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Friday Eye Candy: The "We Don't Need No Freaking Theme" Edition

Amalah here, stepping up the sugary plate for Catherine, with a completely random list of Peoples Who Has Caught Teh Pretty, many of whom have been featured here before, but I DO NOT CARE. THEY ARE PRETTY.


Nathan Fillion.

(Why yes, the hammer IS his penis.)

(Also, I would just like to say that Christian Bale and I are *done* professionally. Like, totally.)


Daniel Dae Kim


George Clooney

(FACT: Every time my mother visits us in DC and rides the Metro, she SWEARS the recorded voice that says, "Doors Closing" is actually saying, "George Clooney." And I don't know how or why but IT TOTALLY KIND OF DOES.)


Cary Grant


RuPaul Charles

(Oh. Mah. Gawd, people. You ARE totally watching RuPaul's Drag Race, right? On LOGO, or online? Because I am pretty damn sure it is the greatest television show ever. I've waited my entire life for this show. It's ANTM meets ProjRun and RuPaul is out-fiercing Tyra, like, bitch, stop tryyyyin' to be RuPaul, because RuPaul has more "Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent" [think about it] in her damn makeup bag than you've got under your whole weave.)

(Plus, the contestants up for elimination have to LIP SYNCH FOR THEIR LIVES. And Ru's catchphrase is all, "Don't fuck it up." And Santino is a judge and OH MY GOD YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW.)

Ahem. Moving on.


Matt Damon


Flight o' the Conchords


Matthew McConaughey


Idris Elba

(Aaaaaaand. DONE. OMG.)


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Agreed. To all of them. The end.


That might be the yummiest list yet. And that picture of Cary Grant, good lord, it's brilliant!


I love, but please include a picture of Jon Hamm as Don Draper. Mmmmm...


Cary Grant. Nom. Nom. NOM!

Love how George Clooney looks like the men of "Old Hollywood!" Not pretty. Just. Manly.


Amazing list! Many thanks!


Aww. The Cary Grant nod made my day. Good work.


Nathan Fillion is one of my favortist people ever. Ever. *swoon*
And I so love Cary Grant.


Slowly scrolling back up...
slowly scrolling back down...


Mmmm... Stringer Bell. Where's McNulty?


well played ma'am, well played.


Daniel Dae Kim! Back when he was on Crusade, and then later on Angel, I called him Cheekbones, because I couldn't remember his name but I loved him just the same.

George Clooney gets prettier the older he gets, or maybe I just appreciate more than I did when I was a wee young'un who snuck out of the bedroom to watch ER. I'm not sure. But he is one classic and classy eye candy man.


Nathan Fillion can put his hammer in my pants. Repeatedly.

Fantastic Eye Candy, every last one.


Thanks for this. Oh yes, thanks.

I'm forever ashamed of my deep love for Matt Damon. It makes me feel like a teenager. And that's just wrong.

Good to know I'm not the only one who loves him deeply.


You are one with teh good taste, my lady. And I thought I was the only one to find Jemaine (FOTC) attractive. Nice to know I'm not alone.


Ummm,tasty tidbits in the early AM!! BTW,RuPauls Drag Race is without a doubt TEH BESTEST SHOW EVER!!! God,I luvs a testy drag queen LOL,get it testy!!!OMG,I am making myself laugh...must drink more of teh coffee and wake up

carey lyle

I was going to write "agreed" but someone beat me to it. It gives me a higher faith in mankind to see that so many minds think alike.

Suzy Q

Way to bring the Yummy, Amy.

So nice to see the "real" mamapop mascot again, too!


Every time I admit to a mad hot crush on Idris Elba it is followed by curious looks and *who the heck is that?* To see him on this list makes my day, make that my week!


OMFG! THANK YOU for alerting me to RuPaul's Drag Race! You totally described my dream show, so I had to watch the first episode online. It so did not disappoint! Best reality show in the history of trash reality tv!!


I may be a few days late but I LURVE this wonderful, beautiful list!


Conchords! Conchords! Conchords! I'm going to see them in concert on April 24!!!! Can I plz, plz, prty plz write a concert review for you guys?

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