That is the only word for it.


I took one look at the still and couldn't bring myself to watch it. How unbelievably sad. I'm sure everything you had to say about the video is absolutely right.

Kim S.

This is so disturbing. I can imagine the teenage me thinking, "Oh, he's tortured by life. He's an aaahhrtist." The 35-year-old me wants to check him into rehab.

And then move into his house. After it had been cleaned. THOROUGHLY.


Yeah. I'm just sorry for this guy. He needs HELP, not to be on T.V. Sheesh.


Are you kidding me? This is a mansion in London terms - MASSIVE. yeah, messy, yeah he's all talk as always - maybe this is active decision making to add to his profile(it seems to be working...)

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