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Arbitration Hearing Set for Jeremy Piven's Broadway Exit

Jeremy_piven I don't watch Entourage, but I know that other MamaPopers (did I just make that up?) are fans.  And I've heard nothing but great things about the show.  And Jeremy Piven's character is a total ass.

And it may not be typecasting.

Over the summer Jeremy was headlining a Broadway revival of David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow.  He pulled out ten weeks early, which left the show with no big name star, due to "high levels of mercury in his blood."  At the time Jeremy claimed his doctor said he had mercury levels that were six times higher than an allowable level and he could suffer severe medical problems, including a heart attack, if he did not rest.

There was some speculation that his abrupt departure had more to do with some not so favorable reviews.  Jeremy basically shrugged his shoulders and said hey, I eat a lot of fish.      

The producers filed a grievance against Jeremy with Actors' Equity, which was heard in February. Jeremy avoided any union penalties and the producers of the show decided to take their case to arbitration.  The arbitration will be heard in New York on June 8-9.  

To prepare for the arbitration, the producers have requested that Jeremy turn over a wide range of information, including his medical records and "documentation of Mr. Piven's activities both during and after the run of the show," according a statement released Wednesday by the producers.

In a statement released Wednesday, a rep for Jeremy responded to the continued arbitration by saying that Jeremy had "repeatedly offered to turn over his medical records to the Producers subject to an appropriate confidentiality agreement … Mr. Piven had also repeatedly offered to be examined by a doctor designated by the Producers both before, during and after his hospitalization for toxic Mercury levels. The Producers never took him up on that offer."

As for the planned arbitration, the statement says, "Mr. Piven is looking forward to testifying ... along with his doctors so that the truth comes out about the very health serious risks caused by Mercury exposure, which the Obama administration has recently described as the world’s gravest chemical problem."  The producers have pledged that they are not asking for the information just to turn around and leak it to the press. 

I love when people throw the President's name around.  Like somehow that means something.

"The producers recognize that most of this information is of a highly sensitive nature," the statement said. "Therefore, they have proposed to the Union that all of the information that is turned over be subject to a strict confidentiality agreement."

Tickets to a Broadway show are really, really expensive.  One ticket alone can be over a hundred dollars.  Producers bank on big names to bring in the audience.  When the big names bail, it can cost the show money in ticket sales and refunds, not to mention finding a replacement and re-running rehearsals.  I'm not surprised the producers are pissed.  Especially since Jeremy's excuse is well, "fishy."

Jeremy has found himself the butt of a lot of jokes.  The playwright himself said Jeremy was leaving show business to "pursue a career as a thermometer."

source, source

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I wonder if TMZ will be asked to turn over all the video they shot of him out partying during the exact time he was in such dire need of "rest."


Did anybody ever see Jeremy Piven in "Trips of a Lifetime" or something on the Discover Channel? Where he goes to India? Man, I just got the feeling he was the most insincere f**k on that documentary...I never really had an opinion of him before that, but I still can't shake it.


I'm not going to come out and defend Jeremy Piven, as he's a well-known jackass, but my dad had a run-in with severely elevated iron levels in his blood, which can have the same fatal "side-effects" as elevated mercury: heart attack, cirrhosis of the liver, liver and pancreatic cancer... so if his doctors were that concerned, then maybe he's not completely full of sh!+.

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