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Big Love Recap Plus Some Bonus Goofiness Just for You

Big_love_ep3402Sigh. Another blockbuster season finale for Big Love. I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. And excited. And sad. And already starting to wonder what I will post on Mondays now!

So let's get to this big ol' recap. Plus, if you read all the way to the end, there's a goofy little surprise...

At the Henricksons', Barb is making breakfast for Wayne and Raymond while Nicki and Bill pack up Nicki's things. The boys want to help Nicki but she insists that it's not that big of a deal, it's just that sometimes they'll stay at the apartment and sometimes they'll stay at their house. Margene comes in and is upset by the move, but Nicki tells her that this isn't goodbye, that she'll be back for dinner that even. Margene tells Barb that she can't believe that this is happening, but Barb notes couples separate all the time and that the move isn't necessarily final, it's just that something needs to change or she'll lose her mind. It's a sad scene. Somehow, a spouse leaving/being kicked out leaves an even greater void when there are more left behind. Bill and Nicki are packing up their cars with Nicki's things and he tries to assure her that the boys will be fine. Nicki scowls at him and says, "You'll excuse me if I find this a little strange." Yeah. Well. I find your identity theft and DA-kissing ways a little strange, Nicki, but let's not go evaluating the normalcy of events, mkay?

At Ray's office, Bill and Ted and Cindy and Roman and all those guys are plotting their move on the Greens. Meanwhile, at the Greens' hidey hole, Very Truly Yours Hollis Green is teaching Kim Lee about trade posts in the Orient while Selma looks on. For all of their creepiness, it looks like they're treating her fairly well and Kim Lee doesn't look freaked out or too Stockholm Syndrome-ish. VTY Hollis Green orders Selma to get him another atlas and she looks upset but just then Roman calls from Ray's office to make the arrangements. Roman tells him that they'll be at the meeting spot with the documents and VTY Hollis Green agrees to this with a lot of "henceforth and so ons." (I'm extremely bummed that he did not once say, "Very truly yours, Hollis Green," this season. What gives? I'm still going to call him that, though.) On the way out, Ted grabs bill and thanks for helping to get Kim Lee back and that he's sure they can come to an agreement on their business "arrangement," in which Ted throws every available roadblock in the way based on some bullshit morality and then tries to steal away 10% of the business. I guess you could call that an arrangement. Bill says that they'll square that away later because, hi, your daughter is in the hands of some rather frightening people who are trying to BORE. HER. TO. DEATH. Bill grabs Ray and tries to talk him into postponing their arrest of the Greens until Roman thinks they've gotten away. This way, they'll turn on Roman and implicate him in Kathy's murder. Ray's like, "I hate you...but fine."

Margene is meeting with a woman at a home shopping network and is babbling about her awesome jewelry line and how she really needs the money. The network woman says that they love that attitude. What? That desperate attitude? Yeah, I guess. Everything is ready to go for Margene's spot on the network, but the exec says that her clothes are butt. "Look like a million bucks, you'll make a million bucks." Ugh. I hate motivational phrases. Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels, ladies! *stab* Anyway, Margene promises to get some new clothes but first wonders if she could postpone her spot on the show since it's a really bad time for her, personally. The woman's like, "Uh, NO," and tells Margene that she needs to, "step up to the plate or get out of the way." She also tells her to do as I say, not as I do because she needs to poop or get off the pot and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em because the earlybird catches the worm and it is what it is John 3:16.

At the compound, Lura informs Alby that Roman's probation has been lifted. Bill calls Lois to try to talk to Joey, but Joey's not interested. Nonetheless, Lois puts the phone up to Joey's ear so that he can hear Bill tell him about his plan to get Roman. "That's great, Bill," he blahs. I vote for Joey to be Lois' next strangling victim. I've had enough of his shitty attitude.

Sarah is hanging out with Scott in a park with a baby and for a second I'm like, "Whoa! Who is this kid? Don't tell me Scott had a baby with someone else while Sarah was miscarrying along the Oregon Trail!" But then I realize that it's Nell. Dur. Sarah grins while watching Scott sing the Ramones to Nell and while this method of lulling a baby to sleep would have me running for the hills, Sarah just up and pops the question to Scott. He's like, "Err...ahhh...maybe we should think this through," which throws Sarah off because why would anyone ever take a moment to think about getting married? Scott explains that he just wants to make sure that she's not just saying it in the moment (fucking DUH Sarah, come on! Scott's the brightest bulb on the menorah). Sarah's a little bummed at having her spontanaeity dashed and asks if it was wrong to propose. Scott assures her that it wasn't, but they need to think of some practicalities first, like how to avoid being killed by Sarah's parents. You know, little details like that.

Cindy is at Barb's house waiting for news and reflects back on when they adopted Kim Lee. Barb reassures her and Cindy can't believe how supportive Barb is being since it's Cindy's fault that she was excommunicated. Barb explains that there's simply nothing more important than a child and Cindy says that she's glad that this tragedy has at least brought them back together. "We could find a way to enjoy being in business together," says Cindy, which freaks me out. I mean, I don't doubt that she and Ted are sincerely concerned about their daughter, but I'm kind of perturbed at how their business interests are always right behind Kim Lee in their trains of thought. I half expect to see a scene in which they're caught chest-bumping while shouting, "DOLLA DOLLA BILL, Y'ALL!"

On the way to the meeting point, Roman is reading the certificate of authenticity for the letter. Bill says that the actual letter, which proves that polygamy is awesome and made of unicorns, is gone, thanks to Roman. Roman points out that Bill's the one who sold it to the bastard church and, in one of his odd little non-sequitors that I love so much, offers half of a meatloaf sandwich to the driver, before ordering him to make a surprise turn. Bill freaks out and starts to call Ray but Roman warns him not to. "I'll get the girl for you but not by your rules," he snarls. Ray, now fully aware that something is up, calls Bill and asks where he is but Bill's phone is off. They drive up to the meeting spot, which is a parking lot at a very public campground with people all over the place and I can't believe no one sees them acting all shady and passing manila folders back and forth and wondering what the hell is up. (Note to self: do all further shady transactions in Utah. They just don't ask any questions.) VTY Hollis Green looks at the certificate and rubs the seal and asks, "What is this? It reeks of inauthenticity!" Roman snaps that they agreed that the certificate would be sufficient, but VTY Hollis Green whines that the seal is not raised or embossed and that it's basically just a stamp. While they're arguing, Selma nudges Kim Lee and I think she's trying to tell her to make a break for it while she can. VTY Hollis Green tells Roman that if he believes it is real, then Roman should bow down to him. Roman laughs and is like, "Bish PLZ!" even with the Greens' big thug with the unfortunate, Three Stooges-esque bowl cut, shows Roman that he's strapped. "I will not bow down to this pretender," he says. The Greens have had it and climb back into the van. Selma hesitates but finally pushes Kim Lee back in and they take off.

At Ray's office, Cindy is hysterical. Ray flips out at Bill but Bill explains that Roman duped them both. Ray doesn't want Bill to have anything else to do with their rescue efforts, but Bill shoots back, "Maybe if you had been more on top of it, you wouldn't have screwed up so bad! Roman outfoxed you, too, so get off my back!" You tell him, Bill! Ray shuts up. Bill tells Roman to call Selma. At the Greens, VTY Hollis Green is now having Kim Lee do something with some paper and some antique machine. I'm not sure what they're up to. Roman calls Selma who sneaks off to talk to him. Roman says he's worried for her and Selma cries that VTY Hollis Green dotes on Kim Lee and wants to take her to Mexico and raise her as their own. Hey, just be glad he doesn't want to marry her, Selma. Ray writes a note to Roman telling him to set a time to meet with the Greens again.

At the Henricksons', Ben answers the door and much to his dismay finds Scott waiting there. Despite Ben's threats to leave, Scott barges in, looks Sarah in the eye, and says, "Yes!" They embrace and he gushes that he never wants to be without her while Barb looks on, all, "Wait. What?" Sarah and Scott squee that they're engaged and Scott explains that he's 100% sure that Sarah is the ONLY woman for him. Barb's like, "Yeeeaaahhh, but there's an age difference here." Sarah retorts that she supposes it's not relevant that Bill is 25 years older than Margene and Barb says that they shouldn't bring him into this. Snort. She goes on to point out that Sarah is a teenager who has just been through a traumatic event and Ben steps in to mention that Sarah didn't tell Scott she was pregnant because she didn't trust him. They won't be dissuaded, though, and Barb says that the next step is breaking the news to Bill. That should go well.

At the compound, Nicki is talking to Alby about the possibility of sending JJ away. Alby's sympathetic but notes that JJ was just as much Roman's victim as Nicki was. I don't know. JJ seems so slimy, I can't picture him as a victim of anything, much less Roman. Alby goes on to say that they can't allow Adaleen and Roman to return. Nicki laments that she actually believed that he was a great man and how foolish she feels. "Is it wrong to wish your parents dead?" asks Alby. Nicki giggles that they should just kill them, and Alby is, of course, all about it, explaining that they would be saving their souls. With that settled, they start tossing out methods. Alby suggests a pit of snakes but Nicki thinks a bomb would be better. "A pipe bomb!" says Alby, offering Lura's services since she grew up in a copper mine and knows how to blow shit up. Of course she does. Obviously, what's hilarious about this scene is that Nicki thinks they're just joking to blow off steam whereas in Alby's mind it's as good as done. Why Nicki doesn't realize that Alby can't take a joke is beyond me. I mean, she's met Alby, right? No matter, because JJ walks in with Nicki's daughter, Cara Lynn, who has just turned 14, which means Nicki had her YOUNG. JJ has come to not only devastate Nicki with Cara Lynn's presence but also to protest Alby's decision to send him to Canada. Alby dismisses him, saying he'll go where Alby sends him. Cara Lynn makes some chatter with Nicki, asking about her car. Alby kicks them out and tells Nicki not to worry, that he'll take care of JJ. Nicki insists that JJ doesn't rattle her.

Bill comes home to find Scott and Sarah on the couch, looking like they're preparing for their execution. "Brace yourself," says Barb. Scott stands up and stammers out a request for permission for Sarah's hand. "Son, you gotta lot of nerve," replies Bill. Sarah protests that she asked him, and of course Margene chooses that moment to walk in and be all ecstatic about their engagement and wants to know when the wedding date is. Bill asks Scott if he's prepared to put the love and care of Sarah above all else and Scott seems game...kinda. Nicki calls and fibs that she's stuck on the compound taking care of Wanda. And seriously why is she lying at this point? She's already kicked out of her house and what good can come of lying anymore? Bill calls bullshit, noting that, uh, Joey won't let her anywhere near his house. Barb gets on the line and asks Nicki if she could possibly show any less concern for Wayne and Raymond. "You're not the only one cast into outer darkness, Barb," snaps Nicki. Frustrated, she hangs up. Bill turns back to Scott and Sarah and asks them outright if they love each other. They do, so he says okay. Barb is furious and says, "Bill...NO!" Margene tries to console her by pointing out, "You're not losing Sarah; you're gaining Scott." Oddly, this doesn't calm Barb down so she storms off, leaving Margene to squee with the couple.

Barb confronts Bill in their bedroom but he says that Sarah is 18, after all and they've already had premarital sex so this is making it right. Barb looks close to blowing a gasket and finally says, "What's the plan, Bill?" Bill doesn't follow Barb with all of this "plan" stuff. Barb says that she can't trust the present and needs to nail down the future, especially with regard to their baby making. She points out that she and Bill could have another baby. Bill asks if she's okay because last time he checked, Barb no longer had the necessary equipment for gestation. I sincerely hope that Bill feared that Barb was suggesting that they impregnate Bill, a la that Junior movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger got pregnant. But no, Barb saw a show about how they could "rent a womb" from a woman in India and really get in on that whole colonialism thing, albeit a bit late. Bill's not too keen on that idea and thinks Barb is just still reeling from her excommunication. Barb retorts that nothing about the excommunication has changed her core of beliefs, particularly her belief that they need more kids, pronto. Bill hugs Barb and says that no true church would leave her unconsoled. Aww.

Cara Lynn is playing in the yard outside of the compound house that they're staying in while Nicki looks on. She approaches to ask Cara Lynn about the toad that she's caught. Cara Lynn chatters for a bit about catching toads in Kansas and how she killed one once to dissect it. Nicki asks her if she wants to be a vet. Cara Lynn says that she would rather be a doctor who treats both people and animals, a statement which serves to show just how much of a little girl she still is and how frightening it is to think that Nicki became her mother when she was just a little bit older. Nicki muses that she wanted to be a nurse and asks Cara Lynn if she's happy with where she is. Cara Lynn says that JJ wants to put her in the Joy Book, that it's almost time for her to become a wife and mother and that she recently dropped out of school to help around the house. "Tell your mother and father that you want to go to school. Insist!" says Nicki. Cara Lynn explains that JJ's wife isn't her mother and wants to know why Nicki left. She doesn't get a chance to answer since JJ's wife calls her in to tend to chores.

Margene is at home trying on this wildly hot pink dress. Bill comes in and Margene nonchalantly explains that she sold her car. Bill looks close to passing out and says that this is a catastrophic time to sell the car but Margene cheerily repeats back to him his mantra, "You have to spend if you want to sell." Also, she knew Bill wouldn't let her sell the car if she asked and she didn't want to HAVE to disobey him. Margene further displays her stunning brand of logic by explaining she sold the car for half of what its worth because she needed access to cash and those few thousand will soon turn into TENS of thousands. Bill sputters, "Tens of thousands selling bracelets at hospital gift shops?!!?!" Margene is hurt and points out that they'll need some extra income if the casino isn't going to work. Bill insistst that the casino WILL work and angrily grabs the clothes with the intent to return them and demands that Margene buy her car back. "I have a business plan!" wails Margene.

Lura and Alby are hard at work building the bomb for Roman. Lura nervously puts the final connection together and they breathe a sigh of relief. Luckily, they're wearing goggles, so if the bomb were to blow up in their faces, they wouldn't get any debris in their eyes. Safety first, kids!

Bill meets with the stake president and offers to fund a chair at BYU. I think this is an attempt to get Barb back in the church, but I'm not sure. This part is confusing. At Ray's, Roman finally lets Bill in on a secret: the letter is a fake. They've been selling phony crap to the church for years; Alby just took it to the next level.

Lois, Joey, and Wanda are harvesting some potatoes. Joey walks away, despondent. Lois stops him but Joey explains that he feels that God has abandoned him. Lois replies that Joey has shut God out with his grief and anger.

At Ray's, Bill appeals once again for them not to arrest Selma where Roman can see. Ray's had enough of Bill's shenanigans and tells him that there's a tracking device on Roman's car. If Bill interferes again, he'll bring indictments down on him and Nicki for obstruction of justice.

At the Henricksons', Ben asks Barb to borrow the car so that he can take a change of clothes to Nicki. Barb glances at Wayne and Raymond and says that that's not necessary because she's coming back tonight. Ben shakes his head. Barb fumes and decides to drive up there to confront her. Margene comes bustling in, needing a babysitter for her home shopping network spot. She's on her own and has to take Nell with her, but whispers to Wayne and Raymond to watch the channel at 4 p.m.

Don calls Bill to ask him about some guys from BYU who are at the office to talk to him about his donation. Bill tells him he can't get into that right now and that he needs Don to drop everything and meet him out in the middle of nowhere.

Wayne and Raymond watch Margene on TV. She cornily gushes about her jewelry while Nell grabs at her, saying stuff like, "The authentic Indian stonework is very authentic." It's a huge success, though. Margene sells out of all of her inventory and gives the boys a shout out, which completely stupefies them. Cute.

Nicki meets Barb at the car. Barb starts throwing Nicki's clothes at her and telling her how furious she is for basically abandoning Wayne and Raymond. Nicki breaks down and tells Barb that she had a daughter with JJ that she left and that she's 14. Barb is stunned and slowly says, "You LEFT a child?" Good god, Barb, you KNOW Nicki was forced to marry when she was 15 and if the kid is 14 you KNOW Nicki had her way too young and you KNOW Nicki's marriage to JJ was totally fucked. Lay off the judgment! Nicki explains that Cara Lynn is here now and wants answers. She breaks down and admits that there's no excuse for what she did, she's so sorry for who she's become and asks Barb if she can believe her. Barb finally shows some signs of letting up on Nicki. They drive to see Cara Lynn.

On the way to the meeting spot, Roman goads Bill by asking him if he enjoys intimate relations with all of his wives or just some, because Roman enjoys tappin' all those asses. Bill tells the driver to take a right. They pull up behind Bill's car that Don left and Bill shows them the tracking device. He instructs the driver to keep going but Bill is going to take Roman in his car. "They're going to arrest Selma to get to you," he explains. I'm confused.

Adaleen is at the hotel, fixing some car part in the bathroom. Alby tiptoes up to the door and sets the bomb down. He pulls the string trigger thingy and knocks on the door. Adaleen yells to wait a minute. As Alby sneaks away, a maid pulls up to the room with her cart. "No mas!" hisses Alby, but she stops the cart right on top of the package. Alby is confused about why the bomb didn't go off, and of course goes right over to it to investigate. Adaleen screams when the bomb explodes and goes out to find Alby and the maid lying there. "What have you done?" she cries, cradling Alby in her arms. "You tried to kill me in the bathroom, Papa killed Kathy. Bill knows," he stutters, with his face all fucked up. The maid groans nearby but they ignore her. Adaleen calls Roman and tells him not to trust Bill, that he knows everything. "It's a trap!" she shouts, doing her best Admiral Ackbar.


Just sayin. Roman sneers at Bill, "I don't know what you think you're up to." Roman pulls a gun on Bill as they pull up to the meeting spot. Selma gets out of the van with Kim Lee and Roman orders one of the Greens to search Bill. Selma asks what's going on. Roman replies that he doesn't know but that she should give over the girl and get out fast. Kim Lee runs to Bill and he puts her in the car. "Why the long face?" asks Roman. "You'll never get the Greens and you'll never get me because you're lost." Roman then plants one on Bill, telling him that he's been kissed by the heavenly father, but making out with Roman is the closest that Bill will ever get. Roman explains that one must take power from God and takes off. Don sees the Greens van go past and frantically calls Bill to find out what he should do. Roman threw Bill's phone away, so Don takes matters into his own hands and goes after Selma and calls Ray to let him know where he's headed. Bill seriously needs to give Don a HUGE Christmas present. I've never seen a better right-hand man EVER.

Lura is freaking out on the phone with someone trying to find out Alby's condition. All of the other wives are scrambling to leave now that they've heard that Roman is on his way back.

Margene is leaving the home shopping network, glowing from her success. The lady exec stops her and foresees that Margene is on her way to being a very wealthy woman. Margene gets all starry-eyed.

Ted and Cindy are happily reunited with Kim Lee. Ted pulls Bill aside and thanks him and reminds Bill that they'll make the casino thing work. Not so, says Bill. He'll be endowing a chair at BYU with 5% of his casino income but his only condition was that Ted could not be involved. The church was happy to comply. Dang. Bill can be a stone cold gangster when he wants to. Ray and Bill watch Selma give her statement about Roman's involvement in Kathy's death. Ray says he's going after Roman for murder and that he'll have less than 24 hours back on his precious compound.

Wayne and Raymond are cutely all atwitter about Margene's TV appearance. Bill shows up and tells Ben to get bread and water. The family gathers out by the pool and Bill declares that they're starting their own church, born of necessity. While they pray, Roman putters around the big house in his pajamas with a glass of milk and sits down on his bed to play the guitar. The door creaks open and Roman is shocked to see a stone-faced Joey before him. The Henricksons take communion from Bill and Barb is clearly touched that Bill created a church so that she could belong again. Nicki shows up with Cara Lynn and Barb takes Nicki's hand. Nicki introduces Cara Lynn as her daughter and everybody wonders what they missed. Cara Lynn and Nicki take part in the communion, which I think is pretty funny since I don't think anyone filled them in on what they were doing. For all Cara Lynn knows, the Henricksons are just having minimalist hors d'ouevres out by the pool and are just cool and hospitable when previously unknown daughters show up. Meanwhile, Joey successfully smothers Roman with a pillow and sneaks out of the big house.

Dudes. Roman is DEAD. WTF?

So, farewell to another astounding season of Big Love. I've really enjoyed doing these recaps and have also really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the show. As a thank you of sorts, I decided to put together a little something special.

I've noticed throughout the course of the show that Nicki makes carrot raisin salad a lot and the writers always make a point of mentioning the salad. I don't know why, if there's some symbolism to the salad or if it's just some quirky thing that only I notice. In any case, I decided to do a little instructional video on making Nicki's carrot raisin salad so that we can all share a little piece of the show during its traditionally long hiatus. I will admit that this is very silly, especially since I did it really quickly on Saturday while my son was out with my mom. So, technically speaking it's painfully amateurish because I did it by myself. However, it's all for you, so please enjoy and don't laugh too hard at me! ;-)

Previously on the Big Love recap

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Yeah, we've noticed the buckets of carrot raisin salad, too.

BUT! Where was Teeny durring the New Church of the Backyard scene?


Great recap! I'm just so sad that it was the season finally though :(

And I too was wondering where the heck Teeny was....she just disappeared this season with the one cameo on the road trip????


Well, wherever Teeny was, you can be sure she had her iPod glued into her ears.


Thanks for the great recaps! I will miss Big Love so much! At least my precious True Blood is promised to come back soon.

Can't believe Roman is gone! Wowsa. At the end of the show I exhaled loudly and realized I had been holding my breath. Pretty much what happens during all the episodes.

Thanks again for the fun posts. This was a high point to my Monday. Damn, what now?

I think you definitely have a future in tv. I especially liked your, 'dump all that shit in a bowl' instructions.


Once again, you've done a great job at recapping! I've always noticed the carrot raisin salad too...but it seems comonplace here in the south...at potlucks, and events where older people seem to be so maybe it's an old fashioned thing and the writers are trying to keep everyone keyed into the fact that Nikki comes from a different place entirely. I don't know.

I really hope that you do these next season as they are awesome and I still can't justify getting HBO for one show that they'll surely cancel.

Finally...Isn't this the 3rd time they've ended a season with Roman dying?

dimestore lipstick

VTY Hollis Green was teaching Kim Lee to use a hand-crank mimeograph:

And you made me feel ancient, right there.
I graduated high school in 1982 and most of our hand-outs were still done on mimeo.

Also--Adaleen was trying to fix her propane camp stove when the bomb went off. She and Roman were doing their best Ma and Pa Joad at the Holiday Inn, and cooking in the room.


This was genius. I hardly worry when I miss the show anymore because of your recaps.

Snarky Amber

Oh kdiddy, I luff you, you freelance cooking show host, you.

Marmite Breath

I don't even watch Big Love, I'm just watching the video of you making carrot raisin salad, and can I just say, you are the bomb!

Suzy Q

Great recap. And nice rack.

I disagree with your opinion of Joey, however. If anyone has the right to a shitty attitude, it's him. I can't understand why he took so long to off Roman. Which, yeah, WTF? Dead?

Suzy Q

And a big shout-out Thank You to Shelly, who last week answered my questions re: Mormonism.

dimestore lipstick

"...Greens' big thug with the unfortunate, Three Stooges-esque bowl cut..."

Hee. I was just checking something at IMDb and noticed: How great is it that Lyle Kanouse's credit for the role is listed as "Bowl Cut"?


Was anyone else unnaturally squicked out by VTY Hollis Green calling Selma back to the van in the letter exchange scene? "Sel-ma Ma-RIE!" I don't know why that was so creepy to me, but *shudder*

I too am bummed out that the season is already over. It went WAY too fast! Your recaps have been a highlight of this season for me KDiddy.

Roman dead? Hmmm. I will be annoyed if they bring him back with a gasp for air in the opening scene of next season. BUT..... I can't figure out where they could be going without him?! With no Evil Roman antagonizing everyone.....it'll be too peaceful! LOL! What is he, about 137 years old? Couldn't be around for too much longer anyway, right?

Does anyone think that Alby will survive his bomb injuries? I loved that he could still pull off that air of "Mwahahahaaaa!" even while laying there bleeding in his mother's lap.


Also, forgot to mention the carrot and raisin salad video.....NICE! Cracked my shit right up.


Oh, I'm so late to the party for this. Last week was the week from hell. I finally watched the season finale today. Way more important than cleaning my messy house. And, then, when I finished watching it, I came right upstairs to find the recap! I want to thank you for writing these fantastic recaps. No one I know watches the show, so it's like I get to come here and 'chat' with other people about Big Love. It's awesome! And your recaps rock. I cracked up at the 'minimalist hors d'oeuvres'.

I just want to add another, where the hell was Teeny? And, I'll be sad if Roman is dead. He is an ass and I can't stand him, but Harry Dean Stanton is great, one of my favorites, and it will be a shame if he is no longer on the show.

Thanks for the carrot & raisin salad video too! it was a nice way to end the season. Hopefully Big Love won't be gone too long.

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