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I Can Has Doggies Plz?


I love dogs. I don't have a dog. What I have is two batshit crazy Siamese cats, who are dog-like in their neediness but otherwise totally not dogs. When my husband and I bought our first home, we were all, oooh, now we can has dogs! But then a baby came along, and then another, and then I became completely opposed to having, in this household, another living being that might be in any way inclined to paw me or otherwise attach itself to my person.

So, yeah, no dogs. But I do stalk them - my daughter learned at a very young age to love dog parks and, also, to keep her ice cream held close to her body - and fantasize about one day having one or two or seven of my own. Which is why the Westminster Dog Show is like crack to me.

Like, when Josh the Newfie won Best In Show in 2004? I cried. And then Googled Newfie breeders for hours, trying to figure out whether it was all reasonable to bring a Newfoundlander puppy into our downtown condo.


Josh. Be still my heart.

What? You missed that? BEHOLD:

Anyway. Tonight they pick Best In Show for 2009 and I'm going to be all over that. And I'm plugging for this guy to win:


That's Ty. He's a Bernese Mountain dog, which I think is a particularly awesome type of dog to be. Big ol' stink dogs are the very best kind.

Anyhoo. So that's what I'm doing tonight: sitting on the living room floor with my popcorn and making with my best impression of a Christopher Guest character and doing everything in my power to not order a Bernese Mountain dog online.

(Okay, dog experts: CHILL. I would not just order a dog online.)

(Not unless I was offered super speedy delivery and free Milkbones.)


(Sort of.)

Photo from Jezebel. (Check it out for more funneh doggeh pics)


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I've always been a fan of Welsh Corgis (the smallest of the Herding dogs), and am saddened to see that a cute Cardigan or Pembroke isn't in the running for Best in Show.

Also? Thought it was hilarious the bf preferred to watch the WKC with me last night instead of stupid wrestling on USA (which was cross-promoting the WKC and hilarious).


If you're looking, my brother and his wife have 2 newfies and will be having them bred sometime soon... (tempting, no?)

I love big dogs but wouldn't want to subject one to my apartment. So i live vicariously through the Boy and his black lab.


But of course you can get a dog online! At http://www.petfinder.com/! And they have dogs in Ontario listed!


My best friend has a Newfie Lab cross which is the sweetest and goofiest looking dog in the whole wide world.

My heart bleeds for herding dogs. Our Blue Heeler was handsdown the coolest dog ever. Now I dream about when I can have a Corgi or a Heeler of my own! I really have a soft spot for Corgis though, Dachshunds too (but some of them are sort of mean). Until then I have 2 unruly cats, one of whom is as needy as any dog I've ever met, he just doesn't need to do his business outside.

OoOoOo Puppehs!!! I hope best in show doesn't interfere with my Fringe viewing!!


It's always great to find out ine is not alone in one's obsession. I thought it was only my Lovey and I who watch the WKC like it was the Super Bowl. And we always cheer for our baby dog breeds: Bichons and Briards (who both placed this year!!)


My boyfriend came over and watched it with me-I offered the remote but he actually wanted to watch--he has 3 cats, I have 4 small dogs-this gave me hope.


Oh I love Newfounland dogs and Laboradors!
My husband the Newfoundlander refuses to have a Newfie dog in Ontario, too hot here he says, I refuse to move to Newfoundland, too cold there I say!

I have to admit you are stronger than I, I would have called my cousin a breeder and asked him to find me a few different breeds within minutes of watching. those puppies you posted are the cutest things ever!


Last night's winner, Stump, is in that clip!


So I actually have a Newf - she is exactly 3 months younger than my daughter because we some how thought maternity leave was a good time to get a dog. (If I could go back in time, I would slap myself.)

She is a LOVE, but...and it's a huge but...the maintenance is incredible. I vacuum at twice a week and sometimes twice a day in the spring and fall when she "blows her coat." My ceiling has drool stains on it and that shit gets HARD. You have to use a putty knife if you let it dry. And I can't actually groom her myself, so we lay out good money every 4 weeks so she doesn't matt or stink. I wouldn't want to turn anyone off a Newf, but you MUST be realistic. She is awesome - my kids love her, we love her - but she is a big drooly mess. Of course, I'm sure the same can be said of bassets.

Oh and for the person who lives in Ontario whose husband is concerned about the heat - we're in Boston. We get her shaved down to 2" at the beginning of the summer - any good groomer can do it - and then it grow back. Works like a charm.


I have a Boston Terrier,a Rat Terrier and one big ole Boxer,2 kids,1 hubby and 3 cats,I just bought a house and laid out a HUGE amount of money to have a 4000 foot fence put up in my backyard for the furbabies.I have huge vet bills,am the master of pooperscooping and cannot even think about life without my doggies.They are a huge pain but I luv them.

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