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Frances Bean Cobain's "Suicidal 16"-Themed Birthday

You just can't make this stuff up, people.


Alright, so the House Of Horrors birthday cake with "RIP Childhood" spelled out in icing is kind of cute. In a morbid-goth-y I wear black on the outside, because black is how I feel inside sort of way.

But some other things about Frances' party? Ehh, not quite so cute.

Because when your Dad famously (and gah, so sadly) parted this world by way of a bullet to the head, one would think that having a "who can look most dead contest" at your birthday party might be considered, errm, just a wee bit in poor taste, am I right? Whatever happened to pin-the-tail-on-the-freakin'-donkey, huh?

Courtney Love spent over $323,000 on her daughter's birthday party.

The Hole singer – who is the widow of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain – spared no expense in ushering Frances Bean into adulthood at her 'RIP childhood' themed 16th birthday.

The event was held at Los Angeles' House of Blues restaurant. Courtney arrived in a dress worn by actress Angelica Huston in creepy comedy movie 'The Addams Family'.

. . . . .

Frances' announcement of the party:

Date: Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Time: 9:30pm - 11:30pm
City/Town: Los Angeles, CA

MY one and only sweet 16.....eerrrr actually it's my "suicidal 16".
At the house of blues, on September 2nd from 8:30 (TIME HAS CHANGED FORM 9:30 TO 8:30 KEEP THAT IN MIND) to 11:30 pm.

i suggest all who intend on coming go to itunes of youtube and look them. If you don't like them, then please don't come. all will be forced to jump around and dance. ALL.

YOU MUST BE WEARING BLACK OR RED OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN! this does not mean you have to wear something "nice" or "fancy" but there is a color code so do it!

Your bags will be searched at the door
not my rules, but it is the house of blues' rules
so don't be stupid and try to bring shit it
do it b4 you get into the party if you have to
and try to be stealth!

SEND THEM TO GIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinkberry and The IN N' Out truck will be catering. Of course there will be vegetarian food there to.

its the "who can look most dead contest"
if you dress up dead and are picked as the top 3 you will receive a: IPOD TOUCH and a $200 gift certificate to amoeba.
so get that face paint on, and try to make it as realistic as you can. there will only be 3 WINNERS.

i guess that's it!
hope to see you guys there!

xx franny


She's looking -- and apparently behaving -- more like her Mom every day, no?


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Wow. A gross violation of being in good taste. I'm shocked and disgusted.


Oh for the sake of Pete...This is just sick. I think I need to go lay down.

Fairly Odd Mother

I'm not sure what is more depressing: that this is how that adorable little baby from 16 years ago turned out, or that her mother had over $300K for a party with a theme so tasteless (using, most likely, money earned off her dead husband's royalties).

And, maybe it's me, but I would never, ever want to see my daughter and her friends trying to look "dead" the same year they will start driving a car.

Accidental Housewife

Self-fulfilling prophecy, much?


WTF? What is wrong with some parents? How can she even...I...ugh. It's pretty bad when you have to say " Well it is Courtney Love" but c'mon. This is seriously disgusting. No one should EVER glorify suicide, especially to children, and to children who have had a love one take their life in such a way. Then to advertise it to other teens? Celebrities seriously need to realize that they do have a tendency to influence their fans, and this is WRONG.

On the other hand...
At least Francis wasn't forcing her guests to listen to Hole.


franny is so going to end up a heroin addict.


Some kids like to shock people and push the envelope of good taste, it's the parent's responsibility to reign them in - obviously not happening here.

A lot of kids are goth and obsessed with death in hs and college and they turn out just fine, she could be a cheerleader doing lines of coke before the game and making group sex tapes with the starting line up of the basketball team (something I know happened in my, very small town, hs in the 90s), so maybe we should cut her a break. She's 16.

Honestly, this party pales in comparison to some of the shit they show on that My Super Sweet Sixteen show on Mtv (or as I like to call it "the birth control show.") This birthday wasn't even pricey by those birthday standards. (Not to say that I think spending even this much moeny on a 16th birthday makes sense.)


Are you guys serious. Okay - so I bet she's uber spoiled, and her Mom is freaky...

But you're shocked and disgusted? Haven't you ever watched "My Super Sweet Sixteen" on TV.

This crap is par for the course

Shocked and disgusted? It's probably a really healthy way for her to directly deal with her issues with her father killing himself.

It could have been worse.

My prediction is that because her Mom is so wacky, she'll eventually mature into a fairly strong and conservative gal.


I really wish this poor girl had some parenting in the first 16 years. At least, unless her mom sniffs it all up her nose, Bean'll have the necessary funds for the inevitable years of therapy. Christ.

Tracy H

Since when is 16 considered adulthood? I used to think she was the spitting image of Kurt....not so much anymore.


I think it is more about zombies and goth than suicide, don't you.

My secret inner hope is that she's all, "I've lived with people being sorry my Dad killed himself for 16 years ((and imagine how many people have mentioned such shit to her -- especially at ages when she couldn't digest))... so fuck all y'all I'm the one that went without a Dad and I'm gonna own this shit." And, "now it's your turn to be uncomfortable motherfuckers -- I'm just a kid, don't read your 20s salvation on me."

Of course, this is silver-lining-hoping of celestial proportion.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

She's a bare minimum of 5 steps away from being her trannylicious mother. I loved Kurt Cobain so hard. :(


huh? she's 16 people. c'mon. it's just gothy-childish fun. what, she can't like the aadams family or tim burton because she had the misfortune of having her father kill himself? when she starts sending photos of herself blowing the HS QB, then you need to be "shocked and disgusted." Otherwise, a costume party, where she wants her friends to dance?? seem relatively harmless.


I'm far more appalled by her grammar and spelling than her party's theme.

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