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Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell (Briefly) Reunite

Anyone who personally knows me knows that my wedding day was actually a rather bittersweet day for me for one very specific reason: it was the day "Veronica Mars" (my all-time favorite television show) was canceled after three much-too-short seasons. The Rob Thomas creation was snarky and original and it gave Kristen Bell (of recent "Heroes" fame) the launching pad to what hopes to be a very long, very fun career. Since "Veronica Mars" won't return to the small screen (*sigh*), we uber-fans will take all the bones television powers-that-be want to throw at us. One such recent bone is the news that Kristen Bell will be teaming up with Thomas again, albeit briefly.

Thomas is the creator of a new ensemble comedy titled "Party Down," which will premiere on the premium cable channel, Starz, on March 20. Bell will appear in the May 22 season finale of the show. In addition to Kristen Bell's appearance, plenty of the "Veronica Mars" cast have also been, well, cast in "Party Down." Enrico Colantoni (who played Keith Mars, Veronica's father), and, THANK GOD, Jason Dohring (Veronica's epic love interest, Logan) are part of the new show's regular cast.

"Party Down" also has some pretty big names guest starring during the first season, including Paul Rudd, who can literally do no wrong in my eyes.

There have been whispers about a Veronica Mars feature film hitting the big screens one of these days, but those rumors have never been confirmed, so for now, it's nice to have this mini-reunion to look forward to.

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Sniff. LOVED that show.


MISS that show.


Still mourning the loss of Veronica Mars - thanks for posting this news!


I never watched Veronica Mars. I know! I know! I missed out. Anyway - was much confused by the use of "Rob Thomas," in the title, as I kept thinking of the singer from Matchbox 20, and wondering when he ever hooked up with Kristen Bell - and where was his model wife? Anyway - thanks for the clarification. And, yes, I realize there was absolutely no reason for my comment. ;)


Logan, I'll follow you anywhere. Even to a show called "Party Down".

Suzy Q

OMG, I want her dress.


I really hate to burst your bubble but Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring are unfortunately not part of the regular cast, Enrico is guest starring in episode 1 and Jason is guest starring in episode 2 (along with Alona Tal).

There are some VM people in the regular cast though, Ryan Hansen and Ken Marino are both part of the main cast aswell as Adam Scott who played the teacher Mr Rooks in season 1.

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