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At Long Last, Friday the 13th Is Good For Something besides Slasher Movies (It’s Now Also Good for Television)


There’s a legend that says that if you die on Friday the 13th, four-leafed clovers will sprout from your grave, and anyone who picks one will find true love by the next full moon.  The legend also says that anyone who digs up your bones and wears your skull as a hat will get arrested for grave robbery.

Consider this Friday the 13th the death of you leaving the house, with the science fiction triumvirate of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, and Battlestar Galactica invading your television screens.  I don’t care about your fancy DVRs, your PVRs, your Tivos and the steam-powered Bittorrent machine in your garage.  You stay and watch.  You stay.  You click through for more.

At 8 pm on Fox, the second half of the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets underway.  Will we find out what the hell that thing was that Sarah saw as she was passing out?  Will Riley finally die?  Will John give himself another, even manlier, haircut?  Will Cameron tilt her head slightly and say something emotionally inappropriate?  Yes to that last one, but for the big questions, you’ll have to watch.

But Terminator only leads in to the night’s main event.  Joss Whedon’s mighty footprint stamps the soil of television once more* with the series premiere of Dollhouse, that intriguing sci-fi drama about people whose minds are routinely wiped and retrofitted with custom identities.  Whedon fans have been awaiting this one with a mixture of anticipation and dread: anticipation, because it’s been years since the last Whedon production left the air; and dread, in memory of Fox’s disgraceful treatment of the admittedly strange Firefly.  Friday nights are considered the palliative care ward for genre television, but my hopes remain high.  Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku, whom we last saw running a lot in the paranormal drama Tru Calling, and Tahmoh Penikett, the ridiculously tall guy from Battlestar Galactica.

Hey, did you just say Battlestar Galactica?  No?  I’m pretty sure I heard you say Battlestar Galactica.  And what a coincidence that is, because you can switch over from the closing moments of Dollhouse to Sci-Fi Channel’s most frak-riddled space opera ever!  The series is closing in on its final five episodes, and all the show’s enduring mysteries will finally stand up and explain themselves. 

To prepare viewers for that televised hour of BSG goodness, Sci-Fi is running an all-day Friday Battlestar marathon.  Leave your jobs, put your kids in the closet, place a giant Piss Off World sign in the window.  Friday is a day to marinate in the sauce* of genre geekery.

*The metaphors employed in this entry are not necessarily those of MamaPop and are entirely the fault of the writer.  Any resemblance between these metaphors and plain speech are entirely coincidental.  Overuse of these metaphors may result in side effects like dry mouth, dyspepsia, the gout, Ritalin addiction, fake Ritalin addiction, awakening of the Kundalini, and digital avulsion.  Ask your doctor if metaphor is right for you.


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Eagerly awaiting Dollhouse


ZOMG Friday is, like, Tahmoh Pneikett day! Thank you Joss and Ron, you are my 2 favorite show producers for a reason. Mmm Agent Ballard, Mmm Helo...


Not that I am anything less than totally excited for Dollhouse, but I must point out that Flashpoint is also on this Friday. And that, while lacking Tahmoh and Eliza, has Amy Jo Johnson, aka the classic Pink Ranger, as a hostage negotiator/sniper/repeller* extraordinaire, and Hugh Dillon, and Enrico Colantoni! And other people I don't care about so much because they are not my favorite bald/shaved head Canadians or the Pink Ranger.

I like Fridays for TV.

*Down buildings, I mean.

cindy w

Thanks for warning me why I shouldn't expect to see my husband on Friday evening. I would've been wondering what happened to him.


What? No Friday Night Lights love? For shame. (Though I will be DVR'ing FNL so I can catch Dollhouse...you gotta support the Whedonverse.)



Thank the gods the kids go to bed at 9.


Ohgod Helo in two shows.


This is probably sad, but I actually took Friday night off from work so I can watch Dollhouse's premiere. I am forever faithful to Joss.

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