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Lauren Conrad's Clothing Line Is On A Break

Laurenconrad Okay, so the economy sucks and people are losing jobs and houses and our local Linens n' Things went out of business and there's now an entire shopping center occupied by a bunch of random stores subletting the space called Furniture n' Things and Lamps n' Things and Factory Second Measuring Spoons n' Things and anyway, it's all just too depressing and real out there. So I feel a little badly for reveling in some schadenfreude today about Lauren Conrad's clothing line officially filing for failure.

But you know what? I also just learned that Paris Hilton broke up with that one guy and is now dating some other guy and I had NO IDEA, which means I'm really growing as a person and expanding my interests and finally living a life that does not involve knowing who Paris Hilton is specifically fucking at any particular time. Therefore, I'm rewarding myself with this:

This jersey dress-ish thing cost $215. Belt not included.


It's the economy's fault!

Also, the going price on D-list celebrity crotch shots is waaaay down.

Technically, the Lauren Conrad Collection is not fully kaput. It's on hiatus, though production has halted and spring and summer shipments have been canceled. And in the most inexplicable UR DOIN IT WRONG line of logic yet, Lauren thinks that given "everything going on in the economy and in her life," she should rework the line...with more "high-end fabrics." Because we'd all TOTALLY be willing to spend hundreds of our imaginary dollars on the dress above if it were only made of silk. And for sale at our local Price Points n' Things.

It's been rough out there for entitled rich kids, what with 16-year-old Russian heiress/designer Kira Plastinina's U.S. stores declaring bankruptcy after blowing through $80 million of her daddy's money. Heidi Montag's "Heidiwood" line was also discontinued, to the shock of absolutely no one.

On the other hand, Nicole Richie's jewelry line is doing remarkably well (it completely sold out of inventory just on pre-sale orders), and she plans to launch a maternity clothing line next. But I guess we like Nicole now because she's having babies, and we like babies.

(Now THERE'S a brand strategy, Lauren! Babies n' Things!)


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Were those pink shoes part of her line too? Because I think I used to own a pair JUST like them, only less retina searing when LA Gear made them in 1988.

But really, that dress for $215 made of jersey material so fine it looks it-and is wrinkled (in the promo pic too-so how bad do you think it would wrinkle in reality?) seems reasonable to me.



$215 dollars for a dress that looks like a shirt? Is she high?


I had Reebok high-tops in bright yellow (Jumpin' Jack Flash, anyone?) that looked just like that pink pair.

Also, FYI, Linens n' Things filed for bankruptcy and closed *all* of their stores. Someone bought their assets and is trying to run the biz as web-only.


Mostly I am depressed that Linens n Things closed. I could waste beaucoup time in LNT pretending I was going to reorg my closets or redecorate or something like that.


This post made my entire day. So funny, thank you, thank you.

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