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Big Love Recap

Big_love_episode_33Ohhhh, kids. We're nearing the end of this season. On the one hand, I'm very bummed because Big Love is the one bright spot of Sunday nights. Like the patron saint of angsty girls, Angela Chase, once said, "There's something about Sunday night that makes you want to kill yourself." But on the other hand, plotlines are rushing at a breakneck speed and this show is just ridiculously exciting.

At Nicki's house, the kids are sleeping in her bed and Bill is nearby, not sleeping whatsoever, but intensely fretting. In the morning, Margene comes over and informs Bill and Barb that Nicki is staying at the big house with Alby and appeals to them to let her come home, because Alby has a tendency to be at the center of shitstorms. But Bill says he's not going to contact her until he's ready.

However, Alby is being disturbingly normal and brotherly. He brings some clothes to Nicki and encourages her to get out of bed and come downstairs. He tells her that the current mess that they're in isn't really their fault because they were born of parents who had murder in their hearts. This reminds Nicki that she tried to kill Roman and confesses to Alby that she pushed him down the stairs at the courthouse. Alby is all giddy and proud of Nicki for also being a psychopath because now they can hatch evil plots together in their evil plot treehouse (no monogamists allowed!) and braid each other's hair. Alby offers Nicki the use of their mom's Hummer; he's taken all of Roman and Adaleen's stuff and is squeezing them dry. Nicki is shaken by an explosion in the near distance but Alby is unfazed, explaining that it's just one of Roman's pathetic attempts to drive him off.

Bill is talking to Don about his marriage troubles and Don's like, "Yeah, been there. You failed them. You suck. They'll leave you." But it turns out that this is an imaginary conversation in Bill's head because Don actually shows up and says that Ted is backing down and things are looking up for the casino. Bill's pleased but his thoughts are elsewhere. He asks Don if he has a 2-bedroom apartment available in any of his properties. Don says that he has one opening up soon and informs Bill that he looks awful.

The bishop that Cindy was talking to last week and some other official looking guy show up at Barb's house and want to talk to her. "Is this a bad time?" they ask Barb, who is clad only in her bathrobe. She invites them in and they start grilling her about her church activity and why she and Bill haven't been tithing. Barb explains that she went through a difficult time with the cancer, etc. Then the guys get down to brass tacks and ask Barb if she's living in polygamy. Barb pauses for a minute but finally says that she is. They ask how it came to be and some other details. Barb explains that Bill had a testimony but she didn't, at least not at first, but she gets flustered and says that she just doesn't know. They explain that they're going to subject Barb to a stake disciplinary council, which sounds pretty serious.

Ted is taking his daughter, Kim Lee, to school when Very Truly Yours Hollis Green approaches them. Ted's cordial to him at first (he obviously does not know who VTYHG is), but gets spooked when Very Truly Yours starts bellowing about the letter, that it's rightfully his because he's the direct descendent of one of the four apostles. Ted rushes Kim Lee back in the house, all, "Yeah, I think I left the iron on. And the oven. And I set the bed on fire but I meant to put that out before I left."

Barb and Margene are driving along and Margene is babbling along about her jewelry line and women's perceptions of their wrist size. Barb points out that they missed the exit for Costco but surprise! Margene is taking them to the compound to get Nicki. Barb is pissed but Margene thinks they're all overreacting and that Nicki just had a 7-year-itch.

Bill is on the phone with Joey who is still furious with Nicki and won't budge on letting her stay with them. Wanda and Jodean are in the background making preserves and Wanda starts making suggestions for Jodean's hair, specifically ways in which she can style it the exact same way that Kathy did. Wanda shows Joey the results and he looks spooked. Now, last week at the funeral when Wanda was eyeing Jodean and the picture of Kathy, I thought maybe she was just worried about Jodean taking Kathy's place in their marriage. But now I think Wanda is on to something, namely that Kathy and Jodean had switched places at some point and that Jodean is the one who actually got killed. What do you think?

At the big house, Lura serves some refreshments and asks Margene if she ran over any ducks on the way. The hell? Alby thinks that Nicki belongs with them, saying that he draws strength from her. Barb addresses Nicki and calmly states, "Clinically speaking, I think you might be a sociopath." Hahaha! But in all seriousness, Barb's probably on to something with that armchair diagnosis. She points out that Nicki is never remorseful, which is very true. Nicki accuses Barb of thinking of her as compound trash and tells Margene that Barb treats her the same way. Barb says that she's done and that, "I'm detaching. This is me, detaching." Margene runs after her and Lura yells, "You have to take her!" Heh.

Back at the Henrickson's, Bill is upset to hear about their trip, but Barb says that she though they were going to Costco to get ketchup. (They were going all the way to Costco to get ketchup? I mean, I know they have a big family and probably go through a ton of the stuff, but a whole trip for just one thing?) Anyway, Margene accuses Barb of being mean, but Barb freaks out because, as she explains, she's being brought up in front of the church disciplinary council and might be excommunicated. Bill and Margene are like, "Wait. What?" Barb tells them about the bishop's visit and nonchalantly explains that she outed them and now she's probably going to get excommunicated because of it. "It's just the cost of being in this marriage I guess," she snots. God, Barb is irritating me with this whole thing. She loves and defends her family against her judgmental church but is all upset when they carry out their sentence. Eff them, I say.

Bill calls Nicki and tells her that he wants her to come home tomorrow, which makes Nicki very happy.

Barb is meeting with her mom and Cindy and tells them that she wants to go to the temple to take her endowments. Mom explains that Barb's not worthy but Barb says that they could just lend her their temple recommends (please correct me if I'm transcribing this all wrong, these are terms I'm not familiar with). Mom is horrified at the suggestion and looks to Cindy for back up. "Why are you being so quiet of all people?" she asks her, indicating that she has also noticed Cindy's tendency to TALK ALL THE TIME AND SAY REALLY ANNOYING THINGS. Barb starts panicking and says that her life is in crisis and she needs to go, even getting down on her knees to beg.

Bill is showing Sarah how to change the oil in her car. Sarah is telling Bill that she thinks he should forgive Nicki, when all of a sudden Scott shows up. Ben screams at him to get out of there and punches him square in the nose (I love Ben). Sarah cries and runs up to Scott and embraces him, he babbles that he didn't know about the pregnancy and blah blah blah. Bill asks if Scott's nose is broken. It isn't, but for a second I think that Bill is going to finish the job. Instead he tells him to stay away from Sarah. Booo! More fistfighting!

Later, Bill is looking at a family picture of him and Nicki and the kids. He crumples it up and throws it away. Yikes.

At the big house, Alby tells Nicki that he doesn't want her to leave but Nicki says that she doesn't belong there. He asks if she's mad that he sold that letter, but Nicki shrugs and says that she has bigger fish to fry. And besides if someone needs a letter to validate their faith, what does that say about their faith? Good points: Nicki makes them. Alby reveals that he's sold other such documents and LDS had him to their church world headquarters where he got the Big Pimpin' treatment with a special elevator and everything. He rakes in 50-70,000 bucks for each letter and LDS takes his phone calls 24/7. Lura is eavesdropping from the doorway but pops in to announce a visitor (she's pregnant too, by the way, and I was up half the night imaginging their creepy spawn). Alby sends Nicki off telling her that this is just the beginning of what they can do together. Alby's visitor is the old guy from the farm where Kathy (or "Kathy" as the case may be) and Very Truly Yours Hollis Green's botched wedding went down. He tells Alby that the Greens were there and they trashed one of his trucks.

Bill shows up at Ted's office and suprise! Jerry is there and Ted has already briefed him on the points they discussed regarding Ted's partnership in the casino. Ted is such a snake. I hate him. After Jerry has left, Bill blows up at Ted but Ted thinks this will get them both off the ledge. Plus, if Bill doesn't agree to this deal, Ted will tell Jerry about all of Bill's messy situations. "You're a prick," Bill says. Amen!

Nicki walks out of the house and smack into JJ, Wanda's creepy brother who showed up last week. "No 'hello, great to see ya?'" he asks. JJ says that he and his family are back for good if he has his way and that he paid too big of a price for being unsealed from the prophet's daughter, which clears up who he is/was to Nicki. She says that she paid a big price too and JJ asks if Nicki's going to ask about "her." Apparently, Nicki had a daughter with JJ that she left behind. Ugh. Gutted! JJ says that she's here and would Nicki like to see her. Nicki doesn't think that would be a good idea but JJ says there's nothing to worry about because her daughter won't recognize her. Ugh, that may be true JJ, but must you be such a douche? Nicki walks away and gets in Adaleen's Hummer. She starts to drive but does not, despite my urging, run over JJ. Instead she gets on the main road and, presumably, starts for home.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Scott are doing the dirty-dirty in Nicki's bed and Nicki, of course, walks in on them and screams. "This isn't what you think!" Sarah insists. "I'm totally not having illicit sex with my ex-boyfriend. We're...studying. Yeah, that's it, studying! Even though neither of us is in school." Nicki demands that they get downstairs and bring the sheets, instructing Sarah to put them in the washer with hot water. Hehe. Scott explains that he's so embarrassed but Nicki tells him to please not talk to her like he's an adult, especially after he impregnated her daughter and abandoned her. They hear Barb's voice outside and Sarah panics, but Nicki tells them to hide. Barb is surprised to see Nicki. She explains that Bill asked her to come home and Barb sarcastically says that it's all blown over. "You're never going to be held accountable for anything!" Nicki rolls her eyes and says that this degree of resentment is not attractive on Barb. Barb storms out saying that she has a lot to do before she's excommunicated.

Kim Lee is playing soccer on the front lawn when she sees Selma sitting in a van. Selma smiles and says hello. Uh oh.

Barb is at the temple in the endowment ceremony. It's worth noting that this scene was the subject of much controversy. The actual Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was very upset that the show was depicting sacred ceremonies in a misrepresented manner. I can't tell anyone how or when they can be offended but after watching the scene, I'm not sure that I understand what the fuss is about. It's certainly different than any religious ceremony that I've participated in but it didn't strike me as outrageously bizarre. Perhaps the beef was with Barb being able to just walk in and have the ceremony and this particular ceremony is very private? I don't know. I'm not the best person to try and understand how religious people feel so I'm just going to shut up on the matter.

Anyway, after the ceremony, Barb goes to this other area where her mom and Cindy are waiting to greet her. "This is just a little foretaste of what eternity will look like," says Mom. "Let's just sit and soak up this delicious feeling." Barb tries to soak, but instead breaks down into tears. She explains that the stake president has called her to face a disciplinary hearing and that she's so ashamed. Mom is devastated, since she thought Barb was fixing to leave Bill. But she can't bear the thought of losing Barb. Cindy urges Barb to leave Bill since this is her chance to get away. She tells Barb not to pursue the letter and that she didn't mean for it to come to this. Interesting...

Bill and Nicki are out to lunch. He tells her that he loves her more than she'll ever know. Oh, but this is actually another one of those conversations that exists entirely in Bill's head. (Dear Big Love writers: I hate this device, please stop using it.) Instead, Bill tells Nicki that he needs to end their marriage because Nicki will only sow unrest and unhappiness. Damn, Bill, why don't you tell her how you really feel? He tells her that he got her an apartment in one of Don's buildings and that she'll be moving out this weekend. Nicki is, of course, shocked and wants to know what Barb and Margene think of this decision. Weeellll, Bill hasn't really told them yet.

Barb's is busy packing all of Cindy's things up. She babbles that Cindy set this all in motion and that she went to the temple because she misses the ritual and structure of the church. But because of their marriage she won't be able to be in the only church she's ever known and she's not so sure she wants to be married to Nicki anymore. Cindy calls to tell Barb about Kim Lee. At Ted and Cindy's house, they explain that the Greens are holding Kim Lee in exchange for the letter, which the church won't release. Bill says that he'll do whatever he can to get Kim Lee back. Cindy thanks Barb for being there and explains that she didn't think Barb cared about the church anymore.

At his hotel, Roman is watching Wheel of Fortune while Bill talks to him about getting the Greens to accept the letter's certificate of authenticity. Roman agrees if Bill promises to get his probation lifted. "More fun than a barrel of monkeys! Moron!" Roman yells, and it takes me a second to realize that he's yelling at the contestants on TV.

Bill and Roman go to Ray's office. The plan is for Roman to lead them to the Greens' in exchange for being able to go back to the compound. Ray agrees but lets Bill know that they're investigating him and Nicki for obstruction of justice.

Bill tells Nicki about Roman making a deal with Ray and Nicki's all, "Oh, right, well...shucks." Bill plants on one her and they have hot hate sex and you just KNOW Nicki is pregnant now. Bill mopes out by the pool. Barb comes out and tells him that she dreamed that she was cast out into outer darkness and she knew that Bill couldn't find her. "You're a righteous woman," he tells her and says that he understands what she's feeling. Barb explains that he doesn't because her family's been in the church for six generations. Bill's not trying to hear it and says that the church is as corrupt as Roman.

Joey is watching Jodean through a window when Lois shows up and says, "If you're doing what I think you're doing...It's bad news what you're up to. It's unnatural and ghoulish." Lois is always so vague! I never know what she's thinking. Alby shows up and tells Joey that the Greens are back and staying at a farm that had a truck that was totaled in an accident. "I thought you might like to know this," he says. Joey and Jodean go to the farm to check things out. Jodean apologizes for her Kathy-throwback hairdo. Joey says it's fine but that they don't want to encourage Wanda to do things like that. Joey says that he can feel Kathy here and Jodean says that it used to be that if Kathy got a toothache she got one too. Joey plants one on Jodean who freaks out and runs, climbing into another pick up truck. A kid on the farm gets spooked by this familiar scene and shouts, "The dead girl's in the truck again!"

Bill goes to Nicki and tells her that Roman has agreed to unseal them. Nicki panics and yells for Barb and Margene. Margene wails that she doesn't want to lose Nicki for all time and eternity, but Bill says that there's something in her that's deeply broken and he doesn't know how to fix it.

Barb goes to her hearing with Margene and their purses are removed from the room to ensure that they're not recording anything. The bishop and the stake president guy ask if she's had time to pray and reflect and if she's upholding temple covenants. Barb says that she is but that her interpretation might conflict with theirs. They move on, asking if she's wearing her garments and she smirks and asks if they're asking her what kind of underwear she has on. They ask if she'll repent because polygamy is a misguided abomination. Barb says that she's being punished for the letter and the president says that some things are true, but not (or something). Barb realizes that that was why they didn't want any recordings since they basically just admitted that the letter exists and invalidates one of their biggest positions. Barb will not repent because she believes the church and its leaders are in grave error and she can't forsake her family. The bishop and the president excommunicate her right there and then. Barb looks gutted. Nicki is waiting outside for them, but Barb walks right past her. Ouch.

Bill goes to the barn looking for Joey, who's hanging out in the hay loft looking a mite crazy. Bill tells him about the deal with Roman and the DA. Joey is furious that Bill would have anything to do with the man that murdered Kathy and storms off, saying that they're not brothers anymore. Bill sits by himself but suddenly falls through a trap door, landing hard on the floor. He stares up at the stars, and for a second I think he's dying, which really pisses me off because if he starts doing shit from the beyond, I would have to stop watching this show. But he's in the previews for next week, so cool.


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Yay – recap day!!

Okay, Kathy and Jodean switched!? Whaa?? That never occurred to me. I think Wanda is sad that Joey is sad and is thinking she can provided Kathy part II with Jodean. I really think Kathy is dead. But I make a habit of being wrong. It’s kind of my thing.

Lura asking if Margene ran over a duck. Ummm. When my kids fart we always asked them if they stepped on a duck. Yes, I know it’s weird. But maybe Margene trailed one in *if you know what I mean* and Lura was just asking the obvious. Hmm..could be wrong again, says I.

Scott and Sara. Nicki’s bed. Gross.

Alby and Nicki – strangely sweet scenes between the two of them this week. I would kind of like to see them use their powers of evil to make seriously craptastic evil duo.

Barb’s big temple scene. We need a Mormon to explain this to us.

Ending scene with Bill. Maybe he was having a ‘revelation’ and HE is going to proclaim himself as the prophet. I could totally see it happening.

They have a lot to wrap up next week – and I am kind of hoping for nice sweet scenarios. I want my Hendrickson family back together again for the LONNNNG HBO hiatus!


Great recap, loved the ep.

The uproar from the Mormon community was not that the endowments scene was inaccurately portrayed, but that it was portrayed at all. Ritual is sacred in the LDS church, to the point that unless you have a recommend, you can't go to a temple at all. This is why non-Mormon's can't go to weddings held inside temples. You could go to "church" without being an LDS member, but not "temple", which is why Barb's mom kept urging her to go to church instead of temple. Barb shouldn't have really been there. Apparently, the writers took great pains to ensure the ceremony was accurately portrayed, and I thought it was tasteful and well-done, but I'm not a Mormom. However, in the age of the internet, anyone can find out sacred rituals and what they entail, so to me, the LDS complaint doesn't hold water.


>>Cindy urges Barb to leave Bill since this is her chance to get away. She tells Barb not to pursue the letter and that she didn't mean for it to come to this. Interesting...

well, interesting because Cindy gave herself away with that, and at that moment Barb (and their mother) realize that the excommunication is Cindy's doing. but hey, secret handshake!!

>>Joey is watching Jodean through a window when Lois shows up and says, "If you're doing what I think you're doing...It's bad news what you're up to. It's unnatural and ghoulish." Lois is always so vague! I never know what she's thinking.

i'm pretty sure she's saying "if you try to replace your dead wife with her twin sister, you're fucked!"

interesting about Wanda being on to some sort of switcheroo with the twins. hadn't thought of that.

at the end, i think Bill is pretty plainly having a vision, or testimony or whatever.

and according to IMDB there are three episodes left, not one.


I am Mormon and I know about a million people who are real mad about the temple scene. It doesn't bother me, like KBO said you can find all of that on the internet. But some Mormons feel like certain parts of the temple ceremony are too sacred to be handled by those who wouldn't treat it with the proper amount of respect or understanding. Plus I have heard several people basically just say, "it doesn't matter why we say it's sacred, the point is it's sacred to us, so it's disrespectful to violate our wishes" kind of thing. PLUS I have also heard the theory that Big Love producers are just trying to jab at Mormons because of the prop. 8 controversy and had no reason to show the temple ceremony except to gall members of the church.

Like I said, I don't see the big deal *shrug*. I should also clarify that many Mormons aren't upset about it. Just the vocal majority. :)

I don't watch the show (because I don't have HBO)but the only mistake I noticed in your recap was that it would have been a "Stake" president and "stake disciplinary council" not StaTe. Also, not a problem with your recap, but the show... there's no way Barb would have been able to get into the temple with a borrowed recommend.


IMDB has that wrong -- next week is DEFINITELY the season finale.

Hopefully that No. 1 Ladies Detective show will be good? I read the first book and thought it was...okay...but I need SOMETHING to hold me over until True Blood comes back and Big Love better GET BACK IN PRODUCTION STAT.


Just a few comments.

Yes, JJ is Nicki's ex-hubby (remember during the court case confrontation by the pool when Wanda's all "But it happened to you too Nicki. You used to say you couldn't stand JJ." But they had a kid, and clearly part of the condition was JJ got to keep it. Crazy. This I think will be something Bill will find out in the NEXT season, Nicki will be reunited with her long-lost, and Bill will finally get to "fix" her so she's not so spiteful and acting out all the time. HA. Well we know Nicki will always do whatever the hell she wants to, which I think is why she protects Sarah, since she's the same. And I also agree, that I think Nicki will get knocked up from her hate sex with Bill.

I don't think Kathy switched with her twin at any point, but since Jodean is married to Frank (and seriously, who could love him) she probably understands what Kathy liked in Joey in the first place. I see an affair with them next season (with crazy loveable Wanda happy to cover up for them since she finally figured out how to love Kathy and wants her back now).

Bill will need to talk Alby into letting Roman back on the ranch, but once Alby tells Bill about what he found out about the Greens being on the Ranch, Bill will fill Alby in about farmer's son yelling about the dead girl driving the truck. They'll work it out with Ray, to pick Roman up again and arrest him for Kathy's Murder (with the Greens) AFTER the Green's release Ted and Cindy's son, and Alby and Bill will finally bury the hatchet...kinda.

I also think like someone else said, Bill lying on the ground, staring at the stars, he will think he's had a revelation, or testament, or whatever. Since supposedly he was the descendent of the original prophet before Roman's family took over. I can see him becoming all Zen, and thinking he can start his own church or something off compound (cause I really don't see him wanting to go back).


Not sure about that #1 Ladies Show, Amalah....I give it an 'meh'. Prejudging! Woot!

Anyhoodle - you guys do recaps of True Blood, right? OMG...RIGHT?!?!? I can't WAIT for that to come back out. Sigh. Dreamy viking vampires and hate sex, oh my.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

I have a love/hate relationship with Nicki. I'm sort of glad she's getting what has been coming to her for so long. I really like what they've done with Margene's character this season. She is one of my favorites, and the fact that she seems to be taken more seriously is nice.

I'm with everyone about the #1 Lady Detective shows. However, I can barely handle waiting for more True Blood.


I'm with Rhonda- loved the scenes with Nicki and Alby- and I usually hate Alby. I used to hate Nicki too, but can't seem to stop rooting for her this season.

I've had a lot going on so I'm feeling pretty thick, but I can't believe that it didn't occur to me that Nicki would be pregnant after the hate sex AND that Bill was having a testament. yeesh. So glad I read these awesome recaps and the comments.

Also, I actually found the temple scene very relevant. I realize it offended a lot of people, but I felt it really brought home exactly why Barb was upset about being excommunicated. 'The little taste of the afterlife'. Sure, she misses the church and the ritual, but mostly, it pains her to think that she won't be in the afterlife with her entire family. Which, from what I understand is what Mormons believe and it's a big deal to be cut off from that for eternity. Of course, I am not Mormon, so if I have that wrong, please feel free to correct me.


The show was alright. Last week was much better. The sex with Bill and Nicki was just gross. You could tell Bill was only doing it because Nicki had this expression when he mentioned Ray. Even after they had sex they were far apart and you could tell they wanted to be any place but with each other.

I pray they are unsealed next week. Please I beg no pregnancy for Nicki if that happens I will stop watching.


This show is just a clusterfuck of awesome.

But I don't share the Ben love--I think he's a total hypocrite. And what happened to last season's big issue with his interest in polygamy and those creepy twins? And how Sarah was so upset that the two were being torn apart by his choosing that path and her choosing the Get the Hell Out one?


Since the topic of the next HBO shows has come up, does anyone know what's going on with "Tell Me You Love Me?" It was so wacky that I sort of loved it and thought it was coming back in February as well... Just curious!


Emily - last I read, "Tell Me You Love Me" was cancelled. I liked it, too. They'd planned on bringing it back, but it just kept getting postponed to the point that the creators and everyone else lost interest.


i am seriously wondering about the duck comment because she asked margene is she ran over any ducks, and was suprised when she didnt. but she announced that the farmer had duck on his shoes when she announced his presence to Alby...Alby then had a look of comprehension...so i am wondering what that means

Suzy Q

The Afterlife is like...a parlor?

Are there any Mormons around who could explain these terms:

recommends (and how one borrows them)

I am seriously confused about the religious aspects of this episode. I know a couple of Mormons, but not well, and I wouldn't feel comfortable asking them.

On to the fun: Great recap, kdiddy! I had totally not thought of the Bill/Nicki hate sex creating a baby. But, how can it not, at this point?

I, too, shuddered when I saw Selma in that van talking to the kid. Cindy and Ted (especially after the run-in with VTYHG) never told their kid to run away from freaks?


Ok - I can answer the questions that Suzy Q posed since I grew up Mormon (LDS) and spent most of my life in the religion.

I haven't watched the Big Love episode yet so I cannot comment to what specifically happened - but here is some general info:

Endowments: a set or series of commitments that one makes with God in the Temple. In Mormonism there are important rites of passage - baptism being the first one and one that many people of other faiths are familiar with. Inside the temple other commitments are made with God and they are considered part of the endowment process. You only do endowments once, for yourself, but many Mormon church members return to the temple to perform the ordinances on behalf of someone else (who is dead).

Recommends: the Temple is considered the most sacred place. In order to go to the temple you must be a worthy church member who receives a recommend from the bishop (the priest, so to speak). Once a year, or sometimes every two years, you meet with your Bishop to discuss your faith. He asks a series of questions, called an interview, and together you determine if you are worthy of holding a recommend. The actual recommend itself is like a pass to a museum. It is a little card with your name and church information. Technically you cannot borrow one. Each person going to the temple must have their own and must be worthy...by borrowing one you are basically stealing the right to go to the temple.

Stake: the LDS church is usually structured as follows:
Ward (group of members living in a set of boundaries. Think of it like a congregation except in Mormonism you don't choose which ward to go to, you go to the one that you are in the boundaries for -kind of like a school district. A Bishop is the presiding authority for the ward - similar to a priest - except that in Mormonism all clergy members are volunteer not paid.)
Stake (a group of wards compose a stake. The stake has a Stake President, whose role is to oversee the organization and operation of the wards in the stake.)

Hope this helps. Am happy to answer any other definition related questions...

Amy C

Awesome recap, great episode. I'm not LDS, but I have family who are LDS. I have to say that while I understand church members being offended at the televised depiction of sacred private rituals, the church needs to be realistic. Mormons are increasingly high-profile (Romney's campaign, reality show contestants) and the church cannot expect to maintain total secrecy. If anything, they should be more offended at the depiction of church officials suppressing historical facts they don't like. That said, I found the temple ceremony beautiful, moving, and mysterious: all the things I used to like about my former life as a Catholic. And I also found the "parlor" scene (haha) beautiful and peaceful until Barb had the meltdown.


Thank you so much for these recaps. Even with rewind, my two year old does not allow me to catch everything. This makes it so much better.

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