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Help Team MamaPop Speak at BlogHer '09!

Picture_2 So, look. We've gone and submitted a conference session proposal to the folks at BlogHer to talk about pop culture writing (and reading) on the web, and whether we're all just gossipy harpies who should be ashamed of ourselves...or if we're all changing the very face of pop culture one Botox-laden post at a time. Or. Something. Catherine wrote it, and made it all smart. I'm just here to pimp it.

GO HERE to check out our pitch and please to click on the little link under the post title that says "I would be interested in attending this session." (You'll need a BlogHer.com login to do so, but you don't actually have to be registered for the conference or anything -- this is all a vague, squooshy process that just requires us to prove that people are interested in our idea. AND OF COURSE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OUR IDEA. Our ideas are magic. Like unicorns. Magic, sparkly unicorns. With butterfly tramp stamps.)

Catherine, Tracey and I would be leading the discussion, but gobs of other MamaPop writers will be there and present and participating. GOBS! I guess maybe I should learn their names.

Meanwhile, furious behind-the-scenes discussion about our team uniform for the session will continue. Some of the options we're currently kicking around, after the jump:

Something like this:

Or this:


Or this:


Or maybe this:


(Silk-screened on a black velvet unitard, of course.)

Don't let us down, people. Get BlogHer to hand over a conference room and some microphones to us crazy kids and I promise we'll bring the funny and the thoughtful and of course, the unicorn jerky. (And FINE, maybe we'll even dial back on the inside jokes. A little. If we have to. You know, to make a fucking lick of sense and stuff.)


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Thank you for the Xanadu reference. Just thank you. I'm not going to BlogHer, but I'll do the clicky thing anyway, because I like you, and I do nice things for people I like.


Seriously, whai were you not invited to speak on this topic as special guests?


What about something ABBA-centric? I mean, you guys could rock some disco jumpsuits!


I have tried to click the "I would be interested in this awesome panel" tab but I don't see one. I have checked like 8 times. :) Help!


Oops. I see it now. I had to log in, just like you mentioned. Oops.

Amy H

What happened to the mamaPop Oscar post? I remember back in the day...(100 years ago) when we had MamaPop live blogs with Oscar ceremonies. 2009 didn't even have a post about it. sigh.

on another note...knowing that you guys are giving this talk makes me want to attend BlogHer. :-)

Snarky Amber


We (okay, well, *I*) didn't post about the Oscars this year because they were BOOOORING. Plus we all tweeted it like mad. Tweets are the new live blog! Twitter is the future!


Can we tone down the inside jokes for the mamapop writers who don't get it?

Can someone please explain the unicorn to me?

I guess I really need to register for BlogHer huh?

Could my comment have more questions?

cindy w

Sigh. Ok, knowing that some of my favorite bloggers are going to be there *really* makes me want to go. Have to see if I can scrounge up money for airfare & hotel...

Oh, and the link has been clicked. Of course. Because I absolutely 100% would attend that panel if I was there.


This year's Oscars were boring? WHAT?!? They were phenomenal! The best I can remember - ever! Hugh Jackman needs to sign a lifetime contract to do the Oscars as long as he is alive and breathing on this earth! And, of course, the posthumous win for Heath Ledger was touching.

Amy H

Snarky Amber--

thanks for clearing that up for me. I am not on the twitter train yet. I just starting blogging last year so I am a little slow. Maybe I should check it out.

On a different note, I enjoyed the Oscars this year. I really liked how past "best" winners talked about current nominees.

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