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This is What Chris Brown Supposedly Did to Rihanna


The photo after the jump is what happens when your boyfriend is a pansy woman-beater. It is NOT kittens and sunshine, so be warned before you click.

Oops, alleged. I have to put there there because even though Chris Brown allegedly beat Rihanna black and blue and injured her to the point of physical disfigurement, we can't have him getting all butt hurt over being called anything but an alleged woman beater.


TMZ published this photo last night. A few have said that it's an invasion of privacy, how embarrassing, NO - as both a childhood victim of physical abuse and a witness of serious, hospital-requiring physical abuse, this needs to be shown.


Do you realize how many women deal with this daily but keep quiet?

Do you realize how many children witness the actions that lead to injuries like this?

Celebrity is a different beast then what it was 50 years ago. Fifty years ago stars were afforded the luxury of privacy because society was content with the work of actors and musicians. Society's needs have changed because marketing has dictated it so; people are more interested in the fairy tale of celebrity and how celebrities live than in the work that makes those once-ordinary people celebrities in the first place. Today's celebs know this; they work it; they know what streets to walk down in Los Angeles; they know which premieres/parties/et al. to attend. They use it to launch their careers, sustain their careers, keep them relevant when they don't have a new album or film to keep their names in the headlines.

Because of this, I say that when you become a celebrity you give up some of the luxury of privacy. These people are all well aware of the trade and they're none to happy to make it until something goes down which causes them to rethink their deal.

All of that considered, the young woman pictured above is a public figure. She has entertained us and banks on the expectation that girls and women around the world will look up to her as a role model or admire her just as an entertainer. Regardless, they will look up to her in some capacity. Because of that, because everyone knows what she went through, because we now have the issue of domestic abuse before us in the pop-culture sphere, I feel that there is a certain responsibility to speak out against it, for Rihanna to show her fans - so many young girls - what it is to be a woman abused and what it is to survive it and come back stronger.

So, if there were any questions, that is why I had no second thoughts about posting this photo.

In other news, Chris Brown is being investigated for attempted murder since, according the the police report, he threatened to kill Rihanna and strangled her until she passed out. The DA will wait for concrete evidence beyond he-said-she-said before pursuing such an explosive charge.

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I worry that because of things like this, other female celebrities who may be in abusive relationships will actually be less likely to go to the police. Rhianna wanted fame, and I do think it's expected that the paparazzi are going to be lurking everywhere. That being said, I don't think it is fair or right to expect her to become the poster girl for domestic abuse. If SHE wants to take on that role, I'll applaud her for it, but, for crying out loud, this just happened. I think she deserves some time to take it all in.

I don't really disagree with what you're saying, but I just think maybe it's too soon for her to take on this role.


And to add to that, I hope Chris Brown rots in hell for his ALLEGED actions.


I agree with Diane on both Chris Brown and Rihannas role here. Not only is this a hard thing for anyone but especially to be in a spotlike and plus today is her 21st birthday. I mean she's still SO YOUNG. I'm not saying that if she was older this would be easier to deal with but her youth certainly doesn't help. A lot of younger women as still forming their identities (something that is probably complicated by the fact that she has atleast two, public and private) which is why they are more likely to be with these assholes in the first place. It can be harder for them to stand firm in themselves and stand up to these men. Still the fact that she's young and famous is just all the more reason why it's important for her to speak out against this and work to prosecute Brown. But I agree Diane...give the girl some time.


spotlight...sheesh it's friday


Abusers are the scum of the Earth, though I side with the comments above, it's a bit soon to ask her to be something for us, for anyone. I hope she presses charges and I hope he rots of course, I just don't want to exploit the woman more than she has been already.


I didn't look at the photo. I enjoy reading celebrity gossip as much as the next person, but what if Rihanna does not WANT to be the spokesperson against domestic violence... It is her right as a person, public figure or not, to not want this photo distributed for the world to see.

Yes, I want to hear inspiring stories of women who overcome difficulties... but I don't expect a person who is still dealing with the aftermath to feel okay about her battered face being blasted all over the internet.

Give her time to decide to move past this.
Give her time to overcome so she does have a story to tell - if she wants to.
Give her the respect not to post this photo.


Haven't been paying much attention to the news this week, 'til last night (sick kid). As of last Friday, I know there were investigations into whether this was the first "alleged" incident. She's shown up with scratches and bruises before - and even did one awards show wearing a glittered eyepatch. The reports also were that she didn't want to file a report - that her mother insisted. So very sad.

I truly hope that she speaks out. Yes, it's still very early. When some time and healing has happened, I think she could be a source of strength and inspiration for so many. It sucks that she's been put in this position, but I hope that she will use this position to empower herself and others.


I really don't when is the right time...but I do hope she decides to speak out about her abuse. It's a shame this still continues.

I also hate that it is sometimes stereotyped as only happening to "stupid women". That's what made me so scared to admit what happened to me...I was supposed to be smarter than that, I was supposed to be stronger than that, and look what I let him do to me. It took quite some time for me to come to grips with how the emoitional abuse played into it all and kept me as a victim. I think even more troubling for also was that fact that it wasn't an every day occurence....it happened maybe once every 6 months....so it makes you question "is he really that bad abuser you hear about because it doesn't happen all the time" and the false sense of security you get from believing the lies that it won't happen again.

I think a smart, talented women standing up for herself is just what we need.

(Sorry for the ramblings...but it's obviously a close to home topic).

P.S. I hope he rots in hell with as well


I understand and do agree with what you all are saying.

The part where I diverge from that though is the personal knowledge that ***holes like Brown are so often given a reprieve of sorts because some women are so reluctant to take a stand against their abuser. Because of this, they are able to abuse again and again and victimize others. That's the point where I'm coming from; and from the comments I know you all see that. ;) But yes, she needs time. And then I hope she decimates him.


Veronica - Ditto that.


This happens too much to women who are "so young". It happened in the public, and that is a shame- but now that it is out there I guess I feel like maybe other young women will be able to relate to her and come forward.


Even though I don't think this photo should have been released due to her right to privacy, I hope it at least convinces some Hollywood celebs that the abuse was real and was terrible. The last few days I've been seeing reports of celebs being asked to comment on the incident and most have remained neutral, came ou in support of both, commented on how young they both are, and some have supported Chris Brown and accused Rhianna of provoking him and being known for her diva behavior (Christian Siriano). It has been unbelievable that very few celebs have condemned the behavior. Even the guy who runs TMZ what shocked that very few celebrities condemned the behavior of Chris Brown. If TMZ has to be the moral authority for Hollywood, something is WRONG!


Bless her heart - I am hoping that this puts a serious spotlight on domestic violence. I don't have a problem with you posting the photo because it's already out. Once it's out - it's out; it's for the public to devour, for better or worse. It’s unavoidable, whether you personally post it or not.

That said, it sickens me that it is out in the first place. It's a huge violation of her privacy and a victim, ANY victim, should feel safe that their private records/evidence is safe in police hands and not sold to the highest bidder. It really breaks trust in the system. What about future victims? Future celebrity victims? They may not come forward because of the good chance that their privacy will not be respected as well; and that's just sad. I hope LAPD finds the person who released this and that they lose their job. Police should be for protecting people, not exploiting.

Black Hockey Jesus

That dude is 19. And yeah he's an idiot and yeah he needs to be punished but there's a nice run of commenters hoping he rots in hell?!?

Like, burns in hell for eternity? Really? There's no hope for this guy? Can't teach a 19-year-old new tricks?

Maybe we should just beat him up. Oh wait.


BHJ - sorry, but something like isn't just "an accident"...you have to be a pretty cruel mother fucker to beat the shit out of someone like that. At 19 you damn well should know that beating the shit out of your girlfriend is wrong on so many levels (unless oh, she went all Fatal Attraction on your ass and it was a move of self defense). And in my experience - you can't change them. Silly me found out after I had been with my ex for some time and after he hit me that SURPRISE he had hit his ex-wife - he was around 20 when that happened - so my experience tells me "ding ding ding" NO! So yup, I'm standing by my rot in hell comment.


Happy Birthday 21st, RiRi. Here's your big, shiny present: complete and utter violation of your confidentiality.



I feel for Rhianna. She does deserve some privacy right now so she can gather her thoughts and heal.

Then I hope she does speak out, but first lets let the girl get it together,


My kids absolutely LOVE Chris Brown, so this is difficult for me. I've talked to my kids about abuse and how violence is never justified. I think they get it, but...it disturbs me that they still say, "but Mom, he's cute!" God forbid that she takes him back. How the hell will I explain that?


The only good thing that could possibly come from all of this is that people start taking domestic violence seriously. B/c I work family violence and the comments I get about dom. violence not being serious and some women deserving to be hit are numerous and NOT FUNNY.

She deserves her privacy.


Maria, yeah, it's way more effed up than a man getting a total pass in society for beating on a woman.


To add: not to say that she doesn't deserve some privacy but it blows my mind that I've seen more outrage over the photo being released than the fact that he actually, oops, ALLEGEDLY (heh) beat her.

ms martyr

Below is a Feb. 19 entry on The Superficial via Star. (Star = totally reliable reporting, yeah right) BUT this does sound exactly like battered woman syndrome. I hope its not true.

Rihanna is supposedly looking to patch things up with Chris Brown and hopes the Feb. 8 attack that landed her in the hospital will "blow over" so they can move on, according to Star:

We report that, to the shock of many, the singer has stayed in touch with her battering beau — and her unhealthy devotion to him is making those close to the abused singer worried sick.
"She keeps saying she wants to make sure that he's okay," a friend tells Star. "She thinks this will all just blow over and they can go back to how they were."

Karina in T.O

Rihanna's privacy aside, because clearly this photo being made public was not her choice....

This photo NEEDED to come out! You know why? Because every cut, bruise and contusion on her face is a testament to the shameful act that CB perpetrated on her. Let the ABUSERS BE SHAMED!!! Maybe if we saw Nicole Brown Simpsons' bloodied face earlier, OJ wouldn't have beaten her ass for years in relative privacy! Kudos for Axl Rose who allegedly used wives/girlfriends faces as punching bags.

PUT A LIGHT ON THE ABUSERS AND SHAME THEM FOR WHAT THEY'VE DONE! Chris Brown has shown he's nothing more than a punk ass. And he will now be viewed by many as such.


Well, Dana, I'll see your survivor of childhood abuse and raise you having worked as an educator against violence against women and say that it was a revictimization for TMZ to post that photo and it's a revictimization to repost it here.

There is no right or wrong way to be a survivor of domestic violence, or rape, or sexual harassment. I may believe that every person who is abused should file charges against the abuser, but that does not give me the right to force them into a place that they aren't ready to go. Yes, this could teach people something, but do you really believe that being a celebrity means that a woman doesn't get to recover from a(n alleged) violent attack by someone she was intimately involved with? The best thing you can say to someone who's experiencing violence within a relationship is, "I'm worried about your safety", not, "OMG, LOOK AT YOUR FACE! HE'S BAD!". Support, not shame.

You can't make people empower themselves, and this isn't a way to help Rhianna empower herself, no matter what noble motives you attribute to it.


What makes this story even sicker is comments left on blog posts about this story that say things like "she deserved it she cheated on him with (some rapper I've never heard of) she deserved to get her ass beat" AND "I think she beat herself to ruin Chris' career she's a bitch" AND "she slapped him first what did she expect he was defending himself". And these comments are posted by both guys AND girls.

THE HELL? Seriously, the fucking HELL? No one "deserves" to get hit by anyone, EVER. It scares me that there is a generation of young people who think anyone "deserves" to get beaten.


I don't think it's a contest of what is more effed up. When a women goes into the police when she is raped or abused, they give her confidentiality so she feels protected so she can report it. This is what enables women to report domestic abuse.

If this were not available, my mother would have never reported my biological father. Other women I know would not have reported their rapes. That is why confidentiality helps the domestic abuse cause. Sigh.

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