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Stars Shine In Fabulous Las Vegas

Anything can happen in Las Vegas and lots of times it does. There's pop culture events exploding around every corner. It's unlike many small towns in Michigan that exist in a perpetual state of unpopular culture. I saw nary a pop culture icon in Michigan. Well, one time I did see the local weather man at those baby birthing classes. His wife was pretty hot. But the excitement of seeing the weather man (he's on TV!) was overshadowed by Jenna being pregnant and my rigorous attempt to maintain denial in spite of being at the baby birthing class.


But in Vegas I've seen Jay-Z and Beyonce looking at lipstick at The Fashion Show Mall. I saw Shaquille O'Neal on an escalator. And one time Carrot Top, well, who the fuck cares about Carrot Top? But Lindsay Lohan is always wandering around looking for blow. And Kanye West frequently stays at the top of the Palms with his ego.

But Saturday! Saturday, in Venezia Tower's Bouchon, modeled after Bouchons of Lyon and featuring world-renowned chef Thomas Keller, I stumbled right into the midst of 8 world-renowned writers and I still have stars in my eyes.

Roll Call! Sweetney, Kelly, Miss Banshee, Pet Cobra, Sarah, Snarky Amber, Palinode, and Schmutzie. World-renowned? Check our stats, y'all.

Sorely Missed! Amalah, Catherine, Dana, Jodi, and Jennie. (I had this image of Dana dancing on a bar and it's too bad she couldn't make it.)

Now of course it could be argued (and it probably will be because the MamaPop readership is peppered with a bunch of crazed arguers. Did you hear the one about iPhones undermining American values and generally promoting sickness, old age, and death? And then someone hopes Schmutzie drowns in her own vomit and blood. Seriously? Totally.) that a table full of MamaPop writers doesn't constitute a pop culture event or deserve a MamaPop article.

Well have you ever considered that just mayyybe we might want to take a wee little break from writing about pop culture and be the pop culture for 15 minutes? Fucking indulge us for a second. I mean you're here, aren't you. YOU'RE READING OUR WORK. And you should've seen the papparazzi in Vegas. We had our cameras out constantly and snap snap snap we blinded each other. I think the waiter was pissed. And the people at the other tables were grimacing about our flurry of mobile web devices until I set them straight with a whisper "We're pretty big deal writers".

Legends in our own minds? Probably. But the fact remains: These are the people I read. Every. Single. Day. How could I not feel like I was hobnobbing with fame? Their voices inspire me. And I was sitting with their bodies. Talking shop. Mooching cheescake.

Plus you know we had an awesome time when Sweetney needed to go to urgent care (really). What's a wacky weekend with celebrities without all kinds of drama and hijinx? I'm pretty sure old Cupid fired some arrows and the sparks were flying between Miss Banshee and Snarky Amber. And I'm not at liberty to say much about this but I'll whisper it in brackets and you DID NOT hear it from me [Kelly knifed a dude]. Palinode stole a bunch of my books. Sarah and Pet Cobra pushed over a drunk homeless guy in a wheelchair. I know I know. That was a bit much. And Schmutzie? She owes me big time for rescuing her from a pool of her own vomit and blood.

I also suspect Pet Cobra shot Tupac.

Oh shit I just blew the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" rule but don't worry, Kelly. I'll never elltay where the odybay is uriedbay. MP4EVA.

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Jason, aka PetCobra

After thinking about the trip, and you all, I've come to the conclusion that I was the Rain Man of the group. Only instead of counting cards, my idiot-savantness manifested itself in references to Frank Herbert novels and late 70's pop-rock songs.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

How could any one of us be the one that made the most obscure pop culture references?


For fucks sake.


Guys, I have to say, I really enjoyed the Twitter banter for your whole weekend. I felt like I was there with ya!!

I am sad that there will be no more "Trails of Tears" to a buffet of choice (or fail).

I laughed out loud (for realsies, none of this LOL shit) at least 5 times over your Mad Tweeting.

#mamapopfuckyeah indeed.


So, so sorry I missed ya'all.


I love you, BHJ. You made me tear up a little (pussy).


It was pretty funny.
And the idea of all of you at Bouchon, in your finery, madly tweeting, is hilarious.
Crembruhockey Jesus?

Fairly Odd Mother

There was cheesecake?!?!?

I'll be going to my very first BlogHer this summer and expect that I will (figuratively*) fall to my knees and worship people that none of my neighbors know at all. But, it's cool, like Trekkies at a convention, but we're better dressed.

* meaning, I will blush and immediately lose the ability to say anything at all

Her Bad Mother

Gutted, GUTTED, that I missed it.


what, you were here, and didn't call? and i was starting to suspect you lived in LV, BHJ. I wonder if I know you IRL. man of mystery.

Snarky Amber

Is it that obvious? It's true: WE'RE IN LOVE.


you've never seen anyone famous in michigan? just in the past year i've seen drew barrymore, ellen page, and hillary swank...but i bet you had way more fun this weekend then i did staring at them from afar.


I stowed SnarkyAmber into my carryon, don't tell. And I'll be known as Miss Mr.Tambourine Man for the duration, thanks.


aw, shucks. the lovefest continues...


Thanks for saving Schmutzie from her own vomit and blood. That gal is always almost choking on it. I was worried Palinode wouldn't be able to watch her every second, so I'm so glad you were there! We'll watch her closer from now on.


Y'all are big time rockstars in my eyes,thanks for the amusement and hours of fun filled reading


I only wish I stole a load of BHJesus' books.


I am so sad that I missed it, missed you all, missed bumping into Neil Diamond, making fun of Crissssss Angel to his face, and walking up the strip with ya'll, arms linked like a chorus line of Laverne and Shirleys. NEXT TIME.


Well, I once had drinks, dinner, drinks, and a pathetic turn at RockBand at SuperTiff's house, and Andrea from Mommy's Martini was there, and Missy from Meanwhile Back at the Ranch too, and the four of us combined are, well, not really famous. But it was fun! Next time we all get together, we'll definitely make with the twittering.

My husband and I once sat in a crumbling old former courtroom in downtown Detroit and watched Dabney Coleman and Bonnie Bedelia film a scene from "Judicial Consent". My big brush with "fame", lol.

Sounds like you all had one hell of a time!

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