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Boston Survey Indicates Many Teens Blame Rihanna

Rihanna Yeah. Great.

Based on survey data collected last month, Boston's Public Heath Commission found that almost half of the 200 teenagers surveyed thought that singer Rihanna was responsible for her alleged beating at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown.

Oh, and also? Of the teens surveyed, 52 percent said the media was treating Brown unfairly, and 44 percent said fighting was a normal part of a relationship. YAY HUMANITY!

Faced with the data, an anti-violence advocate is quoted by the Boston Herald as saying: “Somehow young people have gotten the message that this is just part of a relationship.” Uhhh, gah?

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What I don't get is how people go batcrap insane when Phelps smoked pot - he lost his sponsors, etc. - but totally look the other way when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna.



Wow. That is worrisome in more ways than I can accurately describe.


Gosh, a cabin in the woods ala Walden is looking better and better for my daughter... how is it that our children are thinking this way?



I was watching Tyra yesterday, and when shown scenes involving a man verbally belittling his girlfriend for not sticking to a diet or physically pulling her hair, the young women asked in the audience said they did not define those things as abuse. I was shocked. When shown obvious situations of abuse, they couldn't see it. It's terrifying.



ms martyr

This just fuels my belief that teenagers do not have the world's best judgment and adults should not be letting them make all of their own decisions. Although children seem to be physically maturing at a younger age, I think their reasoning and self preservation skills have fallen behind.


Well "fighting" IS a normal part of a relationship... but beating the shit out of each other is not...There's a big distinction there.


This makes me want to quit my job and do teen dating violence workshops. B/c that is insane.


i just died a little inside.


I have 22 and 17 year-old sons and believe you me, I have made it VERY CLEAR to them what I think about this issue. I also told the younger one in no uncertain terms how I felt about him attending a TI concert (in the college town near us) that many of his friends were going to last Sunday because what? That guy is also a convicted felon currently up on more charges? And we need to 'support him?'

Not on my watch.


This makes me want to throw up.


This reminds me of when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape. The victims name, picture and phone number were released to the public. People threatened to kill her.

I have no idea what makes people side with these guys.

Scout's Honor

Sick to my stomach. I wonder how much of these kids polled were swayed by the fact that she went back to him. I admit it. I judged her and thought well it's your own damn fault if he does it again. I know that's wrong and my kids know it's wrong, but that was my initial gut reaction.Most women can't get out. Rihanna has means, money, world support, and she goes back?! What the ever living fack?

As for Chris Brown. Why the hell was he still in the running for the Nick Kid's choice awards. Now that? That made me sick to my stomach. Nick screwed the pooch on that one.

I was happy to see Oprah taking a stand.

As for P Diddy supporting their reconciliation, I will not be buying his music anymore. Ellen had him on her show and he just sounded like a fool. Love Ellen though.

Fairly Odd Mother

I heard that study on the radio (I'm south of Boston) and wanted to cry for how many people are so seriously screwed up. And, I want to cry for my girls who will grow up with friends who think this is a "normal" relationship.

It really makes me wonder how much parents fight (REALLY FIGHT) in front of their kids. Are they getting used to seeing the violence in front of them day after day? What is going on?

the Unlikely Housewife

That's INSANE. And the fact that she got back with him doesn't help things. They are BOTH setting really poor examples!


Excuse me while I go vomit.


I saw this on my 10 o'clock local news on Thursday night (I live in the Boston Area). They had people call/email their thoughts in. While some were horrified by this happening, as they should be, it was the grown women calling in leaving messages (in that horrid MA accent) saying Rhianna must have done something to deserve being hit like that.

The whole story made me feel ill, and they devoted TWO segments to it.

Shameful, that is all it is. I hope the rumors of her going back to him are false, because all that does is fuel this fire and show girls who look up to her that being hit is ok.


Did you read the actual article's comments? For the past few weeks I have read articles and the comments following them, and I am in complete disbelief over not only what some of these people are saying, but the spelling/grammatical errors. Don't get me wrong, I make mistakes with that stuff as well, but good lord.
Half of the comments were girls saying " I still luv u Chris, Rihanna sux....and she can't sing, she deserved it..."
C'mon. Seriously? So if your boyfriend beats you, and someone says " Well you did deserve it, because you totally suck..."
I don't support either of the two. However no matter how you look at it, violence against women, no matter whose fault it may be, is wrong. Both of them should have realized that their actions would not oonly affect their lives/careers, but the lives of their fans as well. It's sad. Really, really sad.


There needs to be a new catagory here, "teens are freaking morons". I'm glad I'm no longer one. I've mentioned before here I don't understand or get along with people my own age (I'm 20). Now you can see why. Idiots! I'm glad I'm with a much older MATURE MAN, not some punk thug BOY who thinks it's "normal" to hit a woman. If he did it would be his last mistake... Not to be mean, but I hope all those bitches who said "she diserved it" and "this is normal" get their asses beat down and get no support form anyone,~that's called Karma bitting you on the ass bitch! Besides you "diserved it" and it's "normal" right?

Suzy Q

This should be a wake-up call to you parents out there. Kids need to be told, specifically, what is and is not acceptable in a relationship.


I guess Chris Brown really is a role model. For assholes.

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