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The Most Awesome Joaquin Phoenix Interview Ever

"Joaquin, I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight," quipped Dave Letterman after one of the most bizarre interviews I've ever seen - even for Joaquin Phoenix.

Phoenix, Rick Rubin, and Alan Moore (the latter authored "Watchmen and "V for Vendetta") should start a hairy man club. Phoenix sat in his contrasting suit and scruff and fielded the majority of Letterman's questions with monosyllabic responses; Letterman admonished him: "I'll just come to your house and sit and chew gum" (Phoenix stuck it under his desk), and asked the actor-turned-"rapper" about his relationship with Ted Kaczynski. I thought the interview was very cringe-worthy, but despite Phoenix's best efforts, now more than ever, I'm totally not buying the New Joaquin.

Is it just me or does it all seem contrived? I've seen Letterman lose his cool with less-cooperative hosts; the entire interview seems too carefully crafted to go a certain way and elicit a certain response.

Sources have alleged that it's a giant joke; while the peanut gallery laughs at Phoenix, he and brother-in-law Casey Affleck (who's filming all of this for a documentary) are laughing at the peanut gallery's obsession with celebrities.

Phoenix and Affleck have responded that it's not a joke, it's real, Phoenix really does enjoy his new, Appalachian-rapper life. (Which would be a fabulous album name: Appalachian Rapper Life. Southside of the mountain!)

I think Phoenix is one of the only actors capable of enduring the criticism from a prank like this. Despite his acting abilities, I don't believe him. He had me convinced that he was Johnny Cash. He enjoyed it too much; you could see it all over his face. There's no way that I believe he's not pulling an Andy Kaufman now.

(I so totally slapped "hip hop" as one of the categories on this.)

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Kim S.

I'm with you. This has fake written all over it. And also? Lame.


It's definitely a bit. Any Letterman and/or Phoenix fan can tell you that. A brilliant bit.


I follow Dr. Drew on twitter and this is what he says:"Make no mistake Joaquin Phoenix is not a hoax. This man is seriously ill and his life is in danger. Stand by for trouble."

He also comments: "I am keeping an open mind about the mockumentary. But he has several physcial signs that really can't be faked." as well as, "I fear an inside joke gone bad."

I could not agree more and I think Casey needs to be really careful right now.


Am i the only one who doesn't really care? I mean, outside of the whole, "Wow, he looks like hell... actually he looks a lot like my ex - WHAT WAS I THINKING?"

Either it's a joke or it's not. Even if it's not a joke, right now? I'm not all that worried about him, his friends and family can take care of him if it's for real.


I am not sure whats going on but damn,his overwhelming hotness has flown out the window


This has Andy Kaufman written all over it! I think the giveaway here is David Letterman - he is obviously enjoying himself too much as well.

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