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I Might Actually Be Done with Kanye Now, Too

Kanyewest Throughout Kanye West's history of being the resident MamaPop douche, I've sort of stayed out of the conversation surrounding his persona, his behavior, his very unique Kanye-ness.

I like the guy. His music, at least until recently, was always fun if not always groundbreaking. And I hold a certain soft spot in my heart for people who obviously don't give a f*(& and will just say whatever. I mean, when he called George W. Bush out on national television and made Mike Meyers and Christ Tucker wet themselves, I wanted to buy the guy a steak dinner.

But there's being incendiary and then there's just being dumb, and I think Kanye might have finally crossed that line in the sands of smartmouthdom for me.

At a recent taping for his episode of VH1's Storytellers, Kanye, of course, had lots of controversial nuggets to toss around, including words of support for Chris Brown and hearty defenses for Michael Jackson, Michael Phelps, and O.J. Simpson.

But the straw that broke my back was his attack on Radiohead. According to West, Thom Yorke snubbed him backstage at this year's Grammys, which was especially offensive because Radiohead is, according to Kanye, one of his few creative rivals. So when Yorke performed that night, Kanye remained seated and didn't applaud.

A couple of points: Dude...seriously? And also, let's remember that Thom Yorke isn't the most run-of-the-mill fella.

So, let's just not go there, Kanye, alright?



« Why I Feel Dirty Reading David Foster Wallace's Unfinished Manuscript (and Why I'm Totally Gonna Read it Anyway) | Pop Culture Main | The Bachelor Finale, Or: The Internet Just 'Sploded »


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Snarky Amber

I am there with you on liking his music (although I'm really not a huge fan of the vocoder-heavy 808s and Heartbreaks. Seriously dude, please stop doing the robot voice to cover up the fact that you're actually kinda flat when you sing.

Anyhoo. I think Kanye needs to take some money from his very overbloated Louis Vuitton budget and invest in a handler. He would tell that handler every time he wants to speak aloud, and the handler could then be like, "okay, that's cool. You can say that," or, "Nooooo, dude. Sit down and be quiet, okay?"


Kanye really believes that he is up at Radiohead's level? His brain is ridiculous.


Right on. Kanye is thee supreme toolbag. He is his own brand of ish. I have nothing metaphorically to compare him to, he's just that Kanye.

Normally I like his music, but in one of his new songs (Love Lockdown LMFAO Remix) he says, "...should've seen it coming, wish I had telekenisis..." Now I'm quite sure that means he wishes for the ability to move ojects with his mind—which is a great thing to wish for, I wish for that on occasion—but what he really should be wishing for is the ability to see into the future (unless he intends to swing heavy objects in the direction of the one breaking his heart into a million peices).

Shit bugs me everytime. Yes, I realize he probably didn't even write it, but he sings it—over & over again. Anyone who thinks their god should be smart enough to realize that perhaps they really meant to say "wish I was telepathic" or "wish I was psychic" even though it doesn't rhyme as well...


Never liked him. And anyone that supports and defends an abuser can pretty much kiss my ass.

Apryl's Antics

Creative rival? I whole-heartedly agree. I often find myself in the position of having to decide on which artist to spend my last 99 cents. Radiohead or Kanye West? I end up having to flip a coin.


OK...fine...I'll bite and play devil's advocate since no one else has done so.

In the world of rap or top 40 music, or heck, even pop music in general...who is doing things to challenge the status quo more than Kanye West?

Just because he's more commercially viable doesn't mean he doesn't have a point to his argument.

Normally, I'm in the same camp with everyone else who thinks he's a self-aggrandizing pain in the ass, but if we're grading on a curve here, he's about 100 light years ahead of his nearest competition in the world of mainstream rap.

Please, someone, prove me wrong. Seriously.

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