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Chris Brown could be Nickelodeon Kids' Choice

Chris_brown_hearing_court Even though Chris Brown was charged with 2 felony accounts of battery he is still on the list of the four nominees for favorite male singer on the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Ballot.

(begin sarcastic tone here)

Good call Nickelodeon. I'm sure we all want our children looking up to some mediocre singer who beats the shit out of his girlfriend in his spare time.


I'll be honest. My kids watch quite a bit of Nickelodeon... or they did. I actually have a problem with The Pussycat Dolls videos playing between shows. Yes, somewhat because they are slutty and bad role models but more because they suck.

Why should my children be forced to listen to terrible music just because they want to see an episode of "The Backyardigans"?

But back to Chris Brown... the quote from an executive at Nickelodeon was : "[Chris Brown] was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."
Right. Because kids usually make well informed decisions. When I was a tween I thought Kirk Cameron was hot, I thought Duran Duran was a better band than The Beatles and that it was a good idea to wear a felt fedora to walk up to the 7-11 to buy a pack of fun dip.

I would hope that the parents that let their kids go on line to vote for these kinds of things would also sit down with their children and explain what Chris Brown did wrong and why it is so terrible. However, since I don't think that Nickelodeon can be sure that all of the young people that go on their website are supervised, it seems to me that it would be in the best interest of their audience to remove Chris Brown from the ballot.

It is going to look really bad for Nickelodeon if he wins. It is going to look like they are proponents of domestic violence.

It is going to get ugly.



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This bothers me. This bothers me enormously. This bothers me enough that canceling cable is sounding better and better all the time.


Aaand..I just decided my kids won't be watching the Kid's Choice Awards this year, after all. Suck on that, Nick.


And to think that the Barenaked Ladies cancelled a string of concerts all because of an eensy little drug bust.

Domestic abuse= way worse.



Fairly Odd Mother

The only way they could redeem themselves is to arm all the kids with slingshots and mud pies. If/when he wins and comes up on stage, let the kids start booing and throwing things at him.

On the other hand, I don't think Nickelodeon can redeem themselves on this one. Bad move.


Ugh. I'm so tired of excuses excuses excuses for him. It's inexcusable to make children participate in this to any degree. What is the gain for Nickolodeon?

Thanks for writing about this.


Yep. He has been charged with a crime and should withdraw even if Nick hasn't taken his name off. Which they should have. Awful, awful.


I'm pretty much banning Nickelodean from my house until they decide that they DON'T want to be apathetic advocates of domestic violence by celebrating this pansy douchebag on their network.


And to think of the Dixie Chicks backlash all for a comment about George Bush. A comment that I think was right on, but that's not the point. Nickelodeon has condoned Chris Brown's actions. I for one am appalled. I have walked in Rihanna's shoes. I was only 14.

Parentopia Devra

"[Chris Brown] was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category."

See, here's your problem Nick Exec. Time didn't stand still. Chris Brown hasn't lived up to the reason he was nominated and it is now his responsibility to turn down his nomination and withdraw himself from consideration.

So maybe it's not your call, it's his, but you need to make it on his behalf and behest.


I'm with you on the BOO! HISS! and all that, but you dropped the FUN DIP bomb and now it's all I can think about. Oh man, Fun Dip! You make everything better! (Okay, maybe not abusive fucks winning awards from the wee ones, but the sugar coma WOULD mask some of the searing pain...)

Papa Bradstein

Thanks for calling them out on this. Just because he's in the honeymoon phase of the domestic violence cycle doesn't mean that this won't happen again.

And regardless of what phase in the cycle he's in, I can't believe they want to condone domestic violence, either in his past or that he might commit as the award winner.

They just don't get it.


I'm going to vomit. Seriously.


Nick is basically saying they support men who physically abuse their girlfriends because it is easier to do that and make money than to have morals and standards and boot this guy - and possibly lose a bit of money.

Money trumps all in the land of opportunity.


How about raising a stink with some of the other folks involved if Nick seems to think everything is OK.

Host Dwayne Johnson has a 7-year-old daughter. Maybe he has an opinion about what message might be sent to her and other 7-year-olds.

What about some of the other nominees? Jonas Brothers? Miley Cyrus? Do they want to participate in this?

Just sayin'.


Am not understanding what part of "being charged with TWO felonies" does Nickelodeon not understand..TWO or FELONIES. I'll bet they would have taken him off the list if he had embezzled money from the record company!


I TOTALLY AGREE! I've been calling Nickelodeon for a couple weeks now and I just keep getting the run around.
Now that media is picking up the story and Oprah is doing a show on domestic violence and she "has spoken" about the situation I hope Nickelodeon pulls their head out and makes the right decision and pulls him.

Mercy Less

Right, but isn't Nick just part of the same Conglorporate Mediamegatron that owns MTV, fine purveyors of Speidi's abusive relationship as entertainment, and the many VH1 versions of who can be the biggest whore (male or female) for fill-in-the-blank washed up celebrity? I'm not sure we should expect much from the corporate execs at Nick. Corporate culture is what it is over there, they aren't necessarily hiring the higher-ups at one network based on the values and ethics they have related to that small brand of a much bigger media giant... I'm disgusted, but not surprised.


It makes me sick.

Nick is now banned in my house. We will not contribute to a company that advocates this type of activity.


I think they heard you... http://www.nick.com/kids-choice-awards/nominees.jhtml

Isabella Golightly

More power to the mommie bloggers, I say!

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