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Big Love Recap

Big_love_ep3105Apologies in advance for this less-detailed-than-usual recap, but I think you'll agree with me that nearly all of the events in this episode can fall under one of two categories: OMG or WTF.

WTF: Does Barb seem to be getting very fundamentalist to you? I see something of a role reversal in the ways that she and Bill deal with Sarah and Nicki. With Sarah, Bill's kind of just standing back and letting Sarah set her own pace as far as dealing with the miscarriage and the events that led up to it, and also taking more assertive, positive steps like buying Sarah a used car and saying really sweet things about helping to get her back on the right path without even a hint of judgment. But Barb is pretty hung up on Sarah's premarital sex and her seeming to lack any remorse for that behavior.

Barb is also on Nicki's ASS about those birth control pills, staging an intervention, and then confronting Nicki mid-caulking job about why she isn't birthin' more babies. Barb is on the Principle hardcore and seems to be mightily irritated with her spouses for not doing the same.

WTF: Wanda. Wanda pouring half a gallon of bleach into the laundry. Wanda wetting the bed. Wanda creating a schedule for her and Kathy using sticks, pictures of Brangelina and Jennifer Aniston, and...frozen peas? Wanda going to Barb with pen and paper asking for the rundown of what a first wife does and Barb telling Wanda about poise, when poise ain't even in the same zip code as Wanda. Wanda talking weird. Wanda maybe (?) telling the Greens where to find a Kathy?

OMG: Nicki goes on a date with the DA. Nicki MAKES OUT WITH THE DA! What the heck? Margene shows up at Nicki's work to take her to lunch and Nicki is forced to tell Margene that she kind of stole her identity in order to pass information to her mom about Roman's trial. All really big illegal things, but Satan made Nicki do it. Yeah...that's it! Satan!

WTF: Alby and Lura giving sister wife Glory the shaft, which gives us some insight into just how much of a drag it is to be married to those two. Although, if I was Glory, and people were "forgetting" to put me on the Sex with Alby schedule, I might just pretend not to notice. Anyway, Glory sneaks over to Joey's in the middle of the night and passes him an envelope.

OMG: That letter? The one that Bill acted as a go-between for Alby and Ted? It's some legendary letter from one of the Mormon church's founders saying that the church was going to publicly give up polygamy, but keep practicing it in secret until such a time when they could re-embrace it. Huge stuff. The whole split between the fundamentalists and LDS and the ensuing shitstorm? Didn't have to happen. But Ted has already given the letter to the LDS church, effectively burying the story for good. Maybe. Barb is pissed at Ted for the fact that he and Cindy condemned the life that she was called to lead, but when they have evidence that they were wrong to do so, they merely shove it under the carpet.

OMG: Margene is suffering from some serious stay-at-home mom blues, admitting to Pam that she deliberately forgets things at the grocery store just so she can go back the next day. Pam comforts Margene and gives her some Zoloft. Margene insists that she's not depressed and Pam's like, "Yeah, me neither!" Zoloft is, like, Tylenol. No biggie!

OMG/WTF: So, Selma is Very Truly Yours Hollis Green's wife? And Selma is also Roman's sister? Did I miss this?

WTF: Sarah's going ahead with plans to go to ASU with Heather. Er, wait. Maybe not. In fact, she's going to put off that whole college thing for now. When she breaks the news to Heather, Heather has a bit of breakdown, pointing out that she really had to struggle with her innermost beliefs to stay friends with Sarah, what with the polygamy, and giving up her chastity, and getting pregnant. Is there something else she struggled with? Like maybe her truest feelings for Sarah? Dunno. As much as I hate to admit it, I think Rhonda may have been on to Heather.

WTF: Kathy, Joey, and Wanda are set to officially tie the knot but right before the wedding, Wanda tells Kathy that she thinks they should switch, so that Kathy is first wife. Kathy hesitates but finally accepts, then skips off to pick wildflowers for Wanda's hair while Wanda ominously plays a tune on her electric piano.

OMG: Sarah and Barb finally have it out. Sarah breaks down and says that she loved her baby, that she thinks God took him from her for being bad, which is I guess what everyone has been expecting her to think all along, but now that she actually says the words, it's not really that satisfying. It's just heartbreaking. Sarah admits that she was relieved when she miscarried and Barb, setting aside any principles that she might have been trying to adhere to, admits that she was, too, and hugs Sarah. I cry.


OMG: Nicki tells the spouses that she needs to figure some things out and needs to be taken off the schedule. Is she going to leave Bill for the DA?

WTF: Kathy's not showing up for the wedding.

OMG: The Greens have Kathy!

WTF: Roman orders Kathy to marry Hollis, move to Mexico, and bear him many children. HORF.

OMG: Selma is in a dress!

OMG: Kathy breaks free and stabs Selma with a pitchfork, then drives off in a pick up truck.

WTF: Hollis grabs the pitchfork and stabs...a pig.

OMG: Kathy's braid is caught in the door of the truck and Roman is in hot pursuit!

OMG/WTF: Roman pulls some Death Proof-esque moves on Kathy, which causes her to wreck into a telephone pole, which snaps her head forward, which breaks her neck since her braid is stuck.


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Dude,Big love is awesome!And Laura,albys wife,is the most AWESOME chatacter ever!!!I just love her!Pure love!
Also don't write that kind of recap ever again.Please.I was waiting all afternoon for this recap and this is kind of dissapointment...


This show has been WTFOMG since ep 1....


My dear wife said she though that Wanda told the Greens too.. but I don't think so. At least I don't want to think so.

cindy w

Ok, I had NO IDEA that Selma was (a) female, (b) married to Hollis Green, or (c) Roman's little sister.

About the pig thing: seems I heard somewhere that if pigs get the scent of blood, they'll eat you alive? Is that why Selma freaked when the pig came up to her when she was bleeding and Hollis stabbed it?

I'm really sad about Kathy. I loved her, she was so sweet. And now Joey is the sole caretaker of a baby and a batshit wife. Poor guy.


This episode was teh awesome in so many ways.

I want more Greens and their creepy, Carnivale-esqe gender-bending ways. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Oh, and more Deadwood-Wu-style pigs.



Three episodes left is indeed, WTF.

I also had no idea that Selma was married to Hollis and related to Roman. I actually thought she was Very Truly Yours Hollis Greene's sister, for some reason.

(And I loved this recap style, since the rapid-fire WTF OMG OMG WTF at the end perfectly captured what it's like to watch it. With your mouth hanging wide open and your braid caught in the car door.)


I had no idea Selma was a woman... I was SHOCKED and confused!!! I was sad about Cathy, too!


Like OMG, WTF, (!!!!!) was pretty much my reaction to the whole show last night!!!

I didn't even know Selma was a woman! I just thought he was some creepy dude. My name is Rhonda, and I are s…l…o….w…

Poor Kathy. I had to sit up when she left looking like an angel to pick flowers to get into my, ooohhhh this is going to be good crouching pose. The *something bad is about to happen* flag was waving so high and ominously that I'm surprised the flag pole didn't break and smack poor Kathy in the head. That scene just screamed *danger*! I will miss Kathy. She was so sweet.

At least we didn't have to see Ben and his crazy wiener this show. I think my head would have exploded with any more wiener-gate.

Ahhhh 3 more shows!! And then - what a year wait at least! I will need True Blood stat or my life my implode with emptiness.


I am SOOO wondering what Kathy's sister Jodean is going to say/do if she finds out that Roman caused Kathy's death, since she betrayed Kathy at the trial to protect Roman. Intrigue!!


I have missed the past three episodes but have not cared because you write the recaps. FTW!


Oh, and Wanda totally set Kathy up. Woman is CRAZY.


Also, the bedtime stories by G-ma Lois totally brought the lol's. The look on Bill's face when she starts prattling on about 'no one wants to see your dad chasing me and trying to kill me because I tried to kill him' line was priceless. She must be the bestest most craziest babysitter evah!!

I hope Adeline comes back from the dark side and figures out that Roman killed Kathy. I miss the Adeline of the first few seasons. She used to be my favorite because she was just so wacky and had the best lines. Now she’s just nasty.

Suzy Q


I almost horfed when I saw Kathy's lovely hand being put into Hollis' nasty icky old-man hand. Poor Kathy. I'll miss her.

And did you see what Nicki was wearing in her date with the DA? Cleavage galore! How does she own such a dress? How did she get out of the house wearing that without anyone noticing? Or back in, for that matter? What excuse did she give the others as to why she would be out ON A DATE? Perhaps she said she had a date with Satan? Ack.

Every time I see all those kids running around the house(s), I think: More? They want MORE of that? WTF? I seriously don't even know how many they have now.


Thank you for the update...but I was pretty bummed that you changed the format. I LURVE your usual recap style. But yeah, it was like wave after wave of OMG WTG OMG OMG OMG

@ Suzy about the cleavage on Nikki's dress--I know! I wondered if she stole it from Margene's closet or has another super secret credit card. It's jarring enough seeing her in pants.

Can I just say that I LOVE Nikki this season?! There are times when I just want to give her a big big hug (like about the birth control). There are times when she's just freaking adorable (like with the DA). And then you're like, oh wait..she can be such a bitch (passing info from the DA, stealing Margene's identity). She's so complex and layered and Chloe Sevigny (sp?) kicks serious ass as her.

Also...poor Margene! I wanted to give her a hug and some of my zoloft too. I was also happy to see the end of the stupid blonde hair.

Barb...I wonder if she'd be more empathetic to Nikki if she'd (Barb) had a choice about having more kids.


OMG WTF indeed!

Holy CRAP I love this show.

I don't think Wanda had anything to do with Kathy -- she's just not that with it. She might've harmed her eventually, but this was not her gig. As soon as we saw the pigs, Mr. Gleemonex and I both hollered DEADWOOD! and I said, "If they feed her to those frakking pigs I will never watch this show again." Selma is Roman's kid sister! Lois is the best entertainment those kids ever had! ("So long, suckers!" heh.) Nicki, oh Nicky, you and your first date ever ... how sweet was that water bottle? Somebody noticed something ABOUT HER and thought of her -- that never happens to Handyman Nicki, ever. "Barb, this is quick-dry caulk." The scene with Sarah and Barb -- actual tears came out my eyeholes. Margene and the shopping and the Zoloft.

I can't take only 3 more eps. Frak that noise.


THREE MORE EPISODES????!!!! Excuse the all caps, but OMG, I am so upset about that! I cherish my 55 minutes of Big Love every week, taping it and then choosing the exact right time during the week to watch it. (Yes, I have no life!) What am I going to do now for OMG/WTF entertainment?! ;)

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